Genius Evil Mastermind Playing Humanity Like Fools – Hellooooo…. There IS No ‘Virus’ …

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Genius Evil Mastermind Playing Humanity Like Fools – Hellooooo…. There IS No ‘Virus’ …

– David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Listen to David Ike’s extensive research and understanding of the evil mastermind plot by the Kingdom of Darkness.   Know your enemy.  Know yourself.  And then you will win most all battles. Who said that?…

  • There is no virus
  • A virus is simple a broken down cell part after a cell dies or is shattered.
  • Virus symptoms can be caused by:   thoughts, negative emotions, bad frequencies (ie cell phones, wifi, 5G), when you’re body is an acidic state, when your body is trying to DETOXIFY toxins, or organisms that shouldn’t be in your body or just plain old decomposed cellular debris.  Sickness is a state of those factors in most ALL cases.  So therefore: helping the body neutralize toxins and acid takes care of most symptoms in combination with hydration which then also includes ample electrolytes (sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate and phosphate/phosphorus).   Lack of essential nutrients especially minerals and vitamins can lead to a symptomatic state. Lack of acid alkaline balancing can lead to a symptomatic state.  Lack of omega 3 vs. omega 6 fatty acid balancing can lead to a symptomatic state.   Toxins lead to a symptomatic state relative to the toxin load as your body tries to expel the toxins through sweat, urination, stool, tears and mucous.  Most toxins are acidic.  Cellular waste, cellular pee and poo is associated with being acidic.  When a cell is damaged or destroyed by (pH imbalance, frequencies, radiation, kinetic damage etc) that cell debris is associated with being acidic.  Cell debris triggers and immune response.  Large amounts of cellular debris due to strong kinetic damage, poisons, toxins, parasites, heavy metals, bad bug multiplication, bugs where they shouldn’t be in the body etc.  cause larger immune responses.   Excessively large immune responses can cause an overload to the body that can inhibit various body functions and choke the body to death.
  • Most if not all of what MD allophatic doctors due lead to further sickness and a shorten lifespan although often they can mitigate some symptoms. MD allopathic medicine and of course pharmakeia pharmaceuticals are Satanic medicine.  Not trying to be mean here but that’s just factually what it is. Using MD allopathic medicine / pharmaceuticals is using black magic.  They can’t cure a thing especially because they don’t want to.  They now publicly admit that “curing people is a bad business model” It’s also insulting God who has provided you a design of the body that you are supposed to respect and appreciate.  You insult God by eating processed, GMO, chemically loaded foods instead of His original design, organic, even non hybrid foods.   And as you may or may not have understood from getting to know the Bible or not, God will not be mocked.  If you, we, anyone disobeys God and doesn’t like His ways – they will pay a price from small, to bigger to eternal.  This is God’s show, His creation and He will get what He wants out of it.  So let’s all get more wise and get with God’s program.  MD allopathic “medicine”, treatments, procedures, EVERYTHING they do must be stopped and replaced.  Pharmaceuticals must be stopped and replaced.  As you can imagine and probably have already heard:  Many if not most MD’s and those in the pharma industry would be very excited if this was the case.  And the good news is that as per 6000 or so hidden cures and technologies, pharmas and MD allopathics will be replaced and hopefully people working in this industry can be retrained into doing good, helping people live, have better lives while bringing glory to God instead of murdering people, ruining destinies, ruining lives and ruining families.   Repent MDs, nurses and all in the pharmaceuticals.  As the Lord your Maker told a prophet recently, the wicked don’t seem to understand that they are one breath away from eternity: it’s either Heaven or Hell/the Lake of Fire.  There is no “reincarnation” that’s a most eternally deadly scam.




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