Foods Herbs and Chemicals that TURN YOU GAY and Give Men Man Boobs – Plus The Gay Bomb

gay bomb

Check This Out.   Most Gayness is Fake, Chemically Induced.   Most of It Was Induced Upon the Population as a Communist and Satanic (same thing) Plot.  

On the Other Hand, at Least in America, and Even Nicola Tesla Pointed this Out Way Back When, Was that the Feminism Movement and All Brain Washing of Women, Which Over the Past 20 Plus Years Has Been Utterly Compressive, Turning Women into Vile, Abominable Creatures, Although Maybe Attractive Out the Outside, Yet Ugly Trolls on the Inside, No Longer Feminine, But Arrogant Dreamers, Manipulators, Prostitutes Marrying for Money, Traitors in Most Cases (out side of male cheating which was probably inspired by their abdominal ugliness on the insides much of the time), Problem Makers, Undercutting their Husbands at Every Turn, Gossipers, Slanderers of their Own Husbands, Adulterers, Iron Hearted, Sub Human Beasts, Gullible to Follow Any Pied Piper Who Pretends Like they Have Money or “Authority”, Social Lemmings Following and Trying to Force Everyone Else into Doing what the Herd is Doing or what “They Say” on TV…  These Degenerate Creatures In Combination with Xenoestrogens and the Promotion of High Estrogen Foods and Substances Are Largely Responsible for THE GAYNESS You See Today Combined with the Irresistible, Tidal Wave Powered Drive within the Human Body to Prolong The Species Through The Sexual Drive…

So then men got desperate from there then got seduced into doinkin each other.  Then women got frustrated and started doing whatever they do to each other.   It is not good for man or woman to be a lone.  So now we need to fix men and women, especially to bring them back together.  Yes, these abomowomen are so arrogant, they think they are always right and genuinely believe that.  Poor Tesla. He probably would have just moved back to Europe if he saw these banchee wildabeasts of today since he complained about how early versions of feminism in the USA was such a turn off. 

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