Follow the Plan? Trust the Plan? What’s the Plan? Here’s the Plan..

Follow the Plan. Trust the Plan.  These are statements made in association to Q.

Q looks like they are doing a great job.  They are introducing the Kingdom Age to the world and a whole lot more. 

But are you to follow Q? follow the president?  Follow a news reporter?   Well wait a minute, what does “follow” actually mean?

    • According to Merriam-Webster dictionary: to proceed or, after, to engage in as a calling or a way of life, to walk or per seat along, to be or act in accordance with, to accept as authority, to obey, to pursue in an effort to overtake, to seek to attain, to come into existence or take place as a results or consequence of, to cause to be followed, to copy after, to watch steadily, to keep the mind on you, to attend closely to, keep abreast of, to understand the this sense or logic of something or a line of fault, to subscribe to the feed of someone or something especially on social media – as a transitive verb.”
    • so there are many definitions and meanings of the word “follow”. The red highlight is critical since it involves obedient following – We are to follow Jesus only through Holy Spirit. Jesus speaks the Words of the Father.  Green is to observe like keep up on as a news source, like Q, tweets and other news sources.  Our loyalty is to God, through Jesus.  Man is very easily influenced. We don’t put our trust and hope in man. 
    • Good times. Bad times. We live in the present.  Apostle Paul mentions how he found how to do this.  We live in the present.  We don’t continually seek happiness in this realm.  This realm is not about achieving happiness per se, it’s about doing a job which is to learn to obey Jesus from His Word and in real time being led by the Spirit.  Our job is to fulfill our books, our destiny books that Heaven visitation people like Kat Kerr, Kevin Zadai and others talk about frequently.  One of our angels top priorities besides helping keep us alive is to get us to fulfill our destiny books.  You have to ask God to reveal to you what’s in your destiny book and what you need to do. It will mostly likely be something that trains you in obedience, grows your faith, grows your ability, grows a gift, a talent given to you and is a very important puzzle piece to history, others positive “butterfly effects” and while creating your own butterfly effect.
    • Waiting for perfect happiness, perfect finances, perfect this or that, for you to be doing what God already told you to do is a trap and you could waste years, infact your whole life doing so.  Why would we even think that we’re going to get perfect happiness in this realm? Ok yes there are promises of NESARA – GESARA and golden days ahead.  And that certainly sounds good! But you and I were taught, commanded to not worry and to only focus in the now, doing what we are supposed to be doing.  Yes indeed, worry only brings upon more problems.  What you focus upon grows.  Focus upon what God told you to do so you can get it done, advance, help others, bless God and build eternal wealth all at the same time.
    • We can follow someone without following them. By saying that we can say that we could keep abreast of, I tend closely to, observe, hear what others are saying without making them our Lord mean that without following the them for direction in life and obeying everything they say.  So we can follow certain people on the news, for example, but we really need to be getting our real news by talking with God and LISTENING back.  God wants to have conversation with you. It’s ok. Forget all of what these yeast infected denominations and snake infected religions have been telling us.  Think about it. why are we made? Why has God come down to suffer a most miserable death on our behalf to bring us closer to Him if He did not want a very close, trusting relationship with us?
    • it’s great that we have so many information sources these days alternative to hearing the kingdom of darkness’s stooges blabber on trying to convince us to die while stealing from us all along the way.  God himself has even spoken through His prophets telling us to follow Him and not the news over and over (Like Mark Taylor, Kat Kerr and those on Elijah List and Sid Roth show).  But for most people the question is how exactly do you do that? No one ever explained how for most people. No ever explained how to hear God’s voice and know God’s voice even though you’re supposed are already know God’s voice.  And unfortunately we grow up in a society that taught us poor ways of thinking that enslaved us and prevented us from seeking the and hearing God personally.  We are told that we can not hear God’s voice and can only hear from God through religious leaders and prophets – and that is not true at all. Infact we BETTER be hearing God’s voice otherwise we are not His, we are not His sheep, because His sheep hear His voice! Uh oh. We better “get the wax cleaned out” of our spiritual ears.  And really, we have to stop being afraid of God in the sense that some of us thought that maybe we would disintegrate or explode or something like that, if we opened up our hearts to God to actually hear His voice.  Maybe we felt like we were going to be attacked by God and He would just go on a laundry list of how we are such terrible kids.  Maybe we were associating God with our own relationships on Earth, especially with our own parents, which is an unfair and very not correct thing to do. But what does the Bible say?  You may want to read different translations such as the Complete Jewish Bible since that Bible focuses more on the concept of TRUSTING more than the more vague terms of “faith” and “belief” when it comes to a personal relationship.  If we are to trust God, trust Jesus, trust Holy Spirit then that means that we accept Them, we give them the “benefit of the doubt”, we believe that they are good and that we can trust them Personally.  And in perspective:  God is God.  He made us.  He controls everything and sustains all life and order even to the point of asteroids randomly hitting the Earth and destroying the planet.  So what can we do without God?  Nothing.  That used to be common sense.  So in a sense, it’s nonsense to not trust Him. What are we going to do without God?  Absolutely nothing.  So why do we keep trying to go off, push away from God and do things on our own?   Kingdom of Darkness influences? Probably.  Or we’re just being dumb.

Q is executing a plan in the physical realm. Is it a psyop to make us lazy?  Quite possibly, maybe, maybe not, it seems great.  But who cares.  We’re supposed to do our job.  We’re supposed to be busy about obeying the New Testament and Jesus personally in Spirit in real time.  They are supposed to do their job according to what God has told them and is telling them to do.  If they disobey God in such a critical  time, if they are not continually following Jesus even moment in this critical time, if they are trying to figure things out on their own trying to do their own way, then they will likely be in big trouble with God. We having been hearing different prophets, like Keven Zadai I was listening to recently mention of the sorts of how Jesus is growing impatient.  Others have mentioned how others in government or the Q team has been calling listening to Jesus and seeking prophetic guidance is ‘a myth’ which is disastrous mindset to have, of which the Lord called out.  This is the Kingdom Age, Heaven is invading.  You better be obeying the King of kings and the Lord of lords or what do you think is going to happen to you?

In the meantime we, obedient Christians, obedient to Jesus through the New Testament and in Spirit that is, are supposed to be ruling and reigning in the spiritual realm: binding, loosing, decreeing and declaring and commanding, sending the Host of Heaven, Heavens army of war Angels, a massively powerful transforming Angels that can get the job done  and get it done quickly.  Do you really think we’re going to get anything done without Host War Angel help?  This is a much bigger battle that what we “fleshlings” can handle. I hope you know that by now. If you’re new to the Host immediatel see this and get started with your own army.  You must learn.  You must help out:


What’s the plan?  The plan is supposed to be a well thought plan from over the decades.  is it a man-made plan or did they listen to the Lord?  They better be listening to the Lord because the Lord is the Lord God of the universe. I’m not saying it’s easy.  But God gives instructions in real time as well.  Just like Israel was taught we are always to go to the Lord before we do anything and get his permission and instruction.  But even before that we are to follow him in real time by walking in the Spirit. 

And this is the major upgrade we all need to learn how to do well.  not many of us have a clue what it means to walk in the Spirit and we’ve made quite a mess about doing so.  How so?  Well look at the denominations and all their teachings over the years.  Not all denominations but most I’ve encountered.  Unless I wasn’t paying attention, I’ve never heard anyone explain exactly how to walk in the Spirit, have you?  

Look at the body of Christ or look at any one who calls himself a Christian or any sort of religious name of relating to Jesus. It’s quite a mess out there. But if we were all walking in the Spirit we would be one!!!  And we would be powerful!  And we would occupy the earth like Jesus told us to – that means we would be ruling and reigning over the earth and not only in the spiritual but the physical. 

Well time to step up and never ever let go.  Never again do we let the earth be ruled by Satan.  Occupy the Earth as Jesus commanded until He comes.

In order to rule and reign with Christ. We first have to learn how to obey the King from what he has already said which means that you have to learn the New Testament, all of it, and reprogram your soul with every verse stated in a command style or an implied commands style.

You can see the links that we’ve assembled to those verses from the right side menu on this website to help give you a kickstart.  if we don’t obey Jesus then we are workers of lawlessness. And if we are workers of lawlessness what does Jesus say to workers of lawlessness?  That’s right He says get away from Him and that He never knew you, you worker of lawlessness. So we all better scramble and become workers of lawfulness, even panic if needed to learn the New Testament fast and fully believe every verse so that we will then habitually do the verses while not doing the opposite, the ways of the word, the ways of the kingdom of darkness, the ways of Satan and Sin.

Now some may be wondering about some of the twisted concepts by yeast infected denominations provided over time in terms of confusion over legalism whereas they used terms like “legalism” and “works salvation” kind of like how workers of darkness have been using terms like “racist” “misogynist” “homophobe” etc. to manipulate and control people.  Those denominations may of had a few good points but you can’t have a few good points and cut out the rest of the Bible. Ultimately from my experience with those denominations is that they made up their own way and cut out Jesus as Lord, trying to replace Jesus as Lord, just like the Pharisees did. 

Even though it’s clear as day stated in Matthew 28:19-20, the job of the church was not only to get people to believe and be baptized but also to teach everyone every command whatsoever that Jesus said, implying that they were commands and not optional.  Teaching obedience to Jesus commands is are not optional.  Because if you do not obey the commands of your Lord then you are rejecting him as Lord are you not? Right. It’s time for the wake-up call.

Q is great. Prophets are great. The president has been doing great.  But God is greater.  We should be listening to God personally first and formost.  Then we’ll be able to listen to the rest in proper perspective. When we put God’s voice first we’ll be able to then better differentiate who is from God and who is not.  There are a lot of tricksters out there and a lot of well meaning people who are easily tricked.  Most all of use have been tricked all over the place by  kingdom of darkness workers especially when we did not know the Bible well.

A lot of people have no clue about the spirit realm. They do not understand how it works in any way shape or form. They don’t know the Bible so they don’t have that perspective either.

For a crash course on the spirit realm we have provided links on this site to Kat Kerr and Kevin Zadai – Mike Thompson too.  Those modern day prophets will explain to you how the spirit realm works in many critical angles.  Also you may want to listen to Howard Pittman because he explains for the detailed mechanics of how the second heaven works were fallen angels and demons have been dwelling.  there are also many different Heaven and Hell visitation testimonies out there but it’s their are a lot of contrasting ones and many are said to be from the kingdom of darkness so I would stick to the names above since they are considered to be solid and true and in line with the Word of God.

But I’ll give you some advice. People are looking for answers and for someone to tell them things to make them feel better emotionally. So they’ll listen to this reporter that report from this news station or that news station. You’re in the middle of a massive physical and spiritual war and it will be very difficult for you to find exactly what’s going on.

So here’s a better idea if you’re actually looking to find out what you need to do personally – start talking and listening to God. Go to Him directly. Finally figure out how to get this done, how to hear God’s voice and start doing so on a regular basis. Stop being chicken (lol). Time to just dive in and deal with God.  You’ll likely be surprised that He’s super cool and awesome. He is very helpful.  Be directed by God personally because that’s how it works.  That’s abiding in Christ. That’s walking in the Spirit. Those who walk in by the Spirit are sons of God.

Trust the Lord DIRECTLY.  These are awesome times to become awesome.   Most of us need the intensity of the times to elevate to greater levels of development, accomplishment and achievement.  So take it all in!  Let the intensity POWER YOU UP!   Put on your war uniform, your armor. Gear up and get ready to CONQUER! 

Have no more toleration of darkness.  EXPOSE it.  DESTROY it!   Don’t give darkness an inch because like a parasite, it will grow and consume until it’s host is destroyed. Cleanse out the darkness, Detox out the darkness.  You can’t compromise with evil or it will always comeback, consume and destroy.

We don’t want to do our own accomplishments, achievements or developments on our own anymore.  We don’t want our own way anymore.  What do we know?? Not much.  And there is nothing we have or know that is not from God.   So let’s do a better way.  Let’s now work WITH God.  Let’s get smart and let God guide us while He is willing.   Remember.  Times up after the life in this realm in the flesh.  Your eternity is set for what you do NOW.  So pay attention.  Master the New Testament.  Walk in the Spirit.  Obey God – it’s about the OBEDIENCE.  We were tricked and scammed out of one of the most important concepts of the entire Bible which is obedience by yeast infected denominations over the centuries.  Salvation  comes through obedience as we confess Jesus as Lord thereby admitting that we need to OBEY Him.  We want the Ultimate “Life Coach” to teach us, mold us and shape us for GREATNESS!  Take advantage of the INCREDIBLE opportunity while you can…

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