Fear + the Disease Name = Sorcery Evil Manifestation

Just a Quick Note:

  1. You can respect the flu, viruses, mold, bacteria etc especially relative to your own status of inner cleanliness, alkalinity, and health but you can not fear these things and especially you can not fear + disease name + the visual, the visualized result associated with the disease name condition or you will likely manifest it.   This is how Satanic allopathic MD medicine works. They are continually putting curses on you and casting spells on you so you manifest with your mind and heart’s mind, disease into yourself.  I have tested this quite a bit personally.  I relative I knew who was an MD actually did this on himself then ended up taking all the actions necessary to generate a particular diagnosed “cancer” state within himself – the cancer MD’s got hold of him, bullied him into their fake, murderous treatment while mocking everything else that worked, then murdered him.  Cancer doctors and abortion doctors – not sure which one is more evil but they are pretty close.   Pediatricians are not far off, poisoning your kids from their youth setting them up for all sorts of problems later. 
  2. Also never say out lout words or phrases that are associated with negative health and yourself or you’re essentially cursing yourself, and you could argue, casting a spell over yourself.  Also don’t do that to others saying things like “you look terrible maybe your coming down with something (or especially a disease name)
  3. Go alkaline:  if you had ANY vaccines, shots, depop shots etc.  They are all fake.  They are all poisons.  Many health care professionals around the world are now admitting that ALL VACCINES ARE FAKE AND NEVER WORKED.  They are simply bioweapons to make you sick so you’re treatable for profit later and while having the end game agenda of human extinction.  No one is going to be able to deny that God exists or that Satan and the kingdom of darkness exists soon.
  4. Allopathic MD medicine and their doctors and nurses in addition to pharmacists and pharmaceutical drug makers make a great case for being the most evil group of people on the planet.  They pretend to help you but lie to your face and do so in layers.  EVERY MD is guilty.  Every MD Nurse is guilty. Every Pharmaceutical company is guilty.  If humanity wants to survive theses industries must be completely SHUT DOWN and REPLACED.   Hopefully MD doctors and nurses can REPENT and learn how to actually heal people instead of killing, stealing, destroying them.  Hopefully these famed MedBeds will be a start in addition to the 6000 hidden cures and patents.
  5. But if you choose to keep listening to these demons, these demon posses, Dr. Ba’al allopathic medicine MD’s their nurses and the pharmakeia sorcery drug makers then that’s your choice just like an eternity in Hell and the Lake of Fire.  You must make your own choice.  God the Father, the Son (The Word made flesh, Yeshua is His Name) & Holy Spirit offer you goodness and an Eternity with Them in Heaven and then the New Earth in addition to lots and lots of good people who will only do good, who will look out for you, who will only be good and kind to you, who won’t hurt you or be mean to you… people you can build real, deep, rich relationships with and God with Whom you can actually have a most awesome, deep, rich, wonderful relationship with, now and forever.  The choice is yours.  If you want God, I would make that choice real soon…!    See the links above on how to get into Heaven. 
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