FDA Approves Hydroxycholoroquine & Chloroquine – Here’s How it Could Work

Note this blog post is not intended to be  health, advice, diagnosis or prescription whatsoever. ok?. Do not try to self treat something that is considered to be a bio weapon designed to try and choke you out by filling your lungs with mucus. 

On that note:  do  you know what else chokes off breathing?  Fear. Stress.  Both of which are particularly high.    On the other hand do you know what liberates breathing?  Happiness.  The emotion of happiness is particularly effective at breaking constrictive emotions and constrictive physical behaviors.  So consider using the emotion of happiness purposefully, like an actor, to help you breath.  Works for me!

There are also many 5g correlations to high level corona virus, covid-19 outbreaks and deaths that you may want to research.  Areas and nations that have 5G turned on, especially China 5g have been experiencing the most deaths as per report.  Other researchers and scientists go as far to say that 5G is the COVID-19 and the flu like symptoms is a detox event.  Oh yeah… I can attest to flue like symptoms from a detox event!  Whew.  When all of that old junk starts getting released from my cells, it can create a gnarly reaction in a  similar way to a … massage!  Don’t massage therapists tell us to “drink lots of water, even a gallon of water…” etc after massage or you’ll have headaches and aches and flu like symptoms?   They sure do!  Every time too.

With the more moderate phones on 4G my hand hurts; my head hurts even holding a couple feet away, I feel a type of anxiety that reminds of panic in my breathing.  I can’t imagine with this 5G feels like and quite frankly, I don’t want to experience it after 4G was so hideous.    Do your own research on this matter.   That said, if 5G is as bad as many experts say it is, we better do something quick to fix it or stop it!

This article is essentially a brainstorm, a reporting, a collaboration different concepts we had stumbled upon through research and various news articles in combination with our own experience in resolving multiple health problems logically, naturally and systematically. The coronavirus COVID19 is not a joke you must seek immediate  hopefully knowledgeable professional licensed help with this very strong bio-weapon virus and do not try to self-treat because this is not the usual common cold,  or average flu.   Plus the average individuals immune system these days is so weak by many factors thatmost people have no idea about.

Firstly, others are reporting excellent success using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin with zinc and or heavy dose vitamin C IV.   Vladimir Zelenko MD.  Other docs.  France. 

There are mentions that they are having success with Ozone, particularly in Germany.

Additionally there are reports that the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin  approach was already well proven to work  and was used as a strategy whereas certain people were given the weaker strain of the covid-19 coronavirus the S strain  purposefully,  and then we’re  given this cocktail to obliterate  the Coronavirus impact thereby giving this certain group of people immunity from the extra strong extra bad strain which is called the L strain –  this is as the story goes.   It is said that if your body overcomes the S strain then you become immune to the more dangerous L strain.  So the notion was that this method has already  been proven to work. That’s the story on that.  Do your own research.

Also  President Trump would not have suggested it, because he’s smart, if it didn’t work already and was not proven already.   But he has to take the approach  he took because he’s dealing with a lot of not so bright people. 

Unfortunately now, many doctors and hospitals are ignoring what works while looking for some crap magic pills, which likely will not work, as usually and will likely give you more problems and will likely have you die waiting for them to figure out a new way.

So what we’ve been seeing by those having success in reversing Coronavirus successfully COVID-19,  is that hydroxychloroquine and or chloroquine plus azithromycin plus zinc plus vitamin A Plus vitamin D plus vitamin C IV starting at I believe 7000 mg but usually 20000 mg which really isn’t that much, although you’ll have to check out the Chinese protocol from China on that because they proven that the work) has been highly effective.

If  you’re familiar with the types of websites that are associated with the Kingdom of Darkness  that usually always have the same sounding type of domain,  they will tend write hit pieces on what works so you ignore it and die. You dying would bring them great pleasure.   So usually you can use them as a barometer and as a guidance for what could and what probably doesn’t because they usually attack what works, what is a threat like:  vitamin C heavy dose IV,  turmeric,  fish oil,  the protocol President Trump mentioned  Etc…  And they will usually promote, if they do promote any natural thing,  something that sounds good but is weak or the wrong form or dosage of a natural thing, thereby getting you to go think that you need a magic pill instead.  But you probably already know that by now, or maybe not.   These people are deceivers and they want to kill you quickly but preferably, slowly so it seems like it’s not their fault.  But they know what they are doing.  And at least they admit their stat of what was it, killing, maiming or infecting 15 million people a year.  They love to steal: cut out your body parts and organs telling you that you don’t need them.  They love to kill and destroy:  burn, cut, chop, poison, kill all your bacteria, poison you with pills, lie to you about nutrition, ruin your life, do patch treatments while creating multiple other problems within you, give you drugs most all of which end up killing you some on the short term, but many to most on the medium and long term.  Surely, through their Pharmakeia, they have deceived the nations. (Rev. 18)

Additionally you may have also heard reports from around the nation and the world who have tried the protocol already and found great success.  If you’re not hearing about it through Satanically (currently although that will change soon) controlled media, guess why?

Hydroxychloroquine in particular but also chloroquine as explained in the previous post in combination with zinc (don’t forget to think because part of why hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine works is that it accelerate zinc uptake which blocks replication of virus protein –  additionally hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine raises the pH meaning it makes it more alkaline thereby helping prevent viruses from being released from a cell to go infect other cells as per our understanding) and azithromycin help suppress secondary infection ( some are getting pneumonia and or other secondary infections).   Plus vitamin C IV 7k to 20k  milligrams of vitamin C IV as  the smart Chinese doctors found in China ( to work on its own without the drugs) ,  and as mentioned  by an  immune expert. Plus vitamin A  in strong dosages which helps  prevent viruses from entering cells  and up to 50000 IU vitamin D3  brother immune-boosting factors is said to put person in a much stronger position for overcoming  coronavirus covid-19 quickly by another immune system expert.  

There are many other variables when it comes to overcoming and immune system dip, a strong infection or any infection for that matter, that pop health does not care to think about.   One of the most significant variables is the diet.   The average person eats food that hyper accelerates infection.  They must not eat foods that generate mucus in the body which means they must not eat foods that cause inflammation in the body and they must only eat foods and drink drinks that are neutral or that are anti-inflammatory.  

So as a list:  it has been found that avoiding coffee,  soda,  sugar (sucrose),  refined salt,  artificial sweeteners,  dairy,  meat ( although some may argue on that point –  certainly use organic grass-fed only),  condiments,  alcohol…  can help a lot. A lot of people when trying to overcome a health problem shoot themselves in the foot by continuing on their bad habits as if they were addicted to them.  Becoming logical and cerebral not emotional in order to conquer  has shown to be a smarter approach.

Maximizing body temperature even the point of doing hyperthermia treatment considerations are considered a highly beneficial we’re fighting against viruses and cancer for that matter.  The  body’s own immune defense process put you into fever in order to fight off the bad bugs.  Hyperthermia treatment or at the least keeping yourself extra warm  can help out significantly and make the job of overcoming the problem much easier since  you would not be wasting precious energy by generating body heat to maintain body temperature, thereby stealing maximum resources from your immune system.

Did you know that you have 60 trillion bacteria cells, that are not your own, in your gut biome?

BUT did you know that you have 380 TRILLION viruses in your body that are your helpers, part of your “virome”? that’s just mind boggling

Additionally there is a similar protocol mentioned by Dr. Leonard Coldwell for cancer where they do approximately 20k to 100k mg 3 vitamin C IV for 3 times a day for 21 days. (you would have to call his clinic to get the correct dosage and amount which will likely vary per individual per type of cancer.).    Dr. Leonard Coldwell has a documented 93.6% cancer cure rate as reported in his patients verified by third party… contact his clinics for details.   Successful cancer docs (naturopaths) usually get the stage 4 cancer types after the MD’s wrecked the patients and can not fix them, or usually making cancer worse by spreading the cancer with their chemo.  Anyways, with that 20k to 100k 3x a day vitamin C IV protocol for 21 days, from what I remember from an interview,  Dr. Coldwells says that every single person who has gone through that protocol has has their cancer completely healed out with health restored to normal.

Now Vitamin C is good.   But there are more powerful natural nutrients and methods. 

Herbs are for the healing of the nations…. 

Cancer is a plumbing problem according to some of the most successful cancer health care professionals, emphasis SUCCESSFUL health care professionals, who can actually fix problems, cure people, and fix and cure with out chopping off or burning out your organs and or other various important body parts.   Successful health care professionals HEAL, they restore LIFE.  Not so successful health care pros kill, steal and destroy.     Hmmm now that contrast sounds familiar…. 

So which approach would you like to take for getting rid of cancer?

SO how is cancer a plumbing problem?. It’s a back up cellular sewage problem where you have acid pools of toxic waste that can’t get out. It’s, like your septic tank getting clogged up in the house while you keep flushing the toilet of number two and number one. So in order for your body to give a last-ditch effort to save your life preventing you from just keeling over from the backed up sewage your body then starts to form a tumor as a protective measure. This is why your own body’s immune system allows tumors and this is why there are “benign tumors” as well.

So in essence in order to get rid of the tumors you have to do two things: 1. You need to open up and cleanse out the intercellular interstitial sewage pipes all the way to the end excretion points  2. Neutralize the reason why the tumor needs to be there in the first place.. Through the assimilation of many of the top the successful dramatically successful cancer healers, this is the basis of the cure to cancer.

One caveat though, if an individual becomes torn up, burnt up torched out, cut up, shredded to pieces with too many body parts removed in the process and the chances for healing out for cancer diminish rapidly.

How does this cancer explanation compared to covid-19? From what the experts say the virus creates a state of heavy load of mucus is created by the rapid dying of healthy cells from the virus. So the virus kills cells so fast that a person who cannot process out does dead cells quickly through the interstitial waste removal process can eventually likely choke on their own mucus. The mucus would be generated from the acidic waste of dying cells and possibly even the virus infected cells. So firstly getting the body cleansed out and you’re interstitial plumbing cleansed out can be part of a smart death prevention measure. And secondly, by having a strong alkaline forming diet one can help the body cope with the acidic waste, help neutralize the acid waste that causes the information and the mucus response in the lungs. Beware of the hospital food…

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