FBI Releases Secret Tesla Docs that Donald Trump’s Uncle Secured?

Man Nikola Tesla Inventor Science  - GDJ / Pixabay

INCREDIBLE FBI Releases Secret Tesla Docs that Donald Trump’s Uncle Secured?  Was it John Trump Who Originally Secured All of Tesla’s Papers?

Here is the link for the Tesla Docs – Pretty Wild!  Maybe you can learn from them to invent something.  Just please don’t invent the “Death Ray” whew….


I have not read them or checked them. I wouldn’t know what was missing either.  It would be hard to imagine the the super juicy stuff was released but I don’t know!  Looking forward to reviewing them!  

President Donald J. Trump’s uncle, John Trump was a genius who after the death of Nikola Tesla, was called in by the FBI to interpret the writings of Tesla’s work. You see, after Tesla’s mysterious death, there was a scramble by the United States government to find all of his papers, notes and research before other foreign powers could find them. The government seized everything they could find. Some of his drawings and work were said to be missing. (How would they know some were missing? What were they specifically looking for?)   There was a great search to find where they might be.   See more info here from interesting article

Santa Surfing on Rumble was the source:  Subscribe to her there.  They kicked her off of youtube.  Still trying to figure out how to feed her vids here for your convenience and her promotion.




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