Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great!

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, she who has made all the nations drink of the wine of the passion of her immorality.”

That’s Revelation 14:8.

And YOU are the Angel, the Messenger, to Proclaim through the cloud, the Internet, that Babylon is Fallen!

Here is proof of that concept through two prophecies:

“Get Your ‘Cyber-Nets’ Ready for Harvest – Now!”

“The Greatest Harvest of Souls through Cyber-Evangelism”

Prepare your strategy. Map out your plans. Take the Good News to every living person on the planet. USE THE INTERNET! You’re not going to let someone die without the ability to escape being brutally slaughtered for an eternity, experiencing a brutal death, day after day after day after day forever are you? That’s not something you want on your conscience or to be accountable for blood do you? Oh yes, being held accountable because we did not warn people was given in Ezekiel and in prophecy. So us telling people the Good News is really not an option. That should get you to take this seriously. And it doesn’t matter how busy you are, what’s going on in your life, sick or in health, rich or poor, you, we must preach the Good News and help set the captives free.

For those who practice sin are slaves to Sin, which means that they are owned by Sin and Sin gets to keep them in a zone of Sin’s maximum power to be displayed on them forever! We must help rescue people from Sin’s eternal death grip. We must go into all nations teaching everyone all of Jesus commands whatsoever so they can obey Jesus as Lord & Master instead, and become owned by Jesus, so Jesus will come and bring them back to Heaven. And upon their full belief with all their heart, that Jesus, God the Son, Who died for their sins and was risen from the dead, upon which they become regenerated, born again from above, they may be immersed, baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Internet will soon be freed. So don’t worry. Prepare your strategies now.

Now the stern stuff has been stated making sure you received the perspective that we must obey orders: the Lord is also our Master and we are the slave. The Lord is also King and we are his subject in His army. We take orders. We execute the orders. This has not been taught by most denominations very clearly or if at all. And yes there are many other angles of our relationship with God too such as son, bride and friend (if we obey all Jesus commands). “Obey and everything will be OK” – God the Father through Kat Kerr

By having a choice to obey or not means that we do have freedom. We are not reprogrammed robots and neither are the angels. Having the choice to obey also provides the ability to have real relationships in addition to many other things.

But after we cleanse out all of the layers of bad doctrines from these denominations and bad ideas from the ways of the world, we can go on to plainly believe God, believe what He says in His Word and do what He says to do.

If you love Jesus you’ll obey His commands which are any verse in the New Testament stated in a command style or an implied command style. After a while of learning Jesus’ commands you’ll realize that Jesus’ commands are God’s rules of relationship. By obeying these commands, you make God feel loved and you fall in love with God more. And as you become better and better at obeying Jesus commands you’ll start bearing fruit, lots of it, even for some 30, some 60 some 100 fold returns. You’ll see that Jesus’ commands are good and you’ll start to believe in them. You’ll start to believe Jesus for real. And you’ll start to believe IN Jesus genuinely as a Person for real.

And at that point you’ll want to win the world for God, for the love of God, to produce a maximum return of love for God, worshipers in Spirit & Truth, while loving others, caring for them enough that you’ll change the entire world so every person may hear the Good News, repent and be saved.

Babylon is Fallen. Go out and conquer and occupy the World until Jesus comes back physically to the Earth.

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