EXPOSED! The Ancient Demon Destroying America

EXPOSED! The Ancient Demon Destroying America

Tony Suarez exposes the ancient demon destroying America, and you probably never heard of it!
▶▶Defeating the Spirit of Hyena by Tony Suarez [2 Book & 2-CDs]:
▶▶Defeating the Spirit of Hyena by Tony Suarez [Digital Download]:

The name of a spirit helps us identify its operation. From there, it’s time to take action.

Satan has saved his cruelest tactics for the last because he knows how crucial the hour is. Out of a prolonged dry season, satan has sent the mocking spirit of hyena to belittle the Spirit-filled church.

Where is your mighty move of God now?

Tony Suarez says hyenas flourish in an atmosphere of dryness and discouragement. Both easily transfer from church to home, and often we simply coexist with these highly toxic spirits. In Defeating the Spirit of Hyena, Tony establishes:

• The nature of the spirit of hyena and the culture that supports it
• What Jesus did when He couldn’t find anyone else to fight
• How to respond to the spirit of mockery, distraction and thievery

Tony reminds you that God stands ready to join this fight for your personal and corporate faith. The church of the living God—through the authority of the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit—is more than able to stand. Just one Lion’s roar is sufficient. Tony’s offer includes his 2-CD/audio set that leads into his underlying motive for exposing the spirit of hyena.

Tony wants you to be the move of God you have been waiting for…

One great hindrance to the final great awakening is many believers are consumed by the spiritual-sounding concept of “waiting on God to move.” Tony values fervent prayer, organized events and discussion, but—

Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Revival, is within you. What is needed is to walk in your believers’ identity! In his book Revival Makers, Tony says that as you activate this identity you will encounter the authentic presence and power we desperately need—including how to:

• See God’s power and favor move in your life
• Shift atmospheres through the power of the Holy Spirit active in you
• Take authority over the powers of darkness in a person or a place
• Saturate your home, workplace or school with the Presence of God

Tony learned that when you tap into your believers’ identity and power…the authentic quickly settles the issue of who is laughing now.

▶▶Defeating the Spirit of Hyena by Tony Suarez [2 Book & 2-CDs]:
▶▶Defeating the Spirit of Hyena by Tony Suarez [Digital Download]:

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