Expert in Military Law Teaches Steve & Listeners on Elijah List

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Expert in Military Law Teaches Steve & Listeners on Elijah List – Derek Johnson, Military Vet Has Been Doing a Excellent Job and a Huge Favor for the Planets

  • What’s going on in the Law & Orders gives us the most clear picture of what is going on… Sure it’s a little tough for most people to believe that since we’ve seen only corruption and twisting for the past, what, 6000 years.   
  • But combining this info with the prophetic helps. But really helps is reading the Bible over and over.  Read Isaiah over and over because it’s a template for what is going on right now; it’s mind blowing!  Guess who Isaiah 45 is talking about for this day…. can you guess? Read it and be mind blown.  Hint: you know Isaiah 45 2.0 very well!
  • See Malachi 4.  We’re going into The Great Solar Flash as described here as many have been talking about for a while.  Those who have good white hat & “Galactic” sources (one could argue that the good galactics are different tribes of what we call angels (actually the word is messenger translated into “angel”) have mentioned that the Great Solar Flash (could call that The Rapture) is set for March 5-6 where those who don’t fear God will be turned to rubble.  Another also said that all those of the Sons of Cain, the Reptilians from Eve hooking up with shape shifter Reptilian in the Garden of Eden will drop dead at the Great Solar Flash  and the righteous will get a DNA upgrade.  Out of that DNA upgrade many will start manifesting super powers, the greater works. 
  • Steve Schultz – a Great guy who is a truth seeker.  This is appreciated.  He puts out the information from various prophets and white hats for people to help people compare and contrast.  Comparing and contrasting gets you to the truth must faster.  Following people besides Jesus will usually get you in to trouble as a principle as you’ve seen from putting prophets up a little too high on a pedestal, not to knock the prophets, but those who have put prophets out of perspective, they don’t have all info, they can express their experience, while hoping it’s actually from God and not some other being. 




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