Eternal Medicine – As Told in Person by Jesus and Holy Spirit

Eternal Medicine Read a Passage in Proverbs passage in Psalms a chapter of the Old Testament and the chapter of the New Testament every day and you’ll be okay.

Chuck Pierce meets Jesus Personally then meets Holy Spirit Personally, invisible form I believe if I heard that correctly listen for yourself. But Chuck Pierce is a major prophet so probably like Kat Kerr. These two have made their relationship with God a real thing. And that’s a great example for us all. Because most of us don’t know how to do that and are afraid. So with our insides because it sounds so mysterious scary we push Got Away personally and then we start making denominational doctrine and religions. Think about that.

I only got you about the five 6 Minute Mark and I had to post this because there’s a lot more in this very important video recent update March 9th 2020

Chuck Pierce: God Sets A New Order – Building Your Future (Matthew 14:16)



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