Entity Attachment Through Sex (Demon Possession) – Yikes – Time to Restore Marriage!

 Yes Even You Maybe Infected by Negative Entities!   But There’s Hope See Below

While checking out some news on Youtube this video came about after looking at this fellow’s channel’s videos.  Get a more, I can’t really say scientific, but more historically referenced break down of what happens when anyone has sex outside marriage.  Learn why those who are direct Satan worshipers are pushing sex, gayness, all sorts of sex, sex outside of marriage, affairs etc.  

  • Hear more about the consequences.  
  • Hear why the demonic’s, the Kingdom of Darkness military strategy was to get you to do unlawful sex (unlawful to God in His Word).
  • Understand that the only way the Kingdom of Darkness gets more power is to get you to sin, ESPECIALLY if you are a born again Christian which gives them a significant power upgrade.  So stop sinning!  Get that list of 666 Sins of the Bible from the sidebar on our website, know what the sins are and stop doing them.  And in their place (so you don’t have an “empty room” in yourself – learn Jesus’ commands of the New Testament and replace those sin beliefs with new beliefs in Jesus commands – then everything will start going well for you!  Plus you’ll stop offending God, making Him miserable.  Remember that God is of much higher dimension and He experiences everything on an individualized basis with each and every one of us.  Yikes, right?!  So let’s wake up! 
  • Discover how you open yourself up to another person’s attached entities which can then attach to you by having sex outside of marriage with them.  Disgusting isn’t it!
  • Pray to God that He restores marriage, fast!  And pray that He grants mercy on all people who God stuck with a divorce that they can have another but good spouse!
  • Learn how the new agers are pushing tantric sex in combination with yoga for easy demonic possession.  That yoga is bad news!
  • Yes the new agers and the ‘aliens’ are pushing that whole demonic yoga, ascension, astral projection, karma, chakra, 3rd eye, binaural beats etc most of which seem to be related to a certain ‘world religion’ (from Babylon – from the fallen angels), not to mention names…   And guess what?  Those aliens really don’t like God the Father and His Son Jesus.  Most new agers seem to call Jesus one of many ‘great spiritual guides’ but deny Him as Lord.  Salvation IS making Jesus LORD, your Lord over everything in your life.  You must lose your life to Jesus in order to get it back eternally (which means die to self in this realm, hate the things of this world, love God with all of your heart, mind, soul, strength.  Open yourself up to God and don’t resist Him (but do resist the demons!).  
  • Eternal life tip:  If it goes ‘wooooooo’ it’s mostly likely a scam from the enemy of your soul.
  • Those new agers are also pushing the concept of a. their is no hell or b. you reincarnate up or down a life form scale c. After you die you’ll just be able to go around the physical universe in another dimension and hang out on various planets (or something similar to that).
  • It seems from one of those mystic guy’s videos, that the fallen angels who regretted getting duped by Lucifer, are imaginatively trying to work their way back into Heaven by “being really good” and walking in love etc.  And so they are pushing their imaginative message to get you to follow.  Or… they are making this up to get you to join them into their doom and damnation so they have more people to generate more power to go and ‘fight God’ and take over Heaven, after they lost badly and know the Lake of Fire awaits.
  • Learn the meat of the Word, which is Jesus’s commands of the New Testament and read the Bible 3 to 5 times a year.  See for your self.  See our volume Bible Reading Plans on the side bar. Then you’ll know the difference between right and wrong as Hebrew 5 says.
  • May want to check out Steve Quayle’s research on this whole alien, new ager thing.
  • See what Kat Kerr was told from Heaven about the ‘aliens’

Kat Kerr goes into details about what happens to the layers of your soul in that when you have sex with someone you indeed get a layer of that person’s soul bound to your soul layers.  So it’s as if that person is always with you wherever you go, including right there in bed with you with your future spouse (no wonder married people struggle with intimacy – they have a bunch of other people right there with them! Yuck!).  Fortunately you can lose those people layers of your soul AND recall your layer of your soul back to yourself.  Whew.

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