Enoch’s Apocalypse of Weeks Prophecy

Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks Prophecy

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Who could have known how much influence the writings of a mysterious group of prophets and scribes hundreds of years before Christ would have on our understanding of end times prophecy? As it turns out, much of what we’ve been taught about First Century Israel is incomplete. There were, in fact, Jewish believers who knew exactly what to expect in the coming Messiah: that He would be God in the flesh and would die for our sins. If they accurately predicted the first arrival of Jesus, what did they say about His soon return?

In this groundbreaking book, you will learn:
• How an ancient Jewish calendar actually predicts the year 2025 AD as prophetically significant
• How the enigmatic group, known as the Essenes, formed and what influence they had over the New Testament
• Lost prophecies only recently discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls about our time today
• What messages the Essenes left behind for believers living in this present age
• How the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation fit within the ancient Essene timetable
• What hidden feasts and festivals the Essenes observed and what they point to in the future
• The circumstances of the Essenes’ disappearance and how it connects to every Christian from the past two thousand years to present day

Once you learn about the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls they left behind, you will understand the entirety of the Bible in a brand new light. Finally, the prophetic texts of Scripture can be understood as originally intended. Order your digital copy of “The Lost Prophecies of Qumran” to discover what God is revealing in these final years of our current age and what is ahead in the next age, soon to come!

▶▶Get your copy of The Lost Prophecies of Qumran [e-book]: https://sidroth.org/peck

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