Energy Now Prophecy Action Plan to Do List for You – Given to Mark Taylor published on 3/3/17

Energy Now Prophecy Action Plan to Do List for You – Given to Mark Taylor published on 3/3/17

  1. Understand that you capture a country by capturing their energy.
  2. Understand that evil globalists have controlled the energy too long and it stops now.
  3. The oil and energy of the Earth are God’s.  (So don’t try to use or claim God’s stuff without His permission. )
  4. Know that the Lord God controls the energy and oil.
  5. Understand that the evil globalists have been controlling and manipulating the oil and energy throughout the earth but their manipulation will be exposed one country after another.
  6. Know that God will now release the oil and energy to His righteous nations and He will cut it off from the wicked ones.
  7. Know that the Lord God owns all the silver and gold including black gold.
  8. Know that there is a new energy boom and it is here now.
  9. Know that the biggest energy explosion will be in God’s America and God’s Israel.
  10. Understand that new oil and energy will be discovered and released in the natural which will be a sign that new oil is being released in the spiritual over America and Israel.  
  11. Understand that other countries economies will be affected.
  12. Know that Russia and China will be put their place and their militaries will be affected by this.
  13. Know that Russia and China will be in such a situation so that their planes will be sitting on the tarmac unable to fly for lack of parts.
  14. Know that Russia and China will no longer be considered a threat or a superpower.
  15. Know that when America announces that she is energy independent these things will take place.
  16. Know that the national debt will be dealt a death blow from what God is releasing in the natural and spiritual.  Good bye national debt thanks to God.
  17. Understand that new energy, NEW energy is here now and these discoveries will confound the wise.  Yet these wise have held all this energy captive.  But the Lord God will unleash it.
    • It has been said that free energy is true. 
    • It has been proven that cars and plains can run on water motors where H20 is the fuel.
    • It is now known that many many patents were suppressed and Trump is pushing for their release.
    • It has been said that electric motors used to run 3500 miles or so per charge.

Do you see any doom and gloom here in this prophecy America?  No.  God’s plans for America are Good and GREAT, greater than ever before and beyond what you can imagine. America will be the model for the world to follow.  The Kingdom of Heaven has risen against the Kingdom of Darkness.  It’s time for the Kingdom of God to rule and reign on Earth.  So wake up and start studying the modern day accurate prophets.

Don’t you know that you who peddle doom and gloom could be committing spiritual treason and have blood on your hands?  See Satan’s Frequency prophecy.  It’s quite scary for those fear, doom and gloom pushers.  

Many are continually sucked into preaching and reporting on doom and gloom of the KoD all for the sake of peddling survival products, gold & silver coins etc.  while endlessly talking about “economic collapses”.

And what about you who continually promote the Kingdom of Darkness, Satan, Doom and Gloom, talk about demons, the occult, speak of dire times ahead, talk about the anti Christ continually, talk about the tribulation and the rapture?  Have you not read prophecy?  Do you not know what time it is?  Repent.  You may find yourself in trouble.   See Satan’s Frequency prophecy from Mark Taylor.  Through doom and gloom you rob people of hope and the will to fight plus people are committing suicide from these messages whereas God says you now have blood on your hands and are now prophesying your own doom.  Repent!

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