End Times Update – What’s Going On for Next 5 Months Hank Kunneman Prophecy

End Times Update – What’s Going On for Next 5 Months Hank Kunneman Prophecy

  • God has a master piece in the making
  • Remember God can just speak a Word, wave His hand and the Earth can be made just like Heaven – but – where’s the fun and adventure, the artistry, the team work, the teaching of the saints, the experiential learning of the saints, the humbling of the unrepentant, the excitement, the awesomeness, the glory if He did that?  So keep perspective.  Get excited about what God is doing.  Know that God is All Good looking out for peoples eternal success (not just for success in this puny life, in the flesh).
  • You’re not supposed to be looking at the trouble, watching the lying news or following doom and gloom teachers and preachers! You are supposed to be spending your time pursuing the Voice and Presence of the Lord.
  • Remember we are in the Great Harvest time and the Kingdom Age period now.  The saints, the obedient, walking holy remnant will will the planet in the spirit realm as we learn more and more how, going forward.  (So know what the sins of the Bible are (see our list of 666 sins of the Bible.  Learn the commands of Jesus of the New Testament).  Get the sin out of your life and start obeying Jesus commands so you will start bearing fruit. And remember if you are a worker of iniquity (if you keep disobeying Jesus commands and sinning, Jesus will say He never knew you. So repent, meaning, stop following Satan and his trick denominational doctrines and fake religions, the ways of this world and start following Jesus and what He says to do)

Preview of Hank’s prophecy:  (it’s so exciting to hear the Voice of the Lord through prophets!  We are very fortunate these days to have these prophets, thanks and praise be to God.)  Here are my reflective notes on some points of the prophecy – read the prophecy to see the actual words.  Note:  I’m not trying to add to the prophecy I’m giving a reflective expression on some of the points, you could call it a commentary.

  • Stop erring and not knowing how to follow Jesus because your denominational doctrine tricked you out of plainly reading the Word of God
  • Hear Jesus voice – if you are His sheep then you’ll hear His voice.  So stop talking and stop thinking and listen.
  • God’s got an awesome plan!
  • No the enemy is not winning although you disobedient who keep watching lying news would think so. (see Mark Taylor prophecies.  And this one too.)
  • “Your Thanksgiving” and “Your Christmass”  Looks like the Lord is saying – that these holidays ain’t His!   Well at these holiday times the atmosphere will shift in a good way.
  • Don’t make the mistakes that Israel made whining, complaining, mumbling and grumbling – the Lord hears and records everything you say.
  • Looks like the Democrats will be completely exposed and finally wake up and relent.  They will start to cooperate with President Trump, or at least one prominent leader will and the party will follow.
  • Smells like a bear?  No its the stench of a donkey.
  • Some good news on the horizon for the UK in may.

Hear what the Lord told Hank – Absolutely Fascinating

Screen shot picture of Hank from the same link.

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