End This Quickly: Employ the Host Of Heaven Massive Army Angels

We’re Supposed to Be Commanding the Host of Heaven Army.   What is the Host?  The Transformer Movies Gave a Depiction of Some of the Host Except that the Host are All Good, Holy Angels (So No Decepticons).   The Host Will Trash Demonic Strongholds, Structures, Contraptions, Expose the Plots and Plans of the Enemy, Bring the Fear of God to the Wicked, Change Atmospheres, Quell Storms and Hurricanes and Shred the Demonic Throwing them Out into a Dry Place for the Day of Judgement…   Heaven Operates through Us in This 3D Realm which is Why God Works Through Us – It’s Just How it’s Set Up.  Now Let’s Bring in the Golden Age!  Let’s Obliterate the Wicked and End This Mess NOW!  With the HOST!  Here are some Instructions.  

  • They do battle in the spirit realm (other dimensions) 
  • Some are as big as planets.
  • Many if not most can transform into weapons, ships, vehicles.
  • You are supposed to be commanding them, or learning how, children of God.
  • If you want this Earth to advance forwards quickly instead of turning into a bigger mess then send the Host.  They are quite effective. 
  • Where to send the Host?  Well, you’re military now.  You need to work with Holy Spirit. Ask ask give instructions, places to send the Host.  Listen.  Send.  
  • Most all of my Host sending instructions come from Kat Kerr who was instructed by God the Father and God the Son and Holy Spirit to instruct us.  She’s taught about the Host for many years.
  • A lot of the videos have been censored by the wicked at YouTube, the sons of Satan and their slaves. 
  • Here is Kat’s Info https://www.facebook.com/TheRevelatorKatKerr 

It’s Time for You to Meet the Host of Heaven and Work With Heaven’s Army to Change the Planet, Start Winning & Have Them Kick Demon Butt – Instructions Below:

This one of the coolest things especially if you’re a big kid at heart like me.

The Host of Heaven – are Transformers – Like Literally.  The Transformers Toys, Comics, Cartoons and Movies are a Representation of Sorts of the Host of Heaven

I had to secretly sneak around playing with transformers as an older kid because I was scolded for being too old for playing with toys.  Then I got my little brother into Transformers and used as an excuses to play more with them.   I always wondered why I really liked Transformers SO much.

Then as I heard Kat Kerr speak about the Host of Heaven and now it’s time for us to command them (your king training (both men and women can become kings in the Kingdom) and that God wants us to do so so we start winning against the Kingdom of Darkness, finally – I chose to do so.

  • You start out with 100 host of Heaven
  • They are 30 to 50 foot giant angels
  • They are super tough and many are metallic looking (if not all as I remember from Kat’s description).
  • They are not pretty boys and are devastatingly destructive to the enemy.
  • They transform into ships, battle ships, space ships, weapons – a lot like the Transformers do you see in the movies etc.
  • The more you send them the more you get to commands.   Kat commands 80,000,000 host the last I heard.
  • They are highly effective doing battle in the spiritual realm
  • They tear down the platforms and break the strongholds of the enemy, the Kingdom of Darkness.
  • You need to get strategic on where to send them – you get your strategy by working with the Lord

THE HOST instruction

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DWB8PPp_K8  1:10 mark

You can also find videos on KatKerr.com and Revealing Heaven.com

You can also do searches on Youtube incase any of these videos were taken down, or maybe other video sites or search engines for Kat Kerr Host, or How to Command the Host Kat Kerr – searches like that.

  1. INVITE THEM.  You have to invite them first.  This is what God The Father says! “I choose with an act of my will to invite Heaven’s Army to be one of my weapons. And i thank them for coming.”  They will show up.

Direct Host Sending Instructions:

YOU have to take power of the enemy. They, the Host, doesn’t have power over enemy. You do! Luke 10:19  Didn’t the Lord tell us we had all power over all of the enemy?  We were given this earth. First thing you say  “I take power over all the power of the enemy who is doing …. I command the Host of Heaven to Go and shread every every platform pull down every strong hold over …. (ie family member sickness, finances…) Go NOW in Jesus Name.”  They take off like beams of light that those with a seer anointing can see (although everyone will be able to see more and more of the spirit realm as we move forward, including angels; they will even be allowed on TV)

  1. MAKE A LIST.  TAKES THEM LIKE 5 MINUTES TO DO SOMETHING NOT 5 DAYS (SINCE THEY ARE BEINGS OF LIGHT AND CAN TRAVEL AT THAT SPEED AND THEY ARE A HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING).  Get strategic.  Every day give them stuff to do and tear down.  Tearing down of demonic strong holds.  They move at the speed of light (if I heard that right).  Listen to the Lord tell you where to send them.  If a though pops into the mind for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Heaven and a quelling of the Kingdom of Darkness, that thought is likely instruction for you.
  • Send them to schools, colleges
  • Send them over gangs.  “I take power over all the enemy driving this gang and empowering pull down every plot and plan of those gangs.  Shred every platform.  Trash and bash every demon….”
  • Teach others to employ the Host.
  • Run things out of the city.
  • This is serious business.  Once you start with the Host, you are responsible for your army.  Don’t neglect them.
  • Clean out countries
  • Clean out government
  • Clean out cities, neighborhoods
  • Clean out churches, temples etc of Kingdom of Darkness control and influence
  • Send the Host to any place or institution that is influenced by the Kingdom of Darkness


Here are more Videos on Host of Heaven Instructions on How to Command Them and Send them To Destroy the Workers of the Kingdom of Darkness in the Spirit Realm which Influences the Physical Realm


Here is a whole play list of instructions on how to command this Host Army


Here is another:


NOTE:  you may want to down load the videos for safe keeping since Youtube has been behaving badly deleting conservative and Christian channels:  You can use this software which to date works pretty well:  https://www.4kdownload.com  I’m not sure on the rules with using that software so you can look into it. Also it’s important to take good notes.

More Notes:

  • Kat Kerr training on host hit this hard and multiply those working with the host
  • she says it delights god for us to do so and it makes the host very happy and excited
  • Host angels can have 18 eyes on front and back of head. They have weapons in them and they are a weapon because they transform into a weapon.  We get the Transformers movies, comics and toys based on the Host of Heaven
  • They are fierce and they win. If you saw a 30 to 50 foot Host Angel standing before you may:  pass out?  Drop dead? or think they are one of the coolest things (they are people, not things though) you ever saw, like a kid.   They are not pretty boys.
  • And they have been bored for a long time so start commanding them and give them some fun destroying things of the enemy
  • The host attacks in the spirit realm
  • There are billions of them.  You start with 100.  Then the more  you send them the more you get under your command.  Yes you need to do this in faith that you are actually doing this.  Receive the command from the Lord then give it to the Host.  So listen to your commander and master, the Lord God.  Kat at the time of one of these videos was sending out 80,000,000 of them.  Wow!    You’ll see confirmation as the Host gets things done as dark forces dismantle and peace comes over things.   Remember, we’re the ones in the “matrix” of this 3D realm.  And also remember that the Host are able to watch you all the time so don’t sin, don’t do dumb things anymore either.

More Interesting Information on Transformers 13 Original Primes and Angelic Host Secrets Revealed…

Now Kat Kerr was shown how many Host angels, which are warrior angles are actual transformers that transform themselves into ships and weapons in Heaven.  That is just “way cool” as I used to say a lot.

I always wondered and was fascinated with Transformers and their never ending stories, strange concepts of origin, their mystical concepts and the depth of it all from childhood onward.  I was very drawn into understanding Transformers.  And now the more complete stories are starting to come out into the movies.

But before I go on too much…  check out the history of the 13 Original Primes Transformers video below – from what Kat was saying, what she saw in Heaven (and she has been given tour now thousands of times, thousands), there just may be something extra significant about Transformers.  These 13 Original Primes sound more like some of the massive high level angels I’ve heard about from Kat and from the Books of Enoch.  That said,  I’m not claiming any depth of knowledge on this topic at all so take these concepts and theories from me as simply initial ideas.  We’re not here to worship angels or the like we are here to worship God and His amazingness of His creativity and creation, admiring His art, His works.  No we don’t worship the creation but we worship God because of the amazingness He has done in that He is amazing because He has done it, made all of this!   (on that note go eat some organic fruit – that alone can cause you to worship God and like and love Him even more.)

Keep this info in mind if you watch this new version of the Transformers movie coming out in June.  Since we are now in a new age, the Kingdom Age as Kat was told and we will start to see, many things of Heaven will be revealed.  We will start physically seeing angels all over the place.  God says He will allow them to be seen on TV as well.  Many many things will be revealed in the days going forward.  This is very good news.  Remember:  we are also in the End Times Harvest – for 1 billion souls to get into Heaven.   This Transformers movie as well as many of the story lines of the Transformers which have kept going for decades are becoming a lot more interesting especially as people like Kat, who get to visit Heaven reveal more and more information!   And we many soon discover why the Transformers sagas have kept so persistent and strong over the decades and have gotten stronger instead of fading away.



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