Election Was A Giant Sting Operation

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Election was a giant sting operation Consider The art of war as mentioned by Mark Taylor prophecy.  See video below.

Every ballot was quantum system marked.  The location of every ballot is known.  As mentioned by other people that have various information mentioned that the election will be going into the quantum system. We need to transition into the quantum financial system as well, that is the future.  Who didn’t know that the bad guys would try to cheat in the election?    They had to because they know TEKEL, they know Haman’s noose is waiting for them.  I hope you understand that these bad guys were about to kill you and your family, 90% of the planet.  Are you going to stand for that?

What about the various Prophets and prophecies that may seem conflicting? Well you have to consider  the art or in what you tell your enemy in the spirit realm and in the physical realm.

You are in a war world. And the war status of the times has been elevated here in this Kingdom Age.  We will be experiencing more of the spirit realm warfare as pertains to the spirit realm and this physical realm. The future of all in the physical realm depends on you overcoming this realm choosing God instead of Lucifer. The Angels in heaven already went through this test. One third of them did not make it.
The kingdom of darkness is trying to battle for their escape from condemnation into the eternal Lake of Fire, the second death. And remember death isn’t what a lot of people think death is; death away from God is eternal torture.

God is life. Anything outside of God is death. How can you have life without the Life Giver?

You can’t. And that’s the lesson to be learned from this realm. Learn quickly. Do not waste time trying to maximize yourself in this world, and the pleasures of this world. This is war world. Do everything in every second of the day for your next life, your eternal life, building eternal wealth, bringing glory to God and building your relationship with God.

Going through this phase is also to toughen us up. Most of us born over the past many decades have become cream puffs, pansies, overly estrogenic effeminate wilting flowers. If we look at ourselves from a third party perspective, a birds eye view most of us will be embarrassed about our lives. So therefore let’s fix this really quickly. Let’s get aggressive and become champions. Let’s learn the word of God. Let’s master Jesus’ commands of the New Testament. I must eradicate the sins from our live, the belief in any sin believing that it is good, okay to do or something you can get away with.



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