Eating Bugs Gives You Aggressive Cancer?

Eating Bugs Gives You Aggressive Cancer?  See image for explanation.  

Our Diet is in Genesis 1.  Once you depart from it,  you will degrade your human physical body machine.  Yes meat was approved after the flood and man’s life also became capped at 120.   

After eating meat, life span decreased.  Before eating meat, life span was up to 1000.  Yes, you can argue that the water firmament was broken so the hyperbaric like O2 chamber was diffused.  But the diet…

Did you know that some of the greatest healers of all time, healing just about anything you can think of, use a Genesis 1 style diet (while stopping the bad)?  Yes, you can’t keep sinning against God’s design and laws and expect success, no matter how much good you do on top of it. 

You are designed to eat MOSTLY FRUIT.  Your digestive track is FRUIGAVORE, a “Fruitatarian”.

Here, Koko the Gorilla will tell you what you need to do:


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