Dude Perfect “Exposed” for Having Supernatural Powers… by Kevin Zadai

Here We Go!  We’re Making Progress into the New Kingdom Age and as Promised – We Will Be Seeing More of the Supernatural and the Spirit Realm Show Up in Our Realm!

Kevin Zadai “Exposes” Dude Perfect’s Secrets! Check it Out Below

I was listening to this powerful video by Kevin Zadai (all of his videos are powerful!!!).  (Kevin has visited Heaven and has met with Jesus Himself I think it was many times, more than once. He talks with angels and sees them often. And Kevin has a lot of SUPER IMPORTANT insight we all need to absorb and get down pat!)

So I was sitting here listening and all of a sudden something really perked my attention a bit extra, something about Dude Perfect YouTube channel guys. 

I remember watching this YouTube channel called Dude Perfect because of all their amazing trick shots in basketball and other things. I would practice my own basketball shooting and other performance mind state types of stuff shooting paper towels cans, bottles, paper walls etc. into trash cans. So that peaked my interest. But that was a while ago. And they’ve expanded quite a bit since then to say the least.

So while I was listening to Kevin talk, all of a sudden out of the blue he mentioned Dude Perfect YouTube channel. I thought ‘huh how does Dude Perfect fit into this sermon!’ And then he said that they were born again Christian, Spirit filled Christians and they made some sort of agreement with God or something like that where they were given supernatural powers to do these trick shots.

I’m assuming this is for witnessing purposes ultimately. And I remember as a kid seeing this demonstration by a group of strongman and called the Power Team, or something like that, and they were quite effective putting on a show and then delivering the Good News, inviting kids and their parents to receive Christ at the end.

Well Kevin goes on to explain how I guessing, Angels redirect various shots while they are flying through the air like the super wild impossible shots into a perfect score or a perfect achievement of whatever the Dude is trying to do. Of recent I saw some videos of the main Dude throwing playing cards and slicing peas in mid air, slicing a cola can into etc. you can see for yourself. I’ll put their link below.

Here’s Kevin’s video which is super important to learn. I believe he mentions Dude Perfect somewhere in the middle.

Here is Dude Perfect’s Channel.

Here are a couple videos below – just random samples.  They have many amazing videos.




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