Dr. Michael Lake – Remnant Boot Camp

Dr. Michael Lake – Remnant Boot Camp

Finally someone else understands the utter criticalness of hearing, understanding, obeying and turning into a habit the Commands of Jesus.    (See my Commands of Jesus of the New Testament (version 1 commentary explanation, short form, is soon to be completed)).  Why install Jesus commands?  Because you have nothing without them and you will be walking in sin which will end up put you in a position of a “worker of iniquity” out of which Jesus will then say “see ya, I never knew you…” (paraphrased).

If you want to make your own commands list, which would be smart:  take every verse said in a command style or an implied command style and do what it says.  Get so good at doing it that the command becomes a Habit.  Work with the Lord to understand what each command means and how to do it.   i.e. Do not judge…  Well you have to ask yourself, “exactly what is judging someone according to God?”.  Then you can look it up in a dictionary.  Better yet look it up in Strong’s (check out a “Lexicon” for an easy way of accessing Strong’s definitions).  And best, ask the Lord directly to explain to you and then listen to what He says (the most accurate way).  So you work WITH the Lord in learning, understanding then doing His commands.   And once you hear, understand and do Jesus commands, His sayings what happens and what do you become?  I’ll let you discover that in the Word (and it certainly is good news!).

Dr. Michael Lake makes a lot of great points.  These points may help you succeed eternally and avoid a lot of trouble.  But I’ll let you listen for yourself.  I put this as a playlist on our End Times Beacon YouTube Channel.

For sure we all want to be “the remnant” of genuinely born again, obedient, holy and now powerful believers in Jesus.

Also as an eternal success tip:  anything you hear from man you can hear but don’t think you need to immedately believe or dive in to what they are saying.  Why?  Because you have only ONE Teacher.  Who is that ONE Teacher?  Come on now.  You know.  Hint 1Hint 2

  • Be a Berean
  • Understand that the erroneous idea that you need to please man and believe every thing a man (man/woman) says puts very large stress on you and the person speaking.  This leads to what?  Nasty Youtube or internet commenting and the like.  Have you noticed how so many are spewing out nasty criticism calling anyone who doesn’t agree with usually their man made denominational doctrine a ‘false prophet’ or a ‘false teacher’?   Don’t be that person because you don’t want that sin on your records.  Don’t criticize. Don’t hate which is murder. Don’t judge, especially when you don’t really know.  This is tough to correct but chop it out of you.
  • Only the Lord can reveal to you what something means in His Word so you can personally understand when you hear or read His Word.  On that note, ask, seek, knock when you feel like you do not completely understand something and then open up your ears to hear; listen for your answer.  Then thank the Lord of course for helping you out.
  • And don’t throw out a teaching just because a point or two doesn’t coordinate with some doctrine or something that another man/woman taught you.  We want to be perfect in God’s eyes not man’s.

See Dr. Michael Lake – Remnant Boot Camp Playlist here


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