Dr. Judy Mikovits Update Important info Pine Needle Tea No Good – “Covid” Solutions for Vaxxed and Un Vaxxed and Vaxxed Cross Infected

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ozonated creams work against viruses (that’s a new one. Sounds cool.  What about breathing in ozone?  What about H2O2 inhaling?)  > judy mikovitz. Ivermectin. Hydroxychloroquine. Immune modulating peptides. Never again get another injection of any kind is #1 solution. Some people may keep getting all of these fake shots (no vaccine ever worked – it’ s all fake; you’ll see soon…)  Pine needle tea now not good. Suramin only works well on simple viruses owned by Baer, very low dose, 1/2 life of 60 days. AAOT.us ozone creams read their ozone methods. NO nitric oxide helpful (pre-workout drinks?) (Arginine?) . Clean glutathione. NAC. Ivermectin. Hydroxycholoriquine drxmd.com got the therapies up there natural therapies too. flccc.net NEVER TAKE ANOTHER SHOT AGAIN. Biome Medic pulls glyphosate. therealdrjudy.com is her real site.  Pine needle tea was a psyop and Dr. Judy says do not take it; makes mostly turpentine; too much can even kill you she said.



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