Doom to the Doom! Doom Pushers Considered Traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven


Doom to the Doom! Doom Pushers Considered Traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven

You’re addicted to it?  You’re hocking survival food?  You feel like you’ll look bad if you change your tune and admit you were wrong about this being the end times ?


This is a message of brotherly warning and concern.  I know it’s hard and confusing some times.  But, just “rip off the band aid” and let Jesus be Lord.  It’s not a good idea to try and be people’s lords; it’s way too hard and it’s a real bad idea to usurp Jesus as Lord. Do you know what a lord is?  Do you really know what Jesus is Lord means?   Start to tune into God’s voice (and not Satan’s which is what has been happening and why people keep preaching doom and gloom… they haven’t gotten to know God’s voice or they’ve just blocked it out.)

Stop, drop and roll.  Stop talking about judgement, fear, doom and gloom etc… for your sake!  I want you to succeed and build massive eternal wealth;  not removed from the face of the earth (yes God says He will soon clean His house and pastors better get on track – yes its super scary.  Here is a Mark Taylor Prophecy collection you can see. ) You don’t know the time you are in.  You’re pushing a fake message from the Kingdom of Darkness.  They are trying to fake the NWO 7 year tribulation early.

On that note get out of the 501.3.c. (see below) Those who remain in this demonic contract are considered traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven.  See the prophecies for yourself.  Everyone knows the 501.3.c is a sell out betrayal for a few extra bucks by now.  If you didn’t understand it before, just get out of it and apologize God and you’ll be fine, for that.

Come on.  Get with the program.  Rip up your man made doctrines and restore Jesus as Lord and Jesus as your One and Only Teacher.  Preach Jesus commands as the #1 thing you are supposed to do, 2nd being baptize all nations in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, after fully believing of course.



Kat Kerr – Are you a Prepper? Some things to think on as the days get darker

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