Doom and Gloom Teachers Preachers Book Pushers Have Blood on Your Hands and Now Prophecy Your Own Doom

Doom and Gloom Teachers Preachers Book Pushers Have Blood on Your Hands and Now Prophecy Your Own Doom – July 7, 2017 Prophecy Given to Mark Taylor

Hey!  Pay attention! Stop preaching your doom and gloom, markets crashing, and pushing survival food junk amongst other doom and gloom pitches.  Do not let the sake of making money or pitching doom and gloom survival messages to sell gold, survival rations make you end up preaching the wrong message.   You’re putting all this effort in to your ministry or media channel thinking you’re helping people but according to the Lord, you have actually become a treasonous enemy!  Yikes!

Now this is to my understanding to what the doom and gloom preaching is.  You go and ask the Lord personally your questions and what you need to do.  For no man can teach you, but only your One and Only Teacher who is…?   Right,  Jesus as He teaches you through the Holy Spirit.  Also that is my understanding of those mechanics, but you already know to ask, seek, knock and to not do a thing without checking with your Lord and Master.  Better yet, ask the Lord what He wants you to do and write it all down on a note pad so you can get after it and not forget.

Repent.  Wake up.  Get in tune with what God is doing or you’re in trouble.  Although you may have thought you are helping people, you are actually mistakenly for most, preaching the enemy’s message!  Yikes right?!   You probably did not mean bad and thought you were trying to motivate people to repent and believe on Jesus right?  Well the Lord is making corrections.  So watch the Mark Taylor prophecy.

Catch up with the Mark Taylor Prophecies  – watch them over and over.   And get in tune with what’s going on with Kat Kerr playlist and her websiteAnd another Kat site.

This is very serious for God says that you have blood on your hands from making people depressed so many are committing suicide. And if you continue, your doom and gloom preaching will become your doom.  So, hey!  Get rid of it!  Get in tune with the Spirit of God and preach the Good News!

Whatever you focus upon grows:  So if you are always focused on the enemy’s message and are feeding the power of the enemy which equates to spiritual treason – not good.  Yeah, a lot of messages about the enemies plans, giants, aliens etc are making it sound like the enemy is more powerful than God which is not a good thing to promote!  You probably didn’t mean to so just stop and get on track.


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