Don’t Die, EDTA Instead – Vax AND… Unvaxed

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Don’t Die, EDTA Instead – Vax AND… Unvaxed – Amazing Video on EDTA by EDTA Experts and All Sorts of Supporting Info Including Patient Cause & Effect Results.

EDTA was also mentioned in the PATENTS for this monstrosity many call “The Mark of the Beast” AS THE ANTIDOTE and It sure looks like it.  Watch this video and take notes.  EDTA has tons of health benefits. 

Sounds like the easiest way to take it is through EDTA cream considered to be 2nd best. Best would be to visit a non satanic chelation expert to do EDTA IV which, from hearing a couple videos by DR. ANA MARIA MIHALCEA MD PhD, who is one of those experts, totally cleans out the blood of all the bad junk. 

Yet as MD’s usually have no thought or consideration, usually, outside the blood system (since that’s their vampiricle focus), how well does this EDTA do in cleansing out the interstidium, cells and the lymph?  That needs to be researched as well. These bad substances can get logged into tissues and cells all throughout the body.  And what about the genetic changes that get the body to continually produce those “spike proteins”, you know, the ones that stink up buildings and even outdoors?  

And… Dr. DR. ANA MARIA MIHALCEA is discovering all, or most of the vax’d bad stuff spread to non vax’d so the non vax’d need to get EDTA’d out.   So not sure if EDTA is the cure ALL but it seems to clean up most things including all the toxins and other hideous things put in our food, water, sprayed in the air etc.


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