Donald Trump & Princess Diana’s Daughter Sarah

Donald Trump & Princess Diana’s Daughter Sarah- Donald Trump is Married to Princess, Now Queen Diana? Princess Diana? Lady Diana?  Both Are Said to Be in the “Bloodline of Jesus” which Says Jesus Was Married to Mary Magdalene, the Druze, Knowledge of Which Was Hidden – that’s The Emerging Story.

What Happened to Melania?  The Official Story Will Come Out Later.  There Are Various Reports.  One Says She’s a Pleiadean Body Guard.  Others Say She Was a Temporary Wife as Part of the Plan.  All of This Info Needs to Be Confirmed Later But This Info Did Come from a John F. Kennedy Jr. Telegram Channel that Seems Quite Serious.    

Scientifically Speaking, Sarah is Certainly One Good Looking Woman Like Her Mama.  And DJT, Isaiah 45 2.0, You’re Handsome Man!   🙂  Sarah Certainly Looks Like Princess Diana & Donald Trump Combined.  And So Does Barron Trump!  Barron Looks Like Princess Diana When She Was Young – See Below:

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