Dog Dewormer Cures Man’s Terminal Cancer and Many Others


Parasite Medication FENDBENDAZOLE, a Dog De-Wormer Completely Obliterated Terminal Spread Cancer in Man.

How?  Many Say Cancer is a Fungus.  But Fugus is there Because There is an Interstitial Plumbing Problem, a Clog, then an Intercellular Sewage Backup, Which is Usually Acidic, Definitely Inflammation Causing, Triggering an Mucous Response, Clogging things Up Even More, While Creating a Low Oxygen Environment and Low Nutrition Environment to the Area Out of Which Fungus Can Grow. 

Dr. Tulio Simoncini is an Expert in the Concept of “Cancer is a Fungus” Showing Every Tumor in Surgery is White and and Says it Actually Candida. 

Hopefully the White Hats are in control enough that this man who is “working with” clinical studies isn’t murdered. This guy doesn’t understand that allopathic MD medicine isn’t there to cure cancer or help him.  He would do better in sticking with his blog, off of which 40 people have reported a clearance of their cancer by using this dog de-wormer Fendbendazole.

Another mistake this man is making is that he says he’s “going to take it the rest of his life”.  You don’t use a curative agent, at least at the same strength, in an ongoing basis.  Usually, one does want to use it then they would use a much smaller maintenance dose while cycling on and off of it for parasite cleansing.  Also, since this sounds like it’s a pharmaceutical drug, it may cause other side effects which can create multiple other health problems in the body. 

Not sure how long that video will last on youtube: 

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