Discovered! Earth Dies without Isaacsons (Saxons) and Slavics – Ex Secret Space Program Soldier

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Discovered! Earth Dies without Isaacsons (Saxons) and Slavics – Ex Secret Space Program Soldier Daryl James – Fascinating Interview of What’s Going on in What’s Been Going On Behind the Scenes for the Past 100 or so Years with Aliens, the Bad Version of the Secret Space Program, Super Technology, the Ability to Clone and Put a Layer of Your Soul into A Clone…

An Interesting Thing Was Said that the Life of the Earth Was Essentially Tied into the Sons of Adam Which Further Confirms the Adam & Eve Were White with Rosy Cheeks Concept, Adam = Able to Show Blood in the Face, Saying that the Life of the Earth is Tied Directly into the Whites, Specifically Saxons and Slavics, Sons of Adam, Sons of Abraham, Sons of Isaac which includes Sons of Jacob.

Jewish Minister Rabi Finklestein Said “White People Are the Enemy of the Jews” While Admitting that Jews Come from Cain (Canaanites) and from Esau, and Esau Married into the Canaanites Line to Spite His Parents.  Saying that White People are the Enemy of the Jews Goes Back to the Garden of Eden where God Put Enmity Between the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:16  Which also Further Supports the Concept of Eve’s Beguiling in that She Hooked Up with the Shape Shifting Reptilian who Could Hold Human Form as You See today, in that From Time to Time Certain Popular Reptilians Lose Focus and Show their Vertical Slit Reptile Eyes.  See How the Completely Jew, Sons of Cain,  Owned Media is Continually Attacking Whites?  Now Things Make a Bit More Sense. 

So Daryl Goes onto Say that a Side Future Timeline where Things Went to the Bad Side of Revelation, People from the Future, (We can and have been time traveling for sometime.  Trump has been time traveling for some time) and Said that The Bad Guys, Reptilians, Evil AI etc. Found Out that the Earth Dies and Falls Apart without the Whites, Specifically the Saxons (Isaac’s sons who are Hebrews – the Jews Aren’t Israel – Israel Has Been Disbursed Through the Earth But They Seem to Still Know Their Roots Since they Keep their Tribes of Israel Emblems, Logos in their Flags – White Western Man and Slavics) and the Slavics.  Therefore the Earth is Tied in to the Sons of Adam as Per Genesis 1.   So the Bad Guys Had to Go Back in Time to Not Kill Off the Whites and Make Friends with the Whites to Keep the Earth Intact.  


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