Discover How HELL is a Good Thing…

Discover How HELL is a Good Thing…

…For now.

What the heck am I talking about?  Have I gone mad?

Well once you get to know the Bible and you’ll understand how life works on earth, between heaven and earth plus hell. You’ll start understand why things are as they are.

God your Maker has total awesomeness available for you today. Everyone across the planet has an amazing opportunity to experience the highest high (drugs can’t even come close), the greatest joy, unlimited everlasting wealth and a relationship with God Who is awesome Person, with layers of amazing qualities that are very admirable, rich and electrifyingly wonderful.

I’m telling you from experience once you become born-again and receive the Holy Spirit, and walk with the Holy Spirit, also called abiding in Christ, you will feel complete, satisfied and completely happy! And although we try as humans, no human can come close to making you as completely happy as you can be by delighting in the presence of the Lord, your Maker.

And for those of you who were raised in various religions just focus on the concept of God as your Maker, the one who is trying to get your attention deep down in your soul.  Don’t get confused or tripped up on names for now.  You don’t need to do so.  Just focus on God your Maker. And I understand because I came from where you are.

Now let’s discuss this strange title of this article. Hell is a terrible terrible thing. In hell for example, you would experience the sensation of flesh being melted off your body over and over, as one example.  That’s just insane pain if you think about it.  I certainly don’t want to go there.  And don’t believe the cartoons and movies that seem like hell is some cool hangout joint;  at the place of the most brutal torture for eternity, completely devastatingly, unfathomable.  But in the present while you were still alive, ultimately hell is there for motivation!

You see God your Maker is trying to establish a most awesome love relationship with you. But in order to understand if you have to relate to yourself and think about what you want from other people.

You want people (good people) to like you, respect you, want to be around you, to love you, to delight in your presence, be thankful when you do something for them, think you’re special, think you are super or awesome, be proud of you, be proud to be associated with you and not embarrassed around others, to want to spend quality time with you and so on…  well guess what? This will come as a shock to most people because our religions have taught us otherwise…  God wants the same love, liking and respect too as we do!  After all we are made in His Image and LIKENESS.  People tend to forget the likeness part.

So if you think about it, Why would he make us?  For awesome friendships and loving relationships!  You’ll find that out once you read through the Bible over and over and over and over.  You have to know God.  Actually it’s a requirement of salvation isn’t it!

Oh yeah?  Check out John 17:3 This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. ”  Hmmn well that is interesting! I’ll bet most had never heard this before! You barely even hear this from Evangelical churches!  Secret of getting into heaven cannot be more clearly spelled out.

Now back to hell… Hell is there for motivation! You see it takes effort, lots of effort and emotional risk to pursue God, get right with him and fall in love with Him. It also is scary just like your other relationships or attempts at relationships.  But we only have a limited time so many of us need motivation.

I know I dragged my feet for a while because I was scared. I knew I had to get right with my Maker and I wasn’t right with Him at the time. But the thought of hell and people dying around me got me to overcome my fear and cry out to God asking him to allow me to become one of his children and have. And from there he supernaturally showed me through many people and the Bible each step I needed to take to get to Him, bringing me to the point where I finally believe and became born again.  It was an amazing journey too!  I’ll tell you about it sometime:-)

Yes I’ll see you may want to think about all of the relationships that you wanted to have in the past but never had because you were too scared to make it happen. This is especially true in terms of romantic relationships.  But if you don’t try you miss out!  That said he don’t want to miss out with God your Maker, because the alternatives are not good…  You’ll not magically appear in heaven alongside of Santa Claus and unicorns around you just by doing a little more good deeds than bad. Most of the world thinks this and they are tragically mistaken.

They’ve made up their own gods and their own rules of what they think is “fair” for God to do, deciding that if you do a little bit more good than bad you’re going to heaven based on a positive report card.  Think about it! Does that even make any sense?  What benefit is therefore the Creator in this model?  There is no direct value.  There’s no love, liking, respect, appreciation or worship with that model of good outweighing the bad.  So why would he have all the people don’t even know or care about him personally around him for eternity?!!  I certainly wouldn’t want you around me.

I want to be around people who are good, respectful, kind loving, who love me and like me, who are excited about me, who are genuine who delight in my presence and who honor me when honor is due… Especially if I was making A home for these people to be around me for eternity!  And I certainly wouldn’t want people who are mean, unloving, unkind, liars, people who didn’t like me, people who didn’t know me or even want to know me, people don’t love me, people who don’t like being around me, people who disrespect me, people who are thankless to me and so on… I wouldn’t want those people around me more than 10 seconds much less eternity!!  How about you? Think about it. This whole planet needs to rethink what it’s been taught.  That’s why you need to read the Bible, the word of God: God is the Word as you’ll get to understand by reading the Bible over and over.

Emotions give energy. Although fear is NOT the most noble emotion… It still can be used to help us move, take action!  Frankly, you don’t know when you are going to drop dead.  Also we very likely have an times right around the corner.  So the point is, don’t rationalize off taking care of business with God a moment longer.  And certainly don’t listen to society these days! Society is like a big boiling pot of water filled with crabs that will pull you back in to that boiling water – don’t hang out with the crabs!  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Use fear as a tool – the fear of hell! Muster it up to help you breakthrough and deal with your relationship to your Maker.  Come clean with Him and start your relationship immediately.  You need to get to know Him, remember?  See the verse above.  So you better get to it fast!  Getting to know someone, at least someone does take some time!

How do you do this?  Break apart from what you are doing and find a quiet place and it all sincerity and seriousness talk directly to God your Maker.  Ask Him what to do to get right with Him.  Ask Him how to become one of his children and get into heaven.   If you are serious and sincere, crying out to God (you can cry out to God on your insides yes), then God will respond and he will show you the Way, the Truth and Eternal life.

On top of that it would be good for you, actually essential, to start reading the Bible.  I would get on a plan to read the Bible at least three times a year. It should take you 30 minutes a day sometimes 40 minutes to read half a book of the Bible on average PER DAY.  Just keep reading straight through.  DO NOT TRY TO FIGURE THE BIBLE OUT VERSE BY VERSE!  Learning the Bible does not work that way!  You must keep reading through because answers are hidden all throughout the Old and New Testaments.  Don’t stop just put a mark with a pen and take notes on a. questions b. whatever stands out to you. Do not use a highlighter.

Keep on keeping on and you’ll be AMAZED at the answers that will come to you by spending this quality time with the Lord your Maker.    I would start with the Gospel of John and then go to the next book as the Lord your Maker inspires you.  You will know what to read next at that time.  You will find that you end up at the book that will answer a question of yours.  (You’ll likely get answers through your insides, from the radio, church sermons,TV or others as well, although mostly directly as the Lord reveals to you in the Bible ).  Of course you can always contact us with questions or contact a helpline above.

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