Demons EXPOSED – Are Not Fallen Angels and They Are What We Are Dealing With

Spirits of the pre-flood beings who had their DNA changed, corrupted, offspring of corrupted from a. fallen angels who mated with humans b. actual genetic technology as Nimrod used to become a super being.

Part of super heroes and Xmen stuff is related to the dark side workers opening you up towards receiving a genetic change to have super powers which then makes you non human and non redeemable.  Non-redeemable means that you can’t go to Heaven and you go to Hell and the Lake of Fire for eternity.

You do not allow evil spirits to talk to you. You don’t even entertain their thoughts. Their thoughts, suggestions they send you are to trick you to turn away from God and sin.

And any thought that got into your head, nullify in the Name of Jesus. Then release and send your anointing after that demon who talked to you, sending you that thought to melt that demon into a puddle!  You nullify the bad thought and release the anointing with your mouth, saying to do so.

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