Democrats, the Godless, Non Hebrew Israel, Plastic Conservatives, Religious Christians – What Do they Have In Common?

  1. They don’t know God.
  2. They don’t have a knowing of God
  3. They don’t care to have a knowing of God.
  4. They actually detest God while many prop up their social image by doing religion.  Religion is largely a. doctrines of men to deny Jesus as Lord and to push away God personally.  b. doctrines from the kingdom of darkness passed down to men in order to control men and prevent them from being saved so they can 1b. do the crabs in a boiling pot of water thing 2b. As they’ve said, ‘get rid of all humans and get them into hell in order to “force” God to take the fallen ones back.
  5. They all seem to be the ones taking these depop shots, this genocide Revelation 18 pharmakeia sorcery snake medicine device the nations shots, these mark of the beast shots, these shots to either depopulate you or turn you into a controllable cyborg.
  6. So the question is:  why are what looks to be, all the enemies of God, taking the depop shot?   
  7. Another question is this a military decision, like a deep, long time planned military decision to get rid of the wicked enemies which are also the enemies of God, since these enemies keep persisting in doing evil and going against God, going against all things good, wanting to promote badness, since these enemies are in the way of this new age and many refer to a golden age, the “Age of Aquarius”, an age of goodness, abundance and prosperity, and these enemies and holding the rest of the world back from our version of the Promised Land?  Because why?  If you think about it, and you now understand the difference between knowing God vs. knowing about God;  obeying Jesus commands of the New Testament and in real time through Holy Spirit vs. denying Jesus as Lord, not walking in the Spirit, while pushing God away personally while making one’s self feel better about it by being religious, so you can be your own lord, your god can be your belly all while retaining Satan as your lord, while continuing on obeying and believing in many if not most of the 666 Sins of the Bible…. you’re seeing a separation between the sheep and the goats of sorts.  You may be witnessing the separation between those who will not make it to the promised land and those who do.   You may be witnessing the whirlwind and the storm where all of a sudden, one day, you look up, and the wicked are gone.  Historically speaking, many have talked about large cycles in time, such as the Age of Aquarius and such, which is intersecting as it coincides with prophecy by modern prophets but also many prophets in the Bible, especially Isaiah, Psalms and Revelation as you can see mentioned in various posts on this site.  Additionally, I’ve heard much mention by various historians, people seeking spiritual things to find God and what many simply call “new agers” talk about “ascension” and 3D to 5D ascension whereas, unless you become one who resides in positive emotions (which is similar to fruits of the Spirit) then you will not “ascend” into this new age, into this promise land, into the Golden Age, into the “Age of Aquarius”, which has been talked about through prophets over the years also as the Rise of the Body of Christ, an era of prosperity, and era of great peace (which end in the 7 year tribulation, abruptly), the Great Harvest of souls for eternal salvation and immortality, the flip of the rewards and punishments results on Earth whereas the wicked used to be rewarded and the righteous punished, the wicked will now be punished and the righteous will be rewarded.
  8. Another question is:  Is this Isaiah 18 where the non budding twigs are removed before the Great Harvest (the Great Harvest which is about to start in full)?

These are a few things to think about and expand upon as we go forward day by day…

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