December 7 1941 76 Years Ago Marks Today as Your Day of Liberation USA

Pearl Harbor – A day that ended in infamy but started the liberation of the world.  76 Years ago the USA was attacked.   It was from an Enemy.  People think it was an enemy without only but it was indeed an Enemy within.

Today commences the end of this Enemy, the Kingdom of Darkness and its stronghold over the USA is now broken.  As the Kingdom of Darkness did to us so will it be done unto them and all its workers.

It’s time for the wicked to be exposed and judged.   Their wickedness will shock you, even beyond comprehension for many.

For more than 70 years the USA has entered under the stronghold of the Kingdom of Darkness.   But now, all thanks be to God in the Name of Yeshua, today is the start of that strong hold being broken.

  • Darkness will be Judged
  • Read the first few chapters of Isaiah to see what’s going on with the USA and the judgement of the wicked
  • The USA will be restored to righteousness and will be a model for the nations.
  • USA will become a model nation for the rest of the world to emulate
  • Righteousness will be restored to the courts.  5 New supreme  court justices that will follow God will be installed, 4 to go.
  • No more sacrificing babies and kids to gods of the wicked.  Roe vs. Wade will be over turned
  • The wicked are being indited starting now.  There will be military tribunals for those leaders who tried to destroy our nation, who molested and killed our children, who tried to say bad is good and bring in the Kingdom of Darkness to this country.
  • Robust prosperity will be restored
  • New mind blowing technology for good will be released
  • The plans of the enemy will be destroyed
  • The genuine followers of Christ will rule and reign
  • Even eventually Europe will conquer the invading hordes of the Kingdom of Darkness and return to Christ.
  • 1 Billion souls will be saved in this “End Times Harvest”  and End Times are the end of an age.  In fact we just stared the new Kingdom Age wher the Kingdom of Heaven has already started rising against the Kingdom of Darkness.
  • Be prepared.  Get prepared.  Make your hearts pure before the Lord.  Repent unto obedience all the way to fruit bearing for God and the Kingdom.
  • Make sure you are one of those 1 billion souls who walk holy before the Lord.  For no one who practices sin will inheirt eternal life.
  • Get rid of your denominational doctrines.  Throw them in the rubbish bin.  Put on, install into your sould the Doctrine of Christ which is the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament.

Rise up oh bride of Christ.  Purify yourself.  And begin to rule and reign.


For additional education see Mark Taylor Prophecy and Kat Kerr Prophecy

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