David Wilcock Becomes Christian and Compares Various Ancient Prophecies in Congruency to What Modern Prophets Are Saying

Relative to John Paul Jones, the Founder of USA’s Navy, David Wilcock Has Been Doing Super Interesting Work for Decades in His Quest to Find Out More About Space, Other Beings and God. 

I personally was praying for David’s salvation, for him to be born again, saved and to be used mighty for the Kingdom of Heaven.  I don’t know why but I just felt extra inspired to pray for him over the past several years.   It was so great to hear David to take a stand formally, identifying himself with being Christian, having found God while giving the glory and presenting to use the POWERFUL significance of God the Son, The Logos, The Word (His Name), Who became Man and dwelt among us and Who also died for our sins so we could be restored back to God the Father, after personally rejecting God from Adam and Even on to all of us today. 

If you want to be restored back to God the Father then believe for real with your heart that Yeshua, (Jesus), God the Son, came to Earth in the flesh, led a sinless life, died for your sins and rose from the grave back to God the Father in Heaven.   And then, turn yourself over to Yeshua, giving ownership rights, giving lordship rights to Him so He can redeem you, purchase you back with the price of His blood, through His sacrificial death on the cross, by confessing “Yeshua is Lord” and also by asking Yeshua to be your Lord and help you in making Him your Lord.  Your lord is whatever you obey which could be a variety of things staring with:  yourself, your flesh, your religious leaders, various voices ‘in the air’, TV, idols, gurus, family, spouses etc…  By making Yeshua our Lord we 1. seek to obey the entire New Testament  2. obey Yeshua in real time in and through Holy Spirit walking after the Spirit.

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Here is David Wilcock’s Latest Very Interesting Video About What’s Going On Right Now: 

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