COVID-19 Tests Collect Your DNA and Shove Nanobots Up into Your Brain and GIVE You COVID?? Flu Shots Give You COVID??

COVID-19 Tests Collect Your DNA and Shove Nanobots Up into Your Brain and GIVE You COVID?? Flu Shots Give You COVID??

– See the Videos Below.  Do your own research.  These are EXTRA Dangerous Times.  We Believe We Will Resolve Well.  But in the Mean time You Don’t Want to Get Tripped Up by the Kingdom of Darkness.  

Use this time to start learning about other types of Doctors.  No matter what you think or say or want to believe, MD Doctors and Nurses are Satanists because they practice Satanic medicine.   How so? 

  1. They can’t cure a thing. 
  2. They even publically admitted they that “curing people as an unprofitable business model”. So there is no problem playing with your life, getting sick or killing you in the process.
  3. The main driver for any MD allopathic pharmakia doctor or nurse that I’ve ever seen and I’ve driven the industry is not to help people, to help heal people, to cure people (although they will tell you that… and if sincere then they would not have become an MD and one have become a Naturopath Dr. for example or other type of healthcare professional that actually fixes the problem, that actually cures people, that actually identify a root cause or an array of possible root causes in order to stop the cause instead of just blanketing the problem with some “treatment”.  And if the MD or nurse, thought they were going to help people and help heal people, help people boost their health, before they started the educational process then they would’ve realized into the educational process that they have entered into a complete hideous, very dark scam, that was not very successful at anything, that hurt people, made them sick and killed many; they would have noticed that allopathic MD has NOTHING to do with health but to be an administrator of a pharmakia darkside sorcery system, that makes people sicker and sicker so they can treat them more and more, for a price, killing many without care, while setting humanity up for literal extermination, which is what you see they are trying to do right now.  They would’ve quit and pursued some other health approach if they cared about people.  But for the sake of money and a stable career, they sacrifice humanity and THEY KNOW IT.  Those of you who have a conscience:  GET OUT. Learn how to heal people instead of making them sicker and sicker, while killing many in the process.  There are many examples of doctors and nurses who have gone on to do good and learn how to heal people over time that maybe you can model: look for results – who cures people, who cures the cancers, who restores eye sight, who vanquishes “arthritis”, who regenerates tissues and organs and so on… Find those and learn from them.  You’ve also been lied to about how the body functions; that will need to be corrected as well. 
  4. The only part of MD allopathic pharmakia  MD has any sort of (partial) merit would be the emergency medicine for a quick fix patch up due to an acute emergency disaster. Other than that MD allopathic pharmakia doctors and nurses should never ever be able to deal with anything related to a health problem or a disease concept ever again.  The whole industry needs to be gutted.  
  5. This type of talk may sound shocking to most, but enough has been revealed to this point in time if you’ve been looking into it that shows when healers go God’s way, they are highly successful.  When those who claim they are in healthcare like the Satanic allopathic MD medicine (not an insult but a factual description), who HATE, who absolutely LOATHE the things of God, who say you can do bad things to yourself, sin against your body, eat junk, take in chemicals, take pharma drugs and then get a magic potion pill, a magic snake oil treatment and ‘poof’ you’ll just be all better, while insulting the things of God, slandering and even killing off successful healers… well what would you call that form of “health care”??  Through the miraculous success of natural healers now throughout the world, who honor God’s original design, His originally designed foods and herbs, we see the contrast between light and dark, right and wrong, the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Darkness.  And when you start to see the both sides:  what works vs Satanic allopathic MD pharmakeia “medicine”  you start to see what an UTTER SHAM MD allopathic medicine is.   They are the quacks.  They are the snake oil sales man.  They may patch a symptom or a problem here or there, yet they create multiple more problems in you to ‘treat’ later.   They put literal curses on you trying to convince you of their various disease names; a method of pharmakeia sorcery, trying to get you to visualize and then manifest that disease condition in combination with an “injection” of fear, or, they will literally inject disease causing elements into you through their vaccines and other treatments, or they will cause multiple other health problems through their trojan horse trick medicine, pharmakeia drugs…  And ultimately you’re seeing the big reveal of Revelation 18 RIGHT NOW before your eyes:  Satanic pharmakeia MD is trying to EXTERMINATE most of humanity while turning the rest into controllable cyborgs. 

Pharmakeia  – BibleStudy Tools

The NAS New Testament Greek Lexicon

Strong’s Number: 5331 Browse Lexicon
Original Word Word Origin
farmakeia from (5332)
Transliterated Word TDNT Entry
Pharmakeia None
Phonetic Spelling Parts of Speech
far-mak-i’-ah  Noun Feminine
  1. the use or the administering of drugs
  2. poisoning
  3. sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
  4. metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry
NAS Word Usage – Total: 3
sorceries 1, sorcery 2
NAS Verse Count
Galatians 1
Revelation 2

Total 3
Greek lexicon based on Thayer’s and Smith’s Bible Dictionary plus others; this is keyed to the large Kittel and the “Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.” These files are public domain.

MD allopathic medicine is can’t cure a thing and their main purpose is to set up 1. Global extermination and 2. the transformation of who is left into irredeemable cyborgs.  

And yes you may have heard that now is not the end times according to most prophets.  Yes.  But you don’t want to get caught in the cross hairs at the ATTEMPTS of the kingdom of darkness and their MD allopathic medicine which could maim you, kill you and or actually transform your DNA with their mRDA vaccines – which they tell you right on the label.   “Buh Buh but how could MD doctors, who are held in such high esteem on TV, movies then through everyone else since they watch TV, Movies etc be trying to destroy me?!?!?!  Most seem so nice! ….”   Sorry. You’re living in a currently very ugly world. I wish you didn’t have to experience this.  But we are all being tested at this time.   Those who know and pursue God will thrive. 

Yes. One used to be able to make the argument that many MD allopathic medicine doctors are just there to help people.  Ok maybe for some emergency surgeries for now as we are waiting for MUCH better tech and procedures (while removing the Satanic pharmakeia sorcery aspect from allopathic medicine)  But I don’t think you can make that argument anymore. They, the MD’s and nurses, see what happens. They see the results. They see how they kill people and make them sick. But since they are more concerned about their financial status they hang on to their position, I know, I’ve known the industry and mindset very well, for many decades. The mindset of becoming a doctor or a nurse number 1 and always has been for financial stability and for social honor among men so that all men may speak well of them. I know. I almost became one and divine intervention, you could argue, stopped me and re-routed me, before getting started as and MD although I was right about to get started. I grew up in the industry. I know it very well.

And actually I know it extra well. I know the MD allopathic medicine industry extra well because I’ve learned the opposite side of health and now understand how to fix many problems logically and naturally. And I’ve learned that God will not be mocked.  Respect God’s designs of the human body if you want to learn how to successful heal and cure a person.  Respect universal law for that matter too; i.e. you can’t put sand in your gas tank or  use lard for your car’s oil and expect it to run well. Respect God’s designs of what He has made for us in foods and herbs and you will find life.  And use a little basic logic too and  THEN you will find health.

The whole MD allopathic medicine industry needs an absolute overhaul. You do know that it was founded by a Satanist, one of the 13 Satanic Venetian  families –  Rockefeller right?  Oooops…. These voodoo snake medicine practitioners called allopathic MDs and their pharmakia sorcery medicines (isolates, tricks to create multiple other health problems in you)( and actually most MD procedures are pharmakia sorcery because they don’t cure things and they usually create multiple other problems) are based on 2 prime principles:  1. Trick and make sicker  2. Trick you into changing your DNA ultimately so you become irredeemable like the whole Earth, except Noah’s family, before the flood.  All those people became genetically corrupted through angel human hybridization and I believe additional genetic experiments.  And as Kevin Zadai was told directly by the Lord, all the demons we are dealing with these days are the spirits of those wiped away in the flood who had corrupted DNA to the point they were no longer human.  Freaky isn’t it!  But that’s what Satanic pharmakeia MD is trying to do to you.  

MD allopathic medicine claims that Hippocrates as their founder.  What a joke! What a bunch of snakes.  You do understand that snakes are in the MD logo right? Their main logo nowadays is in the stomach of the baphomet, you know the main character, Ba’al, who is used to represent Satanism.  Whenever you see that goat looking being with the circle around the head and the 5 pointed star that is the Bapomet’s head used to represent Ba’al.

And that’s an accurate symbol for them.  Kill, maim or make sick, steal your organs chop off your body parts destroy your health, destroy your immune system destroy your lymphatic sewage system… destroy!    In most cases they may patch up a symptom while setting you up for many many problems into the future if you think that it helped you in in the past.

They get you young, screwing you up early by giving you all sorts of injections of hideous evil.  They tell you to drink, put on your teeth and even add to your vitamins a dumbing down weapon called fluoride.  They tell you it’s okay to eat all sorts of junk food, they give you antibiotics which wreck your gut biome and wreck your immune system, the antibiotics plus vaccines set you up for not only future immune problems but also allergies.  And in these days their technology so advanced that they can inject just about anything into you even nano bots that can assemble in you upon command (5G’s purpose) or that can edit your DNA etc.

Do understand also that a lot of this has come to light because it’s through the M.D. allopathic and pharmaceutical operations that the world is deceived as per Revelation 18 and God says He’s exposing everything at this time.    The world has deceived into Satanic pharmakeia MD destruction – that is the problem. The extermination of humanity is a really bad problem. So it’s time to deal with the cause of the problem. And you’re only a deal with the cause of a problem through understanding of the root causes, how the root causes create the problem, firstly.

For your understanding, for your personal understanding start looking up great healers of the past century.   According to reports, hundreds of them have been assassinated by bad guys, and you can imagine who the bad guys are or were, hopefully, by the time of this posting. 

But two famous ones that have gotten extraordinary miraculous results because why? THEY HONOR GOD WAYS!   they honor and respect God’s system of things. They respect God’s foods in original form. They respect God’s word in terms of herbs made for healing of the nations concept.   

Back in history one of the most famous and successful healers was indeed Hippocrates.  And how did he have such success? “Let food be thy medicine” is the answer (yet very few seem to understand what that means).   So he used foods systematically and medicinally, purposefully and intentionally, strategically, to heal a problem.  Two names that you may have heard of already Dr. Sebi (who they picked off) and Dr. Robert Morse are two of the greatest healers outside of the realm of miracles I’ve ever studied. 

Dr. Morse is  a brilliant man not only in terms of healing just about every disease you can think of, but who was also smart enough to go train masses of students to duplicate him quickly.  He is heavily into honoring God, what he knows of God at least,  to this point – and he really likes God.  And he’s a warrior that has taken on corrupt elements and concepts of the FDA.  For just about every disease that you can imagine, especially cancer, he has been ridiculously successful in CURING, completely fixing the problem. His method of approach you could summarize as “the Genesis Approach” – which a heavy focus on systematic use fruit in particular and herbs while returning to the logic of original design, even to the logic of the design of the human digestive system as compared to various animals.  Dr. Sebi was similar although Dr. Sebi’s foods approach was focused on nonhybrid originally designed foods, originally designed by God.

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