Covid-19 is Completely Fake & the MASKS are the Real Kill? Depopulate Through Mask Wearing? And or Depopulate Through LOCKDOWNS to Snuff You Out?

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Masks Are Destroying Your Brain And It’s Worse For Kids – German Neurologist – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast (Please Share)


  • Mask cause long term brain damage especially in humans.  It shows up later, similar to how concussions show up later for boxers and football players.
  • Masks are what caused the big kill with the Spanish Flu through bacterial Pneumonia – as even reported on by the old Dr. Fauci.  What ended the Spanish flu was lots of sunlight and fresh air.
  • If you have a chronic mucus, acid forming diet, you’re very vulnerable to numerous health crises disasters or sudden death.
  • Masks drop your immunity by 17%.
  • Anyone requiring you to wear mask should be sued and arrested for attempted murder
  • COVID -19 is fake, its simply the flu, at least now it is if it is even that.   Most of the initial terrible cases were pneumonia or weaponized 5G.  Many reported deaths that were non Covid. another video on this channel describes how COVID-19 is not even an actual physical substance but a computer-generated graphics or something like that. Why would they do that?  Well besides being wickedly insane it’s more manipulatable because you can change the narrative more easily than an actual virus that is out there being studied by others.
  • That said, another report says that the COVID-19 concept was not supposed to be the big bad virus but the set up to get you prepared to 1. wear masks for a long time to break down your health, cause brain damage, cause pneumonia and eventually kill you 2. weaken your immune system so a much stronger disease could be actually released.
  • Arguably most of these flus released over the years were purposefully spread through the contestant heavy chemtrail spraying of the skies.
  • Remember, “Coronavirus” is simply the common cold.  Covid19 and corona virus are not the same. 
  • Forced lock downs are for increasing mass destructions of economy. Creates global poverty and starvation. Actually there been reports out there that several million people died due to lack of access to food and so on.  The kingdom of darkness workers probably got excited about that and then switched strategy towards fake lockdowns.  
  • COVID-19 “death rate” if it’ is even that since most are posted as “co-morbidity” meaning they die from something else and having the flu didn’t help the scenario, or just any other factor such as old age, cancer, accidents, as recent article by WebMD twisting the headline implying that the patient died from COVID-19 kinda sort of but they had a pulmonary embolism and they also tested positive for “COVID-19” of which the tester also considered to be faked by many and simply DNA collection devices that have also come back with positive results for papayas and goats!
  • The MD allopathic medicine community has been transformed sneakily over the decades to become a pharmakia sorcery killing machine.  But the good news is that anything they attack usually works so you can use that data.  if your doctor it’s time to take back your industry because essentially your practicing Satanism sorcery and witchcraft destroying the health of people whether you may not see it up front. And essentially your a Satanist because that’s what your practicing. Also as a warning to MD medical allopathic doctors out there – don’t drink the Kool-Aid!  Don’t buy into your own “medical” mumbo-jumbo because your fellow MD’s will likely have no mercy on you and you’ll go down like the rest or maybe worse than the rest system gives you the extra special treatment, which can be extra special worse as I have witnessed right before my eyes.   Repent MD and repent your industry meaning change it around and completely give the MD allopathic community a makeover. Get away from Pharmakia – they are not there to help people even though you may see some near-term patches of problems, even though in diversity cases you may see some acute problem solved for the moment, but you’ll never heal anyone unless you turn to God’s ways, God’s design and work with God instead of against Him for healing the body.
  • For those of you who keep insisting on ignoring God’s ways of healing eating, herbs for healing a nation which are much more highly effective than these chemical derivatives and chemical concoctions for those of you who just don’t want to work with God and how he designed the body will want to trust workers of the kingdom of darkness, snake medicine, sorcery pharmakia ( see Revelation 18 in the interlinear Greek) then it you choose your own path, you are choosing the ways of death and destruction not only upon yourself and your family, but others as well as you continue to buy into the snake medicine sales pitch.   Or… You can wake up, stop putting poisons in your body, stopping the wrong types of foods that cause mucus, that push the balance in the body chronically to the acid side, start making sure you get all the essential nutrients daily in natural form, only eat organic which has no chemical poisons pesticides and fertilizers and 70% more nutrients on average while also taking better and is not GMO, start learning about herbs and the proper use of herbs. There are healers out there with ridiculous healing rates i.e. over 90% healing rates for cancer for example.  And if you’re looking for a way how to eat return to original design and consider trying to eat, pretending that you are in the beginning of Genesis: mostly fruits, nuts, seeds although some argue that it was only fruit.   What about bread?  you just have to make your own refined bread that is organic that does not use modern semidwarf grain wheat which is a grain that is a hidden GM mode designed to work with Monsanto pesticides and fertilizers that wreak all sorts of havoc on your health including causing cancer as they have been sued over. Do your own research these are just some tips.  But at this point if you don’t change and you try to keep seeking a comfort level because you bought into beliefs in ways that are destructive then that’s what you’re in a get.  You have to go to war and the thought realm and just repent meaning change your mind meaning reprogram your mind into what you believe in your mind and in your hearts mind to what is good versus what is bad.  It’s kingdom versus kingdom time is in it!
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