COVID-19 is a Scam – It’s the Flu or a False Positive PCR Test – But You Know That

Viruses Bacteria Virus Germs  - charlygutmann / Pixabay

PCR Test Founder Even Says The Machine is Rigged to Show False Positives Somewhere Around 90%  Plus of the Time. But Wait There’s More….

“Where Has the Flu Gone? CDC Reports Only 496 Cases So Far This Year, Down 97% from 2019”

“Recent data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report shows a remarkably low number of patients infected with the seasonal influenza this year.

According to the report, so far for the 2020-2021 flu season, only 496 people have tested positive for the influenza virus since September 27, 2020. That number is out of the 232,452 cumulative tests which have been performed, leaving the current percent of tests that come back positive at only 0.2%.

See the rest of the article here.

Cola Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Australia – see here.

So what if the Satanic media says “Oh it must be because social distancing and masks and lockdowns….”.  Well since the “flu” is a virus and “COVID-19” is supposedly a virus, then COVID-19 numbers would be like influenza numbers which would be, almost NOTHING.

This has become such a ridiculous circus show that it now has to be a controlled white hat operation to teach the nations. Prophecy will come true.  God will crush His enemies.  And the Great Harvest will commence.

Global Nuremberg trials are coming… for leaders, the media, the MD Industry….  See Johnny Enlow Prophecy

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