Command and Pray IRMA Away – Weaponized Hurricane By Tesla Scalar Tech of Russian Company

Pray and Command IRMA Away – Has Been Weaponized By Tesla Scalar Tech of Russian Company?

Those Born Again in Christ & Walking Holy Are Supposed to Have Authority Over The Weather – So It’s Time To Rise Up and Git Rid of this Irma Hurricane – Show the World the God is More Powerful then Weather Weaponry or Hurricanes.

Have you seen how quickly and uniformed these hurricanes have become of recent?   Hurricanes can now be festered up, strengthened and directed according to reports below.  The targeting was purposeful as a retaliatory measure by Russia for the USA’s recent almost unanimous congress vote to put sanctions on Russia to choke off Russian oil to Europe.  See the links to the reports below.

Harvey was weaponized, energized and directed by new level weather weaponry.   Oh yes.  USA has HAARP to control the weather but it’s not nearly as powerful as Rostec’s Tesla Scalar Tech based weather modifier.  Again, these are according to reports. It’s very interesting indeed.  It’s inline with other theories of how new tech will increase dramatically going forward in this Kingdom Age.

So ok.  If the USA has weather modification tech why can’t it diffuse the hurricane?  Or why won’t they diffuse the hurricane?   Who’s in charge of the weather weaponry is more the question.  There is much to do to clear out the Satan worshiping NWO force still in the USA government.  And they maybe behind this Russian company’s new breakthrough weather tech although Vladimir all of a sudden has gotten behind it.

Would you like to learn some fascinating details behind HAARP and Tesla Scalar technology for weather weaponry?   Check out this video    (Also learn about how Israel protected the USA from Soviet Tesla beam attack with a Tesla dome that bounced back the attack which caused Chernobyl meltdown. )

Is this all imaginary?

  • Weather weaponry is actually OLD tech
  • Recent advances have made it more practical in that a hurricane weapon can be launched from on boat (find that boat!)
  • Technology will advance beyond imagination as the Dark Side will start putting out more and God will also release more.   We are in the Kingdom Age where Kingdom rises against Kingdom!

ACTION for You:  What to do ?  Go listen to as many Kat Kerr videos and CD’s as  you can and learn to take authority over the weather.   I personally just commanded the Earth to reverse IRMA back out to the Atlantic in an abrupt and dramatic way in the Name of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) last night, well actually it was at around 1 a.m. 9/5/17. 

That’s what I felt guided to do, felt was being told to do.  I am not an expert in such things but a “newbie”.  But as a born again believer in Christ YOU have authority over the weather in Christ.  And now is the time to rise.  Now is the time to enter your seat of power in Yeshua to rule and reign over the Earth through prayer, commands in the spirit realm and elements.

Remember strong faith =  you willing and not worried and not caring about looking foolish, doing your part and trusting God to come through.

REPORT:  Catastrophic Hurricane Harvey Confirmed As Russian Weather Weapon Retaliation Attack

An astonishing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to confirm that the historic, and catastrophic, Hurricane Harvey currently wreaking havoc and chaos throughout the Gulf Coast Region of the United States was caused by the “conscious and deliberate” use of a terrifying new environmental modification device (ENMOD) developed by Rostec—and whose use was approved by Chairwoman of the Council of Federation Valentina Matviyenko in a believed to be retaliation for the devastating firestorm created last week in Rostov-on-Don caused by what are being called “criminal American profit agents”.

More info here

Report 2:   Putin’s “Weather Weapon” Endgame Begins: America Warned Will Be “Brought To Its Knees”

A new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has “placed/activated” Chairwoman of the Council of FederationValentina Matviyenko to be in “control/charge” of the terrifying new environmental modification device (ENMOD) developed by Rostec, instead of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who wanted it placed under strict Ministry of Defense (MoD) control—and with all Members full knowing that Chairwoman Matviyenko’s current testing of this ENOMD in the Atlantic Ocean will, more than likely, “bring America to its knees”—and that exactly matches Putin’s basic philosophy: “If the Streets of Leningrad taught me one thing – if fight is inevitable, throw the first punch.”

See the article here for report 2


This is revenge for USA increasing recent sanctions which are reported to strangle Russian oil exports to Europe and replaces with USA based companies.   These are the reported concepts.  There’s a battle going on behind the scenes with the Satanic forces infestation still within the USA and Russia since Russia has rebelled against the Satanic New World Order scam. That’s the concept.

On the other hand Russia authorization of this Rostec isn’t very nice!

  • Russia says and has been acting like
  • But they are attacking areas that are high percentage Christian that are supportive of Russian direction to return to Christianity.  So maybe it’s not Russia but the Satanic NWO related parties and they tricked Putin, playing Putin like a fiddle to do their dirty work.  Remember these Satanist goal is to set off USA against Russia to wipe out most of the planet.  Plus the Satanist are mad at Russia because Russia called their bluff and kicked them out of the country.
  • That said hurricanes happen every year
  • But hurricanes if you notice have been targeting our competing industries:   the oil industry took a huge hit due to Harvey
  • Irma – currently a Category 5 would cause mass devastation to Florida and a lot of loss of life.

That’s all on this topic.  The main point of this article is for you to Pray, Command Hurricane Irma Away!

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