Come, My People, Enter Your Rooms, And Shut Your Doors Behind You. Hide Yourselves For A Little While Until The Wrath Is Past.

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Isaiah 26 – Another Isaiah Chapter that is SO APPROPRIATE for Right Now – if You Are Following the Various Threads of Real News, the Prophets vs. Fake News, Satanic News

The wicked seem to never learn until they go through a crisis.   and even from there some may not learn and repent because they disbelief too many lies of the kingdom of darkness. They believe they can repent.  They believe they are “children of Cain” maybe.  They are afraid of what others may think and say ( which is certainly not an excuse).   Most people don’t wake up about their health until they go to their own personal health crisis and then they realize they’ve been listening to a bunch of demons from allopathic, demonic MD pharmakeia medicine.  And for many the MD”s in their nurses cause horrendous damage or death and it’s too late.  

Many to most people don’t want to believe the Bible and believe God says what he means and means what he says so they go on following what they feel like doing which is usually following what has been programmed into their souls from the world in combination to the desires of the flesh, the happiness of the flesh heart. Because you have the joy of the spirit versus happiness of the flesh heart and both are different things. ( for example if you have a sweet tooth and you like cupcakes, you feel really happy and excited in your heart of the flesh when you get and eat that cupcake.)  The joy of the spirit  is, you could say related to things of God.


20 Come, my people, enter your rooms,
and shut your doors behind you.
Hide yourselves for a little while
until the wrath is past.
21 For see! Adonai emerges from his place
to punish those on earth for their sin.
Then the earth will reveal the blood shed on it
and no longer conceal its slain.”

  • If there was ever such a time that we have this experienced in this generation it is this time right now.  There are multiple stories from multiple angles that not only wrath has been happening but different types of wrath are about to go into accelerated force. Let’s just hope the reports about  “COVID-19” tests and vaccines are not true…
  • In our and other knowledgeable healthcare professionals opinion: Do not get a “COVID-19” test, nose swab or anal swab – they are injecting nano into you. And you can bet that this nano smart dust is super high-tech stuff which is probably for your detriment since they are trying to execute their last attempt to save themselves while looking to either exterminate or bring under control most of the human population.  Those who don’t know God seem to be going along  with the enemy’s endless nonsense without even considering doing any research or even without even considering basic logic.
  • In our and other knowledgeable healthcare professionals opinion:  Do not get a “COVID-19” “vaccine”.  Now, the past hundred years plus history of research is coming together, knowledgeable healthcare professionals are realizing that vaccines science is arguably an utter sham introduced has a way of injecting you with not only pathogens, aborted baby parts, heavy metals, various other toxins, but any pathogens antivirus they want for future activation including robotic nano that can be activated with 5G that can even replicate. The endgame is the market the be seven to change your DNA making you your redeemable and absolutely controllable. 
  • Was there are was there ever any legitimacy to a vaccine? Have vaccines ever factually stopped any disease spread?  Many healthcare professionals, researchers are saying no, the vaccines only spread disease.  Could a genuine vaccine work? Work for what?  For developing anti-bodies? Maybe.   Is there any non- faked proof? Regardless if you have junk and toxins, and overly acid forming diet, internal mucus and sledge back up, heavy metals in your body…. If you’re not cleansed and you have breeding grounds for “pathogens” which will look to clean up the junk, garbage, then those pathogens will go to work in your immune system will react, and may overreact, and may produce that cytokine storm.  Additionally as Linus Pauling once said, “all modern disease can be laid back to a minerals deficiency : “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”   Yet there are vitamin deficiencies as well  are there not?  Additionally there are balance issues when you have too much of one nutrient versus another or too much of one anti-nutrient versus another.  Yet the trick with the modern allopathic pharmakeia sorcery medicine, well one of their main tricks is to convince you that you can do is much bad as you want and need as much bad as you want essentially “because there will be a magic treatment or a magic pill for you later… if it’s not available now it was just somehow appear in the future and you will be fine so keep doing your bad thing… Your fine. You deserve it…”. 
  • Additionally logically speaking if you just get the whole picture of that the number one thing being push across the planet is this concept of getting the vaccine when the cures for any sort of severe flu or “COVID-19” have already been well established including removing oneself from wifi, especially 5G.  5G has been identified with producing the exact same symptoms of a severe flu including the cytokine storm.  There’s plenty of research out there although on alternative search engines and social platforms.
  • Yet on the other hand “the wicked” those who follow the kingdom of darkness and sternly even violently insists on following them instead of repenting and realizing and accepting the goodness of God is trying to give them first with salvation of course but then also here with the Golden age ahead (i.e. NESARA).  But people with the mindset that are “hell bent” on following the kingdom of darkness, destroying the country, not looking out for the children even, and even trying to push humanity off the cliff, are putting themselves in potential grave danger following the Pied Piper about to get “eaten” around the corner (COVID-19 tests, masks, vaccines).   Wake up wicked before it’s too late.  This also applies to the Christian churches who have not heeded Mark Taylor’s prophecies.

ISAIAH 26 – Complete Jewish Bible CJB

On that day this song will be sung
in the land of Y’hudah:
“We have a strong city!
He has built walls and ramparts for our safety.
Open the gates! Let the righteous nation enter,
a nation that keeps faith!
“A person whose desire rests on you
you preserve in perfect peace,
because he trusts in you.
Trust in Adonai forever,
because in Yah Adonai,
is a Rock of Ages.”

For he has humbled those in high places,
levelling the lofty city,
levelling it to the ground,
laying it in the dust.
It is trampled underfoot by the feet of the poor,
by the footsteps of the needy.

The way of the righteous is level;
Righteous One, you smooth the path for the righteous.
Following the way of your judgments,
we put our hope in you.
The desire of all our soul
is to remember you and your name.
My soul desires you at night,
my spirit in me seeks you at dawn;
for when your judgments are here on earth,
the people in the world learn what righteousness is.
10 Even if pity is shown to the wicked,
he still doesn’t learn what righteousness is.
In a land of uprightness he will still act wrongly
and fail to see the majesty of Adonai.
11 Adonai, you raised your hand,
but they still didn’t see.
Yet with shame they will see your zeal for the people.
Yes, fire will destroy your enemies.
12 Adonai, you will grant us peace;
because all we have done, you have done for us.
13 Adonai our God, other lords
besides you have ruled us,
but only you do we invoke
by name.
14 The dead will not live again,
the ghosts will not rise again;
for you punished and destroyed them,
wiped out all memory of them.
15 You enlarged the nation, Adonai,
you enlarged the nation;
and thus you glorified yourself;
you extended all the frontiers of the country.
16 Adonai, when they were troubled,
they sought you.
When you chastened them,
they poured out a silent prayer.
17 As a pregnant woman about to give birth
cries out and writhes in her labor pains,
so we have been at your presence, Adonai
18 we have been pregnant and been in pain.
But we, as it were, have given birth to wind;
we have not brought salvation to the land,
and those inhabiting the world have not come to life.
19 Your dead will live, my corpses will rise;
awake and sing, you who dwell in the dust;
for your dew is like the morning dew,
and the earth will bring the ghosts to life.

20 Come, my people, enter your rooms,
and shut your doors behind you.
Hide yourselves for a little while
until the wrath is past.
21 For see! Adonai emerges from his place
to punish those on earth for their sin.
Then the earth will reveal the blood shed on it
and no longer conceal its slain.

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