Christmas Promises and Prophecies Are Probably for January 6 & 7 Julian Calendar

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Christmas Eve is January 6 when Trump Will Give a Speech. Christmas is January 7th on the Julian Calendar.   This is Likely the Christmas that Prophets Were Referring to Although it Seems Like the Prophets I Heard Were Probably Thinking Gregorian. 

Nearly 100 people of Orthodox Christian faith gathered inside this storied place of worship to celebrate Christmas according to the Julian Calendar, which falls 13 days after December 25 on January 7.

For those at St. Michael’s, it’s a valued religious family tradition that goes back many generations.

“For my parents, my grandparents, my great-great-grandparents, January 7 was always Christmas, and for us, it just remains that way. On the 25th, we celebrate, we help our friends celebrate, but January 7 is Jesus,” said Jack Shandor.

Merry Christmas in the Julian Calendar – article.

Christmas is on December 25 of the Julian calendar. This is the same date as the currently-used Gregorian calendar. However, the Julian calendar is 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar. That means that the Gregorian calendar’s Christmas comes before the Julian calendar’s Christmas. The two calendars diverged when Pope Gregory VIII promoted the use of the Gregorian calendar in 1582. At that point, the Gregorian calendar moved forward by 10 days in order to make up for the misalignment of the Julian calendar over the previous 1,600 years. This is because the Julian calendar produces an extra day every 128 years.

  1. 1. this will likely coordinate with NESARA / GESARA / RV
  2. St. Germaine’s Trust (45 zeros worth of gold)  and Rodriguez Trust released to humanity.  Was it released on Gregorian?  Probably should be released on Julian.
  3. Debts canceled. 
  4. You get all of your taxes you ever paid back.
  5. 1950’s prices.
  6. Plus much more



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