Christianity is Supposed to Be an Offensive Faith Not a Lazy Wimpy Defensive Faith

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Christianity is Supposed to Be an Offensive Faith Not a Lazy Wimpy Defensive Faith.

New Testament Christianity is an Active, Offensive, AGGRESSIVE Faith, the MOST Aggressive on the Planet.  It’s Not About Living the Abominable Comfortable Life.

Think about this:

  • If you let evil go on and proliferate you are allowing for the rerouting of lives, the destruction of lives, the
    remaining of people’s destiny, and the eternal damnation of souls…
  • So by being passive we could end up being the ones with the blame and guilt of letting such things happen. I’ve heard several heaven and hell visitation testimonies mention how that because we tolerate evil and did not master Jesus is sayings, the New Testament, because we do not we do our destiny written in our Books of destiny that we are required to find and accomplish that many people ended up in hell.  In fact I remember watching one heaven and hell visitation testimonies saying that you would even make it into heaven if you don’t fulfill your book of destiny although others may say that’s not the case. Regardless you know I need to be best, do the best thing, try to do all we can to obey God, bear fruit and bring a return for Him as we’ve been warned through the parables of the servants who were given talents, coins to produce a return for their King and Master.
  • So, because as we are learning, especially in these times, that God works through man in this realm because that’s just the structure that was set up, it is up to us to hear from God and do what He says.  Yet won’t we automatically be continuously doing what He says and wants by abiding in Christ, by walking in spirit by operating in the new man? Hmmmmmm.
  • God is trying to not only develop relationships but develop us so we can’t handle more things into the future in the New Earth, for example. But since God is trying to develop genuine relationships He gives everyone free will. So if you ask why is there bad stuff on this planet as the popular question does “why does God allow bad things to happen” – The answer that we are discovering today is that, it’s not God allowing bad things to happen – WE HAVE BEEN ALLOWING BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN!  And since Jesus came in the flesh, died for our sins and rose from the grave, the Body of Christ on Earth is responsible for ruling and reigning on Earth, binding and losing, shutting down evil while preaching the Good News unto the salvation of souls to every creature, every nook and cranny on Earth. We’ve been the ones allowing the bad things to happen. We’ve been passive to evil. We’ve been nonchalant and saying things like “that’s the way it is” what is our responsibility to fix it!
  • Do you believe the New Testament or do you not believe the New Testament? If you do not believe the New Testament then of course you have some major problems, and eternal ones. Yet believing the New Testament means that you believe the ENTIRE New Testament not just a couple verses and or a couple versus twisted and turned to meet the fancy of the flesh or to meet the purposes of the kingdom of darkness to control you and to capture you into the pit.
  • If you believe in the New Testament then you will believe and acknowledge and realize that the world depends on you individually doing your part and filling your destiny from  your book of density. The world depends on you doing all of the New Testament, being a HABITUALLY DOER of the NEW TESTAMENT which includes going out and to all nations teaching them all of Jesus’ commands whatsoever (which is the entire New Testament) and baptizing people in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Understanding and remember that all instructions, including how to be spiritual, speak in tongues, perform miracles and walk in the Spirit, are in the New Testament. It’s all there.
  • And all the commandments of the New Testament are God’s rules of relationship so you can have a good relationship with Him without continually offending Him and making Him upset while also upgrading your ability to be good and have relationships with your brothers and sisters as well plus many other positive things.
  • Laziness is a highly destructive thing.  aiming to maximize our happiness and success in this life in this realm is a major mistake, and eternal one.  instead for ultimate success: aiming to maximize our happiness, our joy  and our success in the next realm, escaping the this testing and development zone is the smart way, it may be hard for now but so what!  this is a a speck of dust in time yet our existence depends on what we do during this speck of dust in time.

And because people over time have turned Christianity into a lazy, disobedient, comfortable life, denying the Lord that reedemed them, disobeying the New Testament

19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

At this point, any other religion or disobedience to the New Testament should be considered absurd to the entire planet.   If we elevated master the New Testament understanding of believing that we are in a be held accountable for our obedience to the New Testament then the people on this planet would have their common sense back.  They would know the difference between right and wrong (the commands of Jesus vs. the commands of Satan).  And they wouldn’t tolerate evil, fake denominations, fake religions or wicked government.  

It’s Now Time to Get Back to Christianity 101.  Learn the Word (Start with our Volume Bible Reading Plans and System – see the right navigation panel for links) so you can learn directly from God about His Word. 

Be taught by God. Listen to what He’s telling you in real time.  And never, ever again allow yourself to be taught by man. Man can share what God taught them certainly, but they can’t tell you or teach you about God.  The best we can do is teach you how to be taught by God.  Then we will all be taught accurately and will be able to come together in harmony and unity. 

It’s now time to realize that Jesus is Lord means that you absolutely MUST obey Him (or you’ll end up in the outer darkness forever where there is a weeping and gnashing of teeth (for disobedient believers – it’s the Lake of Fire for the rest, the non believers).

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