Christian Traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven – See if It’s You!

geralt / PixabayLook.  This is scary stuff. Many think they have been on the right track but have actually been promoting Satan’s Kingdom.  Yes that’s a  big “oops”.  How?

Your denominational doctrines.  That’s the problem.  They come short of the entire Word of God, the Entire New Testament.  They deny the most fundamental starter step of Christianity which is to hear, understand and obey Jesus’ commands.  Obedience to Jesus makes Him your Lord.  Making Jesus your Lord is salvation.

Most popular doctrines that even consider the concept of being born again, don’t mention a hint of Jesus’ commands or that one absolutely must obey Jesus’ commands.  Some deceived doctrines may even consider obeying Jesus’ commands as “works salvation” (and they have no idea what works salvation is do they.)(Works salvation, justification by works is the denying of Jesus as Lord, denying Him personally, pushing away God personally, pushing away Jesus’s directing your life through Holy Spirit while trying to do a bunch of rules they made up or a few Old Testament laws while cutting out being led by the Spirit and Jesus’ commands of the New Testament.  It’s the pushing away of God personally so a person can be their own lord and have a self directed life (which is a form of Satanism – making yourself lord, ‘ye shall be as gods’..).  So repent, as in obey Jesus commands, and stop obeying Satan’s commands (the ways of the world, the ways of the flesh, the ways of iniquity..)

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