“Christ Consciousness” Explained in Bodily Functions

Christ Consciousness fractal, light fractal, chrysalis of light

“Christ Consciousness” Explained in Bodily Functions.  Interesting Logic.  Sounds Like an Approach of Flesh Before Spirit.  Not Managing the Flesh Though Certainly Can Cause Problems and Distractions.  Maybe Sounds More Like another Religious Approach to “Interacting” with God without Going Directly to God Personally.

You’re Probably Hearing a Lot About “Christ Consciousness” These Days.   The Gnostics are Coming Back Strong.  Bruce Lee’s Son, Brandon Lee (as some have suggested) Who Goes by the Name of Charlie Freak, Who Can Be Seen on Rumble Explains in Great Detail these Gnostic Concepts.  It’s Interesting and Valuable to take in the Knowledge as Knowledge and Contrast it to Other Knowledge and  Concepts.  Plus, We’ve Barely Scratched the Surface in the Great Apocalypse, the Great Revealing and There’s a TON of New Information that Will Come Out.  We Must Deal with it But Treat Information as Simply Information. You Don’t Need to Believe or Get Carried Away with Everything You Hear, as Some People Think They Need to Do…

  • Here is Charlie Freak’s Rumble Channel.  He goes into all sorts of education in regards to the Gnostic approach.  He talks about the English language in how it was developed so that with certain regularly used words, you are continually cursing yourself and others, making yourself sick, giving away your personal power and sovereignty while making yourself poor.  He goes into spiritual mechanics and spiritual physical mechanics.  He analyses the lyrics to songs over past decades which is interesting. 
  • Just because you learn something doesn’t mean you have to immediately believe it, believe it all, accept it.  But with knowledge you will gain greater understanding and clarity between what is what, what is good and what is bad.  Most of us have been duped, tricked, suffered loss because we did not know what was bad and we allowed what was bad thinking that it was okay or good. 
  • You’re already hearing many people talk about Christ Consciousness,  In the Bible we are told to put on the Mind of Christ – is that not “Christ Consciousness”?  Well that sounds like the spiritual angle, walking in The Spirit.  The Christ Consciousness Gnostics are talking about a physical thing which allows you to unlock, as they say, a higher level of state of mind they call Christ Consciousness.
  • That said, so far, from every one of theses “Christ Consciousness” talkers and preachers, it doesn’t seem like they know what they are really talking about  plus in arguably almost every single “Christ Consciousness” I’ve heard, the behavior certainly has not matched in the way they talk, in their interaction with others while almost always dropping foul language and swear words. 
  • On the other hand, a lot of people are fat, toxic slobs on the physical side of things, while also on drugs making it very hard for them to be spiritual.   Taking pharmaceuticals, pharmakeia is sin and is implied to get you thrown into the lake of fire.  Taking pharmaceuticals is an insult to God and His design of things as His medicine which is in food, herbs and soul maintenance, is much more powerful, potent, effective and without the hideous side effects of sorcery, black magic, pharmakeia drugs. 
  • You may find Christ Consciousness by spending time with Him working on opening up your heart to Jesus directly as He says, He’s there knocking and it sounds like a real bad idea to not let Him in, your Maker.  Nothing that was made was made without Jesus, YAHWAHSUA (YahWheySoooah – from Paleo see article 3 Holy Names

Everything is Modeled After God. Our DNA Has His NAME On It,  YHWH. And Everything in Our Bodies is Held together by the Laminin Cross. The Ages Operate in Cycles Based off a Thematic Templates as we Are in a Noticeable Thematic Templates Today as Seen in Isaiah and the Rise of Isaiah 45 and the Conquering and Escape from Babylon.  These Cycles Are for Stories and Are Lesson Books. Earth is a School House Especially for the Eloheem, Sons of God, See Psalms 82 in Interlinear, and Each Grade Has It’s Lesson Plans and Text Books One Must Master…



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