Chlorine Dioxide Helps Reverse Blood Clotting Cause By Mark of Beast Cyborg Jabs Plus Other Protocol Concepts

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Chlorine Dioxide Helps Reverse Blood Clotting Cause By Mark of Beast Cyborg Jabs Plus Other Protocol Concepts. 

Chlorine Dioxide Method is a Variation of “Miracle Mineral Solution” Which Has Been Used En Mass by Countries Through The World to Treat and Solve Various Health Problems by Increasing Oxygenation and Alkalinity in the Body in a Way that is Considered Mild as a Treatment

There are many websites and telegram channels that deal with Chlorine Dioxide, Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Jim Humble Protocol (may want to get his book).  

Actually we’ll post some PDF’s below that you can download that were handed out as free PDF downloaded over time.

This information is for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only.  See a non satanic guidance from a knowledgeable successful health care professional who knows how to heal people.  Do your own research.  It’s interesting to learn.  




Download (PDF, 49KB)

Clo2 DIY Spreadsheets (MMS_CDS)

Index How to Use This Spreadsheet Video explaining how this spreadsheet is organized and how to use it
1 Make your Own A & B mix Instruction Videos on how to make your own Sodium Chlorite (A mix) & Hydrochloric Acid (B mix) to make MMS and CDS
2 MMS vs. CDS Comparison between to two (Similarities and Differences). Also, video links on how to make CDS quickly
3 MMS Protocols Basic regiments for using Miracle Mineral Solution drops (CD drops)
4 CDS Protocols Basic regiments for using CDS in ml’s measurements – Also, instruction videos on how to make your own
5 MMS A-Z Treatments Illnesses listed in alphabetical order with recommended MMS protocol to treat them
6 MMS Protocol Extras (Hacks) Extra Miscelaneous Protocols for specific conditions
7 Golden Rules Knowing when to increase or decrease your dosage amounts – (Your body tells you)
8 Water Purification How to purify drinking water depends on how dirty it is (See the tables that show dosages for each)
9 Formulas – Naclo2, HCL, DMSO Formulas for mixing and making your own liquid chemicals (Scale needed to measure)
10 Training Videos Over 50 training videos on how to make, use, store and share about these wonderful minerals


World without disease Vol 1-3  was being put out as a free pdf but I don’t know if there are copyright issues so you can look for it online.  Has all sorts of info.


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