Check out the ” The Institute for Functional Medicine COVID-19: Nutraceutical and Botanical Recommendations for Patients”

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Check out their protocol with dosages for boosting the immune system for the better prevention of dips into symptomatic states of being. It’s a PDF that you can download and print and put on your wall. It’s a good idea to print it out because it’s really easy to have these files lost and then we forget about the information.

Now I understand that this is their protocol and I just stumbled upon it when doing some research and I thought it would be good to share. It’s not a prescription or a diagnosis or a recommendation from us. If you want their help you’ll have to contact them. We are just passing on information for knowledge, educational and I guess you could say entertainment purposes.

So don’t rely on this information if you are in a state of trouble.  That said it’s quite smart looking! In their protocol they have curcumin which is a derivative of turmeric. They have quercetin. They have multiple forms of zinc. They have NAC N acetylcysteine. Vitamin D. Vitamin A. Vitamin C. Melatonin. Elderberry. Green tea capsules or EGCG capsules. If you actually do the tea they are talking about four cups of tea daily. Resveratrol. Beta-glucans. Medicinal mushrooms. And licorice root.

 Here is the link to their PDF.




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