Word! November 26, 2021 – As Applies to NOW!

starry night sky over the starry night

A Word! – From the Wee Hours of the Morning, November 26, 2021  Here is a word.  I was told to get one of my note pads and write what I hear.  Most of the time we had to go word by word, one at a time.  Phrases and sentences made me anxious that I would mess them up since I’m a newbie at this. But I, we all, have to grow up at one point or another, get real, like absolute truth level real, trust God and hear His…

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2 Words – from June 8 2021

Space Planets Woman Clouds  - gene1970 / Pixabay

“Glorify God in the Highest!  Peace & prosperity to His people on Earth.  Don’t wait now.  Go out into the fields & bring in the harvest.  Go.  Get aggressive!  Go after people.  It will not be like before with the resistance you encountered.  Go win souls.  He who wins souls is wise.  Go to battle.  Fear not.  Jump in. Dive in.  Go for it.  You will have a great time bringing in the harvest.  Amen?” “My sheep are calling. My sheep are calling My Name. They  will be healed shortly. …

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Word – From April 8th 2021

brown and white mountains under blue sky during daytime

  April 8, 2021 “I the Lord God Who reigns over the Earth shall make Myself famous to the masses. There will not be a doubt that I AM God. I do this in My Mercy. People don’t understand that judgment is swift and merciless to those who reject My very own Son, Jesus, your Messiah. Have you not read My Word? The people of the Earth need to read My Word for themselves and not just openly accept what others they about My Word. Read My Word and you…

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Word from March 19, 2021

woman on sea in front of sun

  “Praise Yeshua. He is a Mighty King.  He will come save His own. Not to worry. Abide in Me. Bring Me praise and I will give you the nations.  For those of you who understand not, I like praise. I like it very much, if you can’t tell. Don’t you? I have designed you this way like Me in My Image & Likeness. So if you want to please Me then offer up the sacrifice of praise. If you don’t know how to praise Me just start with something…

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Word from March 8 2021

Woman Person Silhouette Universe  - geralt / Pixabay

“The people will suffer for not obeying My Word & not heeding My sheep.  My word has been among you for some time through my prophets.  Because those of you who did not seek Me, seek My face, you chose the enemy, Lucifer, Satan, instead.  You did not care to make the effort to get right with Me. Selah. Chose the darkness and darkness you will get.  Why won’t you come to Me?  Exert yourselves. Put a little effort into knowing your God, your Creator! I yearn for you to…

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Word from March 12 2021

blue and white light illustration

“Will you abide in Me son?  Out of your belly will flow streams of living water and a power that will be hard to even imagine.  When My power fills your being people will know you are one of Mine and they will tremble.  Abide closely in Me & My power will start to flow through you will…”    Sorry I “lost transmission” at the end and I think just zonked out, fell a sleep as these words come while laying on my bed before going to sleep. But these…

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Word March from March 9 2021


“Hail to the Victor.  His Name is YESHUA!   His Kingdom will have no end.  His glory will not be given to another. He will be treated the same as the Father with worship & honor.   You will bring Him glory.  That is a command.  You will bring Him honor.  You will let the World know about His Good News & grace and that He, Yeshua, holds the keys to Eternal life.  The Lord is mighty. He is good.  His grace endures forever.  Will you chose Him, Yeshua My Son, this…

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Word March 14 2021

person hand reaching for the sky

Layin on my bed & these words pop into my head…. “Praise the Lord your God.  Praise Me you children of mine. You ask me what I want?  I want worship and praise in Spirit & in Truth.  It is your expression of love for me. I enjoy it very much. The other thing I enjoy & need from you is your obedience.  I understand the confusion that has been put upon you, but now simply return to My Word,  get to know my Word extremely well, not just knowing about…

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Word.  2/23/21 – Part 2

Word.  2/23/21 “I AM that i AM will recall His children to righteousness, holiness, purity & sovereignty.  They, My children will rise to rule the nations for my Great Harvest of 1 billion souls.  My Word shall not return to Me void but perform everything I say.  Selah. Those who worship Me will be put in 1st place.  They will have no needs.  They will have no lack.  They will live in abundance and wealth.  So it shall be. I have said it.  Amen. “ Notes: So i’m laying on…

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Word. From February 27, 2021

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains

Imputed righteousness tip the scales in your favor. Hallelujah. Amen. For the believing, I have a special prize for you, multiple prizes. Amen. Raise your head high sons and daughters of the living God. Prepare to storm the beaches and take back the Earth for My Kingdom. Rule and reign with me and I will reign through you. Hear My voice! Wait for my voice. Do not make things up from your mind, imagination, your flesh or what the enemy sneakily whispers in your ear.

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Word. February 25, 2021

Galaxy Fantasy Landscape Planets  - ParallelVision / Pixabay

February 25, 2021 “My glory will shine. Children come home. Come home to me and I will give you rest. Peace be still. Know that I am God. I am in the knowing. Whirlwind and a storm. My fury is about to break on the wicked. I gave them time to repent. I pleaded to them to repent. They did not. They refused. Now my wrath will be poured upon them. Selah. For the mighty say, “there will be no peace”, but watch what I will do. I will slay…

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Word.  2/23/21

black night sky

Word.  2/23/21 “Lucifer, Lucifer you days are numbered. You feed my sheep too long. Now, no more. I will hand you and your people into My people’s hands to do what they will of them. Your days are numbered in will be cut short. Your eternal misery is nigh.” So says the Spirit of the Lord the Word of God. “Tapestry, tapestry a will you confuse my word with another?” “The medical industry will fall”, so says the Lord. It will be replaced. The medical industry has been corrupted by…

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Word. From 2/20/21

Unicorn Galaxy Orion Nova Sky  - AlemCoksa / Pixabay

The Word of the Lord says:  “Peace to His people on Earth.  There is no rest for the wicked.  My people who are called by My Name need to turn to me with their heart and mind and I will give them rest.  Selah.   I will provide for their needs.  i, yes I will give them what they need and what they want if they will only seek My Face, seek My Presence. Seek My Face and all will go well with you. Delight in Me and I will delight…

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