Great Testimony of Youth Pastor Who Gets Real with God

Wow How Many of Us Get TOTALLY Child Like Honest with God About Getting Totally Right Personally Between You and Jesus We’ve started a testimony section. Obviously that’s a good thing in general. But it seems to be a good idea to post testimonies of genuine conversions of heart and mind as people get right with God directly 1. becoming born again or 2. Waking up out of religions and doctrines of man or 3. Simply maturing and discovering new heights with God. It’s going to be VERY interesting to…

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Beautiful Testimony by Beautiful Girl – New Ager Does Full Circle and Finds God the Son

Here is a wonderful testimony how this girl hungry for God even at a young age took the long way around testing all sorts of New Age, Witch craft, spell casting, Mystic Islam, Law of Attraction cults, other cults and had an aha moment when she finally noticed something… And that something was all of those cults and religions were trying desperately hard to keep her away from Jesus. Now why would that be? find out by watching the video.

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