Kobe Bryant Made it to Heaven and Was Seen Playing Basketball with Jesus

Kat Kerr a Well Known Seer Prophet and One Who Has Visited Heaven Thousands of Times and Still Goes on a Frequent Basis Said in this Podcast that She Saw Kobe Bryant Playing Basketball with Jesus Christ Himself….  Listen to the Podcast (Here are the audio versions of THIS post but Kat’s podcast is below: On that podcast plus some of my bounce off reactions: “Dr. Who” makes a special appearance and asks if time travel was real. Then “Robin Hood” showed up and asked if it was ok to…

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Command and Pray IRMA Away – Weaponized Hurricane By Tesla Scalar Tech of Russian Company

Pray and Command IRMA Away – Has Been Weaponized By Tesla Scalar Tech of Russian Company? Those Born Again in Christ & Walking Holy Are Supposed to Have Authority Over The Weather – So It’s Time To Rise Up and Git Rid of this Irma Hurricane – Show the World the God is More Powerful then Weather Weaponry or Hurricanes. Have you seen how quickly and uniformed these hurricanes have become of recent?   Hurricanes can now be festered up, strengthened and directed according to reports below.  The targeting was purposeful…

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What You Focus On Grows Seeing the Angelic Realm Jerame Nelson Explains to Sid

Seeing the Angelic Realm What You Focus On Grows Seeing the Angelic Realm Jerame Nelson Explains to Sid Check out for maybe the first time ever – Jerame gets an actual physical angel feather!  It’s very different from your average bird feather! What You Focus on You Empower! And so the principle that God has shown me is this,is that what you focus on you empower.Sid: Excuse me.That’s so strong.I need you to say again.Say it again.Jeremy: What you focus on, you empower.And so what I’ve been teaching people is…

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