Christianity is Supposed to Be an Offensive Faith Not a Lazy Wimpy Defensive Faith

Knight Warrior Castle Fortress  - jcoope12 / Pixabay

Christianity is Supposed to Be an Offensive Faith Not a Lazy Wimpy Defensive Faith. New Testament Christianity is an Active, Offensive, AGGRESSIVE Faith, the MOST Aggressive on the Planet.  It’s Not About Living the Abominable Comfortable Life. Think about this: If you let evil go on and proliferate you are allowing for the rerouting of lives, the destruction of lives, the remaining of people’s destiny, and the eternal damnation of souls… So by being passive we could end up being the ones with the blame and guilt of letting such…

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Spray Skies > Diminish Sunshine > Lower Vitamin D3 Levels > People Get Sicker…

Tiger Feline Wild Cat Cat Sun Tan  - arthurpalac / Pixabay

Spray Skies > Diminish Sunshine > Lower Vitamin D3 Levels > People Get Sicker… > Increase disease across the board > Develop fake Trojan horse treatments that mask the symptoms while creating multiple other health problems in the body …  Chem trail spraying still going on although different than it used to be before DJT Here is a Quick Word at Inspiration at Seeing the Skies Sprayed with those Long Streams of Chemicals Again.  I Haven’t Seen the Long Streams in a While, Just the Short Ones, And it Just…

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GREAT! Must Hear. Brother Gene Died, Came Back and Tells You All the MIND BLOWING Secrets of What’s Going On

Man Cliffs Galaxy Silhouette Space  - AlemCoksa / Pixabay

GREAT!  Must Hear.  Brother Gene Died, Came Back and Tells You All the MIND BLOWING Secrets of What’s Going On Grew Up in Lockeed Martin Space Force Development.  The Nazi’s actually won WWII ?!?!  That’s Becoming More Obvious Now. NESARA Coming Soon. You Will NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY AGAIN!  You will be able to buy whatever you need and want.  There will be no more debt.  Evil beyond imagination has been dominating this planet. The Vatican has 34.7 QUNITILLION in gold hidden in the Vatican.  You will have free energy and…

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Isaiah 45-47 We Are Here NOW – Know What Happens Next!

Cosmos Space Universe Stars Galaxy  - DrStClaire / Pixabay

Check Out Isaiah 45-47 – Look How it Parallels Now!  Learn Mark Taylor, Kim Clement, Kat Kerr, Elijah List, Qanon, Review What Donald Trump Has Done Listen to Some Real News and Then Compare This to Isaiah 45-47.    Donald Trump Has Been Prophesied to Be in the Model of Cyrus.  I Heard that There is Even a Cyrus Trump Coin in Israel.  Donald Trump as Also Been Associated with Jehu. But to Keep Perspective It’s the Make America Great Again Foundation of Approximately 8000 and 200 Generals Who Prepared…

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QANON – Bad? No. Good! How? You’re Being Tested and Shaken for Your Betterment Towards Becoming More Excellent…

Quail Letter Q Letter Q Alphabet  - geralt / Pixabay

QANON – Bad? No. GOOD! How? You’re Being Tested and Shaken for Your Betterment Towards Becoming More Excellent… The Anti Qanon Videos Are Flying – What Does it Mean?  What Does It Show?  What Does it Expose?  What Does it Help? ‘Qanon  you’ve led us out to the dessert to be killed by the Egyptians!  You should have let us stay in Egypt so we could eat leeks! …’ There are a lot of new instant Qanon experts out there saying Q is a Psyop – yet none of them…

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Why Did Jehu Please God? – MAGA, Donald Trump

Warrior Sword Weapon Strong Fight  - andremsantana / Pixabay

KJV And the Lord said unto Jehu, Because thou hast done well in executing that which is right in mine eyes, and hast done unto the house of Ahab according to all that was in mine heart, thy children of the fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel.  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations   What Did Jehu Do? He CLEANED HOUSE!  He Left NONE of the Wicked 30 Yet the Lord said to Jehu, “Because you have done well in performing what is right in My eyes,…

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If Merciful to All Those Who Want to Exterminate Humanity, Doesn’t That Make You an Accomplice?

Woman Ghost Devil Demon Anger  - azmeyart-design / Pixabay

People keep losing perspective here….   Donald Trump and MAGA are here to save humanity from actual termination, complete and utter termination and whoever is left is turned into a cyborg of one sort or another. You were told over and over about the seriousness of what’s going on here.  But the weak want to pretend that everything is going back to normal. No, unless the good guys step up, you will be exterminated or turned into a partial DNA modified cyborg.  This is being reported and proven already, yet covered…

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Solomon is King Not Adonijah

aerial photo of world

God Is Creating His Own Real Time Travelers (As You May Have Seen “Time Travelers from ‘the Year 3000′” (with maybe kingdom of darkness messages) – Discover Prophet Manuel Johnson Interview on Elijah Streams for a VERY Timely Message   1 Kings 1  1 Now king David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he gat no heat. 2 Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let…

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Donald Trump is Isaiah 45 Cyrus – He Will Not Lose! There is ONLY Winning Ahead

Donald Trump is Isaiah 45 Cyrus – He Will Not Lose! There is ONLY Winning Ahead – Find Out Why Here is Some Quick Commentary Notes from Isaiah 45 for Donald Trump 45.    Worry Not About What the Enemy Says.   We Will Have Victory Upon Victory Upon Victory Ahead….. Why? GOD! Here is the AMP version at BibleGateway that maybe more helpful than KJV for, well, most.  Here are notes tying into what’s going on right now.  You will see what has happened, what has happened already and what…

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What’s Going On – This Ain’t About Your News & Strategy It’s About God

Science Science Channel  - eli007 / Pixabay

What’s Going On – This Ain’t About Your News & Strategy It’s About God. That statement and said in response to all sorts of wild and usually negative news interpretations going on out there ( nonmainstream – we don’t even consider mainstream anything but poison unless you want to learn what the enemy is up to although hard to do without getting infected in your soul by their wicked spewing and maybe also frequencies being broadcast as Mark Taylor has discovered.) Don’t you know that when you state these negative…

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President Michael Flynn

view of Earth and satellite

President Michael Flynn (See Video Below!)  Worry is a wasteful. Fear is an abomination. Whatever you focus upon grows. Focus on what you want. Trust God’s Plan. See Mark Taylor prophecies – all the instructions are there. President Trump stepped down… stepping down from a dead corporation.   It is IMPOSSIBLE for Biden and Harris to be president & because that corporation is now dead and we are transitioning to a 1776 constitutional government a whole new government. All of the former government will be removed and replaced. So far this…

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Ahhh Ha ha ahahhhh TEKEL – Prophecy is the Plan ALL Government Going Away Mike Flynn New President

man in black and gray camouflage uniform wearing black helmet and black helmet

Ahhh Ha ha ahahhhh TEKEL – Prophecy is the Plan ALL Government Going Away –  Mike Flynn New President Temporarily – NESARA / GESARA Comming Very Soon Fear Not.  God Said He Would Do It.  When in Doubt – Don’t Say Anything.   Too Many People Are Talking Too Much, Guessing, Making Stuff Up, Claiming Things to Be This Way or That Way When They Don’t Know What They Are Talking About, You Know, Like a Bunch of Denominational Preachers…  

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Operation 99 … Simon Says… Progress – Updates

low angle photography of brown and gray helicopter

Operation 99 … Simon Says… Progress – Updates What’s  Operation 99?     What’s Operation 66?   Star Wars  Clone Wars if I Remember the Right Series Where the Clones Who Were All Loyal to the Jedi Had Brain Chips Implanted by the Darkside in Coordination with the “Tall Greys” Cloners.  The Bio Brain Chip Allowed Emperor Palpatine to Control the Clones and Shoot All the Jedi Since they Were Loyal Soldiers Continually Around the Jedi Wiping Out Most All the Jedi Through the Universe Save a Couple Few that Escaped. Operation…

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It IS Time! God’s Coming to Town We’re Crossing the RED Sea NOW!

galaxy painting

It IS Time! God’s Coming to Town We’re Crossing the RED Sea NOW! Hang Tight.  Don’t Fear.  We’re Crossing NOW!  Yes Of Course Trump Will Continue as President.   Don’t listen to  fake news media, unless you want to watch them squirm or disappear before your eyes.  it’s gonna be epic epic epic! Side note regarding cake: And for those of you who can’t eat cake: you can make the keto cake maybe?  There are carb Blocker supplements and blood sugar support herbs available.  Ceylon cinnamon supplements help reduce blood sugar…

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The Egyptians Are Coming! Oh No!

Jesus Christ God Holy Spirit  - jeffjacobs1990 / Pixabay

The Egyptians Are Coming! Oh No! It’s Show Time for God!  Yeeehooo! “Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. 14 The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.“ If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of hearing any of the “liberal main stream media”  SNN (Satan’s News Networks) (Which should have been replaced mostly by now!!! (See Mark Taylor…

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King Trump – Not Only Does Trump Win – He Will Be King Trump

Chess King Chess Pieces Chess Board  - FelixMittermeier / Pixabay

Hey Don’t Be Depressed Sad or Blue – All the Negative Ugly Stuff is HIGH Level Military Opps as in Heavenly High with God Partnering with Man Why does God partner with man?  Because it’s fun!  Plus He’s trying to teach His kids and future kids stuff.   Being a kid of God requires you to be born into his family.  If your not born again from above you’re just a creation and not a kid of God.   Here is how ot do become born into the family of God.   Get…

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Battle of the Prophets – VP Pence a Traitor or Secret Hero?

  Consider this: we have Kat Kerr telling us for a long time that Donald Trump will be president for eight years and then Mike Pence would be president for eight years after. Kat Kerr said Mike Pence is considered a godly man in Heaven. But now what we see over the past few years is a variety of reports some being hideous regarding Mike Pence in addition to a timely attack against Mike, especially from Lin Wood.  But if Mike was actually as bad as what is being said…

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What’s Going On – ETB Situation Update Dec 7 2021

man in green and brown camouflage uniform holding rifle

  Get Kat Kerr’s CD “God’s MO” to see how God operates in times like this. Kat says God likes to use sting operations which is what He did in the Lucifarian rebellion in Heaven. God let the enemy (Lucifer and those who decided to become treasonous to God who went along with Lucifier)  keep on going and going and going until the enemy thought they had won… Then WHAM! God flipped the switch turning the military of heaven on, Michael the Arc Angel and the Host of Heaven,  and…

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Stand Your Ground

men in camouflage uniform standing on field during daytime

  Good Insight from Long Time Military Vet Who Has Seen A Lot and Often Says Words He Hears from God – “Stand Your Ground” Here are some side tips from the moment not necessarily related to the video below: Don’t get caught up in the moment by moment news. Don’t try to please man.   Don’t cower down and start trying to please the wicked. Don’t get swirled up in nonsense and fear. Don’t get caught up in the spiritual war in the thought / emotion realm. Stay blunt. Stay…

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No. Trump Won and Will Have 8 Years

adult lion beside plants

  No it’s not hopium. It’s not delusional.   If God says 8 years, then it’s 8 years.  Because if the bad guys get in you  have the tribulation, right away, 90% of humanity (really near 100%) will be exterminated.   The bad guys have the tech to do it.  They would have already done it if DJT wasn’t elected.  Remember, this battle has ALREADY been won.    What you are seeing here is the moment right before Haman is begging for mercy from Esther, right before the King walks in.   There will…

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Trust the Plan? Yes. God’s Plan. Q. Same Page. Our Situation Update.

moon eclipse

Trust the Plan? Yes. God’s Plan. Q. Same Page.  People Are Forgetting About Prophecy.  Remember Korah and Followers Who thought They Could Do a Better Job and Who Ran Out of Patience. NUMBERS 16 Now Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On, the son of Peleth, sons of Reuben, took men: 2 And they rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly, famous in…

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What’s Really Going On… Mind Blowing… Cofefe… Good News

woman spreading arms near body of water

What’s Really Going On… Mind Blowing… Cofefe… Good News – Listen to the Whole Video. Take Notes.  VERY Good News Cofefe Besides it’s Various Meanings also as Per One Report (As Per Melania’s Country’s Language ) = Professional Wrestling – What Appears Real is ALL AN ACT  Even China’s is Playing and the Chinese Communist Party is Already GONE.  This is All the Greatest Show on Earth to WAKE PEOPLE UP FOR THE GREAT HARVEST!  So Walk in the Love of God and Be Prepared to Lead People to Christ! …

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COVID-19 Vaccine WAY More Hideous than Imagined Allowing for Actual Demon Possession Plus Much Much More

IMPORTANT:  See this video “Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine”  She has the details with proof. A Bigger Problem than Thought – So Many People Actually think This Vaccine is Good.  They Are Afraid and Not Willing to Fight Impending Doom. Another problem is, as this election process is taking it’s sweet old time many are already getting injections.  Oh but wait, it’s worse,  in part, all of those who have taken a COVID-19 test have already had a vaccine of sorts…

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2021 Will Be Awesome!


  Trump for 4 more years, maybe 8. Bad guys exposed.  They should all be removed, gone, ALL, across the Earth.  Anyone, any country, any leader allowing them to stay is an accomplice to their utterly wicked deeds. Fake denominations and religions will be exposed more.  All institutionalized religion needs to go away, i said religion which means, doctrines, sneaky made up rules that come from the kingdom of darkness, not from God.  That along with the sneaky twisting they do with the Word of God.  Gone.  Destroyed.  NESARA GESARA…

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We’re Not Going to Take It…. Perfect Song for the Moment

Time to Rise.  Time to DESTROY The Darkness in it’s Many Forms Eradicating it from Earth. With the New “Age of Aquarius” the “Energies” Produce Positivities that Have No Toleration for Darkness According to Those Who Study Various Astrological Long Term Historical Cycles of History. You WILL See the Patriots Rise AND DESTROY THEIR ENEMIES as the Hebrews Did in the Book of Esther.   Oh, we’re not gonna take itNo, we ain’t gonna take itOh, we’re not gonna take it, anymore We’ve got the right to choose andThere ain’t…

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Heads Up – Presidency Won’t Be Solved Until April 1st – Juan O’ Savin (aka JFK Junior??)

Heads Up – Presidency Won’t Be Solved Until April 1st – According to Q Insider Juan O’ Savin Who is Someone Said to Be One of 7 Certain People on the Q Team with JFK Junior and the Make America Great Foundation Or… Some Say that Juan O’ Savin is Actually JFK Junior   Here is a JFK Junior interview.   I listened to a little bit of it.  Juan showed his hands in one video (which I found surprising exposing an identification factor plus finger and hand prints.).   The voice…

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What’s the Best Thing to Do Now? Here it is:

Science Science Channel  - eli007 / Pixabay

  Don’t worry. BE happy.  Like BE happy as a verb, purposefully.  If you do it well it will nullify negative emotions in you.  I got this from Proverbs. It works.  Takes a little practice. Push.  Even aggressively.  Seek becoming closer and closer to God.  Infact, push to becoming a genuine FRIEND of God.  Yes.  Friend.  Friend of God on a person to Person level.   Then keep getting better at Jesus’ Commands of the New Testament (see list from the side bars of PDF’s you can download.  Or just simply…

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Esther Time. Hanukah Time. The 12th Month On The 13th The Jews Themselves Gained Power Over Those Who Hated Them – 12 13 2020 The Completed Jews the Body of Christ Will Rise

red ribbon on black textile

Esther Time. Hanukah Time. On the 12th month on the 13th day the Jews rose up defended themselves preventing their extermination exterminating those who try to exterminate them. This coordinates with the prophecy I found and the coordinating divisions with brother Albert Milton that states Donald Trump will Win the Presidency on December 12, 2020. You see we are at a time where a bunch of Satanist who have technically taken over the planet one could say consistently or off and on in certain areas for 6000 years. 2012 marks…

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COVID-19 is a Scam – It’s the Flu or a False Positive PCR Test – But You Know That

Viruses Bacteria Virus Germs  - charlygutmann / Pixabay

PCR Test Founder Even Says The Machine is Rigged to Show False Positives Somewhere Around 90%  Plus of the Time. But Wait There’s More…. “Where Has the Flu Gone? CDC Reports Only 496 Cases So Far This Year, Down 97% from 2019” And wow.  They didn’t even hide these stats. Was this a lazy mistake or do they just assume most people are so ignorant and foolish enough to trust their MD doctors who can’t cure a thing in regards to disease or health.  Reminds me of the Catholic Church…

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Pfizer Vaccines – Yeah – They Killed My Dog. Poor Girl…

white short coated dog lying on brown concrete floor

Pfizer Vaccines – Yeah – They Killed My Dog. Poor Girl… And You Want them Sticking You with What? Not too long ago the veterinarian said that my dogs had to get vaccinated and they needed this new Pfizer multi concoction vaccine so it could “knockout a lot of diseases at once”. Unfortunately the only thing it knocked out was my dog. The day after taking that vaccine the dog started falling apart stop being able to walk and while just completely breaking down.  Within a week she was dead. …

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Aliens Explained

Aliens explained

  According to the studying various authors, researchers and Heaven visitation authorities here is the info about these aliens that are about to pop on the scene. The only aliens on this planet are the born again believers in Christ    1 Peter 2:11 Dear friends, I urge you as aliens and temporary residents not to give in to the desires of your old nature, which keep warring against you; 1 Peter 1:1 From: Kefa, an emissary of Yeshua the Messiah To: God’s chosen people, living as aliens in the Diaspora — in…

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VALKYRIE Has Fallen – Brother Albert Circles Independence Hall 7 Times Triggering the Fall of Valkyrie and Violence Over the USA

VALKYRIE Has Fallen – Brother Albert Circles Independence Hall 7 Times in Philadelphia Where Constitution and Declaration of Independence Happened Valkyrie fallen. Spirit of violence and attack. Jezebel fallen. Every curse nullified. Witchcraft is reverted, nullified. Media will be transformed to truthful. Internet will be freed. Good news will be birthed from Philadelphia. USA will be born again. People will speak up boldly. The ruling and reigning of God’s people now begin.

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On 12 12 2020 Trump Wins

Donald Trump Will Win – Prophetic Word that will happen in next 7 days! Check out Indian brother’s prophecy and coordinating prophecy, visions from others.   Here is his website      I never heard or saw him before.  Cool accent though.   I decided to publish this quickly because it’s timely good news and the numbers certainly make sense:  number 12:  completion and government.    Here is an interesting article from in regards to more Biblical details regarding the number 12:  Number 12, as indicated in this article, typically means…

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Lawsuit Reveals MRNA Vaccines Will Sterilize Women – that’s Just the Start from a “Crazy Cult of Lunatics…”

red snake

Lawsuit Reveals MRNA Vaccines Will Sterilize Women – that’s Just the Start from a “Crazy Cult of Lunatics…”   Lunatics or Very Strategic Darkforces that Punkked Most All of Us – and Thanks and Praise Be to God for Stepping in to Stop Them… Good News to Come But You Should Know by Now Not to Put Satanic Medicine into Your Body.  This is Revelation 18 Pharmakia Satanic MD with founder Ba’al (See the belly of the Baphomet and you’ll understand why… or just realize that Pharmakia MD’s have killed more…

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THE END of Fake News…

“The Shockwave Heard Around the World” Christa Elisha, Oxford, OH – From go there to sign up! Prophetic word released on 11/13/2020: This morning I heard the Lord say, “I am releasing a SHOCKWAVE that will be heard and felt around the earth.” God’s Judgment Over the Mainstream Media The Lord invited me into a door to the future and we were in the heavens over the nation. I saw a radio tower in the east get struck by a bolt of lightning and the lightning dispersed in different…

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First 100 to Take Vaccine ALL Died within 7 Days – See Charlie Ward’s Report – Amazing Med Beds Coming too

green python on brown tree

First 100 to Take Vaccine ALL Died within 7 Days – See Charlie Ward’s Report – Amazing Med Beds Coming too – NESARA Started on November 2 2020 – Good News to Come Unless You Take the Bad Guy’s Vaccine  Think about this:  since main stream allopathic MD medicine with their founder Ba’al himself (see the Baphomet statue and look in the belly (the MD symbol) in regards to disease, have never cured a thing but at best, patched up symptoms while Trojan horsing you with an array of other…

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Top Scientist Warns Covid-19 Vaccine Road ‘To Your Doom’ – See Video – Why Wouldn’t it Be it’s from Satan MD!

COVID-19 Vaccine

See Video Below:  Here are some notes.  Saw the Video Title and Thought This Was Very Pertinent and Timely:  See the whole video.  The word renoun immunity expert is towards the end.  NOTES FROM VIDEO: 1. We know about their corrupt destructive capacity. 2. We are finding out that vaccines are 100 times worse than how bad we originally thought about them.  3. We’re running into a lot of people who actually think that a vaccine is a good thing and that it’s some type of ‘cure’ for virus.  (And…

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Has COVID-19 Revelation Mark of the Beast Plan Been Converted to a White Hat Operation?

storm near leafed plants

This is an interesting concept in particular because it has been brought about by a quickly popular Youtube start named Charlie Ward  who’s channels have been taken down multiple times which means that or maybe means that he was a threat to bad guys plan. Or he was exposing too much info according to white hats. This post is just a thought for the sake of watching the drama and action with a more broad perspective in addition to providing some hope, not hopium, but hope. Because the fake “rise” …

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Spike Protein in COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Infacility Leading to Sterilization of 70% of the Population

Figures…  These Wicked Pharmakia Guys are HIGHLY Strategic:  Besides Instant Death, Soon to Be Death, Alteration of Your DNA (with the Hopes of Turning You into an Irredeemable (not able to get into Heaven) Mind Controllable Beast, Filling You with Toxins and Heavy Metals So Bad Bugs Can Have an Easy Time Making You Sick, Multiplying with Even as Reporting 500,000 Times More Proliferation Rates , Plus Who Knows What Else… They Have a Back Door Plan to Sterilize All Women Who Take the Vaccine Thereby Collapsing the Human Population……

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David Proves How COVID-19 is 100% Fake and Does Not Exist While Main Stream Media is Playing You into Your Destruction

David Proves How COVID-19 is 100% Fake and Does Not Exist While Main Stream Media is Playing You into Your Destruction. Incredible.  With Further Proof from John Hopkins Medical Published But then Deleted Research Work Giving Even More Proof that the Virus Does NOT Exist and the Real Kill is the Masks and the Lockdowns  

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“I Am Breaking & Shaking! I Will Not Stop Until I’m Done!”

silhouette of trees and purple lightning

Arleen Westerhof:  “I Am Breaking & Shaking! I Will Not Stop Until I’m Done!” Arleen Westerhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands   “[W]hose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, ‘Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also Heaven.’ Now this, ‘Yet once more,’ indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.” (Hebrews 12:26-27) Back in March 2020, I gave a prophetic word called “This Shaking Is Not for…

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“I Am Coming Down!”

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains

“I Am Coming Down!”   Faith Marie Baczko, Oakville, Ontario, Canada As I sat editing my latest book, I was working on a chapter that the Lord began to highlight as pertaining to the present world situation with the American elections and the Great Reset—and how it relates to satan’s agenda at Babel. In it I list 3 diabolical intentions made clear in this account: 1) his intention to establish for himself a city, 2) to build a communications tower connected in spirit to the heavens, 3) and to make…

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“The Eagle Has Landed – Justice Is Here”

soaring eagle over water

“The Eagle Has Landed – Justice Is Here” Sharell Barrera, Tri-Cities, WA   The last couple of months the Father has been speaking to me a lot about eagles. Since 2017, when I went on a twenty one day fast, the Lord has been talking about taking back the land. He truly wants us to obtain what is rightfully ours. We all have a destiny filled with promise. He wants us to walk in that as He is taking back everything that is His. With Fire in His Eyes On…

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Wake Up Christians Jews & Conservatives – They Are Openly Calling to Murder You – Mike Adams Report

silver tabby cat yawning

Of Course They Are… The Good Guys Are in Process of Exposing Their Child Murder, Child Harvesting and Their Plans to Exterminate 7 Billion Plus People from the Planet… Robert DiNero has openly called for “ethnic cleansing” of all Trump supports.     I’ve got a better idea: Expose the truth about everything.  Let the world know about Hollywood, the “Elite” in general and whatever dealings they’ve done with Satan and the kingdom of darkness workers on the planet, if indeed their money is fraudulent, stolen tax payer money of if…

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Breaking News: Johns Hopkins Study Says COVID-19 Has ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S. Deleted After Publication

Johns Hopkins Says COVID-19 is a Scam

Some Genuine Honest Guy Got Loose or Who Just Wasn’t Informed About The Whole COVID-19 Scam From Johns Hopkins Study Says Covid-19 Has ‘relatively No Effect On Deaths’ In U.S. Deleted After Publication – And Maybe This Guy Wasn’t In On Getting Paid The Extra $36,000 Per Reported Covid-19 Death Claim. Additional a let’s give credit to where credit is due: the whole COVID19 virus thing was decreed and declare it out of existence many months ago. So what you’re seeing these days is not only made up it’s actually…

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Covid-19 is Completely Fake & the MASKS are the Real Kill? Depopulate Through Mask Wearing? And or Depopulate Through LOCKDOWNS to Snuff You Out?

aerial photo of gray buildings near pyramids

  Masks Are Destroying Your Brain And It’s Worse For Kids – German Neurologist – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast (Please Share)   Mask cause long term brain damage especially in humans.  It shows up later, similar to how concussions show up later for boxers and football players. Masks are what caused the big kill with the Spanish Flu through bacterial Pneumonia – as even reported on by the old Dr. Fauci.  What ended the Spanish flu was lots of sunlight and fresh air. If you have a chronic mucus, acid…

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Isaiah 30 for Now?

person in front of waterfalls during nighttime

Isaiah 30 Pointers for Right Now – The Full Chapter is Pasted Below:  Here are the Notes Woe to rebellious children. Woe to those who make plans amongst themselves especially leaders of nations. Who don’t consult God. Woe to those who turned to the world (or the worldly, believers turning to unbelievers for help or advice) for help instead of turning to God for help. Your first loyalty needs to be to God, then others are after that.  Woe to those who seek shelter from those in the world versus…

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Will Donald Trump Win the Election for 2020? Yes. Absolutely – Learn Why

Donald Trump beside man in black suit

Trump Won Already.  Pence will Be President for 8 Years After.  Then There will be Another Trump in the White House Later. Stop being wishing washy.  You’re making us look bad.  Maybe all of these Preachers over the years who have been preaching end times, especially to sell their books and movies, have brain washed Christians into laying down their arms in the spiritual and physical to let evil rise nearly (as you can see at this juncture) wipe out 90% (really 100%) of the humans on this planet.  On…

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The COVID-19 Test Kits are a Trap to Collect Your DNA for Hunting Purposes? Wow They Say It Right on the Test Kit Disclaimer!

  The COVID-19 Test Kits are a Trap to Collect Your DNA for Hunting Purposes?  As in Hunting  YOU?  Wow They Say It Right on the Test Kit Disclaimer!   See video proof – plain old video proof of lady getting test kit and it says right in the text kit brouchure, instructions, disclaimer that they are collecting your DNA.  How nice of them to actually tell us!   Remember:  One Of The Top Goals Is To Change Your Dna – So You Become Irredemable Just Like In The Days Of Noah…

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Donald Trump – Isaiah 45 – Right Now! Wow! Secrets of What’s Going On…

Trump President Uncle Sam Usa  - geralt / Pixabay

Got to Love God and His Word!  Forget the News! Just Read the Bible! Read Isaiah 45 for President 45 Right Now – This Describes Our Times and What’s to Come Near Exactly – Right Now !  Yaaaaaahoooo! 9 Woe to him who strives with his Maker!—a worthless piece of broken pottery among other pieces equally worthless [and yet presuming to strive with his Maker]! Shall the clay say to him who fashions it, What do you think you are making? or, Your work has no handles?  (YES, YOU’RE SPECIAL BUT…

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Get Kat Kerr’s Copy Cat CD and Know Some Heavy Duty Tricks of the Enemy

Don’t Get Punked by Satan & the Kingdom of Darkness – Know About Many Heavy Duty Tricks Going on in the Spirit Realm  Learn how kingdom of darkness workers are tricking the socks off so many people since they don’t understand how to test the spirits which can be tricky to do.  Aliens exposed – they are fake characters from the kingdom of darkness in the spirit realm. Discover how Satan’s castle (as reported to be seen in the infrared realm) is like Skelators from He-Man Masters of the Universe…

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Vision of Dancing Swirling Twisting Microphone Sucked into a Black Hole Vortex of November 22 2020

Disclaimer:  I’m not a prophet, a vision guy, a miracle person, a dream expert or even a spiritual expert in regards to spiritual things. Maybe because of the mass quantities of junk food, dairy and fluoride I took in growing up.  But this inner cartoon, mini moving picture stood out quite strong and I felt it was VERY appropriate to the times…”  – Brother Meathead Vision:I closed my eyes getting ready for bed as I was getting ready for bed and all of a sudden I saw a picture a…

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Organizations Exposed Trying to Change DNA and Track All Life Forms on Earth Trying to Make as in the Days of Noah Trying to Make All Humans Irredeemable and Destined for Eternal Damnation

Human Hybrids Can Not Be Saved – That’s Why All of the Earth Which Were Human Hybrids Except Noah Were Wiped Out. That’s Why if you Get the Mark of the Beast You Will be Dammed – Kevin Zadai This lady grew up in the dark side and then was a FEMA operative.  She’s got all the docs that the bad guys published themselves.  It’s the repeating story: those sucked into the darkside probably most blackmailed or maybe they are demon possessed are actually trying to kill all man kind. …

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ALERT – COVID-19 Test It’s Self is a Scam that Magnetically Tags You Plus Worse…

red and white flower petals

Firstly You Should Understand:  Modern MD Allopathic Medicine is SATANIC – Their Symbol is in the Belly of Ba’al, Baphomet Statue – Their Mode of Operation is to Cut, Burn, Steal Your Organs, Cut Out Your Organs, Give You Poisons, Give You Sorcery Pharmakia ‘Medicines’ that Create 10 More Holes in You while Masking the Symptoms of Another, They Kill, Maim, Make Sick – What Was Their Own Stat – 15 Million People a YEAR – They Can’t Heal or Cure a Thing – Even the Ointment They Give You…

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I’m With Kat – Eat Cake & Celebrate – as Commanded by God

  Have you read your Bible much? If not I would suggest getting on our volume reading plans that you can download from the sidebar of this website and get to know the Bible as in getting to know a person type of knowing versus just knowing about the Bible. That will do wonders for your knowledge and understanding of God and the ways of God while helping you avoid a lot of future trouble and while helping you understand and know God better and help you do more good…

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BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP Wins Presidency with 410 Electoral Votes as Real Election Results Found in Raid on CIA Headquarters in Germany

BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP Wins Presidency with 410 Electoral Votes as Real Election Results Found in Raid on CIA Headquarters in Germany   You may have heard the news. You know that something like this has happened. Quite frankly I believe that this is just based on the computer voting systems and not based on the mail in voting fraud and other forms of election fraud. There shouldn’t be any blue states whatsoever. Every single state should be red. With the house and the Senate should be dominated by Republican, as…

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You DO Realize that the Bad Guys Want to TOTALLY Exterminate You Right? – No Not Even 500 Million as Says the ‘Georgia Guidestones’ will Remain

  Most people can’t fathom that some one would actually lie to them, lying to their face and do it over and over.  But too bad.  And if you don’t deal with it quick and realize what’s a steak, you and everyone you know will be terminated.  No this is not an exaggeration.  These bad guys have been telling you this for years in their publications and now they are doing so openly. If you are sympathetic to the bad guys then you have turned against God, your country and…

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Incredible – Nancy Pelosi is a Good Guy?? A Genius Performer? Internet Shutdown 10 Days Darkness Reporting

Nancy Pelosi for an Academy Award, Golden Globe an Oscar? Biden is a Clone?  Whaaa  Is Biden an Actor Too?   The Real Joe Biden Has Been Gone for Over a Year? If this is the case for Nancy, then not only should she receive every major acting award that there is but should go down as one of the great heroines in history.   On that note, Nancy and whomever else is reading this:  Make sure you get into Heaven according to the WHOLE New Testament.  Here are a couple explanations…

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Post Election Update – Patience! Their Hearts Must Be CRUSHED…

Their Hearts Must Be CRUSHED

 I was inquiring about what’s going on post-election. As I mentioned before I’m the kind of guy who wanted to see dominance, all 50 states red.   In fact though, I am hearing now that they actually were ALL RED from different reports.  And what you are seeing now is the ultimate sting operation.  Homeland Security triple layered marked real ballots so they can differentiate them from fake ballots.  There are many many layers of security implemented. There are many traps set.  In fact, the fake voting was so blatant that…

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Military Insider Explains What He’s Allowed to Regarding Post Election Stuff

Post Election - Charlie Freak

Charlie Freak Has A Lot of Info on What is Going on Behind the Scenes that Will Make You Feel Better Keep in mind though, he has a jumbling of all sort of spiritual info he’s put together in his journey to try and find the truth.  A lot of it is new age hybrid info with various ancient books and world religions, especially Hindu.  He’s trying to do a great service for humanity.  He needs to read the Bible a bit more.  Charlie get on our volume Bible Reading…

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Election Was A Giant Sting Operation

brown spider on web in close up photography during daytime

Election was a giant sting operation Consider The art of war as mentioned by Mark Taylor prophecy.  See video below. Every ballot was quantum system marked.  The location of every ballot is known.  As mentioned by other people that have various information mentioned that the election will be going into the quantum system. We need to transition into the quantum financial system as well, that is the future.  Who didn’t know that the bad guys would try to cheat in the election?    They had to because they know TEKEL, they…

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The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel vs. the Priests of Ba’al – The Show is On and It’s Right Now!

The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel vs. the Priests of Ba’al – The Show is On and It’s Right Now!  The Rise of the Spirit of Elijah Before the Great and Terrible Day of the LORD… Indeed – Showtime! Don’t you know that this all of these bad politicians, bad movie stars, bad musicians, fake news, MD Doctors etc. are priests of Ba’al or followers of Ba’al?  Ba’al is Considered to be Satan, Lucifer or one of the top Demons under Lucifer who has had many names yet…

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Does Donald Trump Also Have an Jehu Anointing? If So Look What He Does to the Priests of Ba’al

brown wooden smoking pipe on white surface

Does Donald Trump Also Have an Jehu Anointing? If So Look What He Does to the Priests of Ba’al…  Is This What Donald Trump and Team are About to Do? So what’s up what’s going on? Are we also in the time of Haman’s noose? Don’t you know that we have  priests in priestesses of Ba’al ruling over our country and planet for a long time? Did you hear that 6000 years running of man on earth is over as of 2012? The lease of man on earth is up.…

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Castrated White Liberals will Turn the Election for Trump – Castrated by by Jezebel

Jezebel thrown out of the window

In a Sense Not Many in the USA Were Not Castrated by Jezebel Spirit, Especially the Men in the USA Mentally, Emotionally and Chemically, But Women in a Sense Also. You Do Understand that Chemicals Can Change Your Sex and Make You Gay by Now, Right?  Xenoestrogens…. Okay that’s a Different Topic for a Different Time. The Object of the Kingdom of Darkness is to Try and Sin (aka Disobey the New Testament) as Much as Possible So You End up Feeding them and increasing Their Power so they Can…

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The WHO The World Health Organization Snake Medicine Pharmakia Plans to Deceive the Nations Hidden in Their Logo

Snake Medicine = Deceptive Medicine with their Fake “Treatments” – Patch Up the Symptoms While Creating Multiple New Problems in You – Hide The Cures – Terminate the Healers Who Actually Get Results in Solving Health Problems – Trick You into Thinking the Trojan Horse of Vaccines are a Viable Effective Health Solution when Arguably all it is, is a Sorcery Based Trojan Horse to Set You Up for Your Population Control Extermination…. Snake Medicine Hates Things of God, Hates Natural Things, Twists and Poisons Natural Things that Work Well…

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Jesus Allows Himself to Be on Film – See Picture of Jesus in Glorified Body

See the video  yourself.  Sounds about right.  Many many many people are seeing Jesus face to face these days.  Check out Keven Zadai’s ministry from the link above – see  his youtube channel and read his books.  As you get to know the Bible more, like KNOW the Bible not just know about the Bible then you’ll start to be able to tell what’s real or not, what’s from God or not.   See our Volume Bible Reading Plans from the right side menu. Picture is screen shot from Video.  See…

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Important Prophecy of Whats to Come Now, the Rest of 2020 and into 2021 and Beyond

Wow! Listen to This! 2021 Prophecy | An angel visited me on rosh hashanah Judges – they will be replaced one after one with those on God’s side. The crowds have been given over to a reprobate mind. Do not join the crowds. Clean out of corrupt in 2021 Media getting a makeover 2021 Medical snake medicine will start to be reformed. Whistle blowers must start blowing the whistle. You must get on God’s side.  Said that no one opted for God’s justice so He must bring it Himself.  That…

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Isaiah 29 Now? Check this out!

sea of clouds

  Isaiah 29 KJV  (See explanation commentary below.) 29 Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt! add ye year to year; let them kill sacrifices. 2 Yet I will distress Ariel, and there shall be heaviness and sorrow: and it shall be unto me as Ariel. 3 And I will camp against thee round about, and will lay siege against thee with a mount, and I will raise forts against thee. 4 And thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low…

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Feliz Navidad?

Feliz Navidad Planetary Liberation

Feliz Navidad? This morning as I was in the awakening state a song was played to my mind. It was the Feliz Navidad song. I haven’t thought of this song in a long time. The last time I thought of the song I was trying to get it out of my head because he wouldn’t leave and it was driving me nuts! lol. But now this song is a welcome encouragement! Maybe this is for your encouragement too. And hey for those of you who have been negative on Christmas…

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Demons EXPOSED – Are Not Fallen Angels and They Are What We Are Dealing With

Spirits of the pre-flood beings who had their DNA changed, corrupted, offspring of corrupted from a. fallen angels who mated with humans b. actual genetic technology as Nimrod used to become a super being. Part of super heroes and Xmen stuff is related to the dark side workers opening you up towards receiving a genetic change to have super powers which then makes you non human and non redeemable.  Non-redeemable means that you can’t go to Heaven and you go to Hell and the Lake of Fire for eternity. You…

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What Counts to God and in Heaven for You. What You Need to Do. Your Life Purpose. Here is Your Purpose! Here is the Meaning of Life!

What Counts to God and in Heaven for You. What You Need to Do. Your Life Purpose. Here is Your Purpose! Here is the Meaning of Life! You Get Honor in Heaven if You 1. Don’t Try to Push Yourself Through You’re Important Even if you take a seat in the back of the room. You’re important if you give to people and no one ever knows. You’re important if you never are known to the world with the ministry and so on. You’re mine. Your my son because you…

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Real Prayer – Sitting on Throne Next to Jesus

Absolutely fascinating! Kevin Zadai was told and was also told to tell you that real prayer is sitting on your throne next to Jesus – you just sit there and wait for answers. There are no questions at the throne only answers. So as per understanding as Kevin Zadai explains around the 1:20 ish minutes mark, this is an abiding and hanging out, being in the presence, dwelling with Jesus.  Your questions are already known so then therefore you just wait for answers. Think about what God really wants from…

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Why They Are After Your DNA and How They Are Attempting to Make You Non-Human and IRREDEEMABLE.

Why They Are After Your DNA and How They Are Attempting to Make You Non-Human and IRREDEEMABLE – Once You Have Been Altered Genetically So You Are No Longer Human, Which is What They are Trying to Do with Vaccines and the Like You Can Not Be Saved… Vaccines ALL but especially COVID-19 Vaccine as reported by various sources is a scam designed to alter your DNA and even turn you non human.  Yes they actually tried to release the mark of the beast.  By now you would have thought…

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Hurry Up Planet Earth and Wake Up – You’re Too Slow!

Choose your words tiles

  This Great Awakening is Taking A Long Time & It’s Because All You People Out There Who Refused to Pick Up the Bible and Get to Know the Word of God While Getting to Know God in the Process. We’re Now in the Kingdom Age – Where the Kingdom of Heaven Has Risen Against the Kingdom Of Darkness Forget Politics Democrats vs. Republicans Vs. Socialists Vs. Capitalists vs. Communists Vs. Nazis, Black Vs White Vs. Brown Vs. Green Vs. Purple Vs. Yellow Vs. Red Etc.  There’s Only One Battle…

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The Return of Micah — Check this Out as Applies to Now

Read all of Micah.  Check this Out!  It’s Shocking What is Said in Micah as Compared to Now.  Is it About NOW?  It Sure Sounds Like It…   Micah 2 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) Woe to those who think up eviland plan wickedness as they lie in bed.When morning comes, they do it,since they have it in their power.2 They covet fields and seize them;they take over houses as well,doing violence to both owner and house,to people and their inherited land. 3 Therefore this is what Adonai says: “Against this family…

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Isaiah 8 – Verses for this Time Exactly? “A Believing Remnant”

brown cross on mountain

See the Notes Below – VERY INTERESTING How Isaiah 8 Lines Up!  The Word “Conspiracy” is Even Used!  Check it Out Below… A Believing Remnant 9 “Be broken, O peoples, and be [h]shattered;And give ear, all remote places of the earth.Gird yourselves, yet be [i]shattered;Gird yourselves, yet be [j]shattered.10 “Devise a plan, but it will be thwarted;State a [k]proposal, but it will not stand,For [l]God is with us.” “You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy,And you are not to fear [n]what they fear or be in dread of it.13 “It…

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Book Review “100 Days in Heaven” Must Read for Right Now

Book Review “100 Days in Heaven” Must Read for Right Now by James Durham a Brother Who Has Visited Heaven and Has Met Personally with Jesus, Covers What We Are Supposed Be Doing Right Now and Into the Future from Heaven’s Perspective. We Need to Know this Perspective and Put it to Work I remember seeing James on Sid Roth.  His testimony was stunning.  So I ordered his Sid Roth book package and I’m glad I did!  Wow this is powerful, amazing, incredible and incredibly pertinent information for RIGHT NOW.…

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People Perish for Lack of KNOWING the Bible

All Yeast Infected Denominations And Religions Need To Do To Prevent You From Getting Into Heaven is Keep You From Reading the Bible Over and Over in Volume While Getting You to Think that You Don’t Need to Obey the New Testament Implying that Jesus is Just ‘a Nice Teacher with Nice Sayings’ Instead of Your Lord, Your Master, Your Super Boss… Understand That God Wants You To Yearn For Him Personally. He Is Your Maker. He Is Your Father. He Wants To Be Your Friend.  He Wants You to…

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AI – Computers CAN Be Possessed by Spirits

Quantum Financial System – By the Description Below It Sounds Awfully Like ULTRON You Can Not Have a Central AI Processing All the Worlds Transactions.  Who Controls it?  Who THINKS They Control It?  Who CAN Control It?! ULTRON Can.  Kat Kerr, the Most Prolific Heaven Visitation Person, Confirms that Electronics, Computers Can Be Possessed by Spirits and Spirits Can Travel Through Them. On The positive side of that you can release the anointing through all of your e-mails blog post videos texts that will break the yoke and burn the…

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Are We Here? The book of Ezekiel chapters 8 and 9

  Here’s the King James version You can click on that link to go see other versions but King James is copied here to avoid copyright issues. Points to consider Israel, which means the children of God, those who believe on Jesus those circumcised of the heart, those born of God those redeemed by the blood of the Lamb in today’s age, started thinking that God “went away”, wasn’t around anymore or was not watching. They may have been thinking about God in a way he  that was influenced by…

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The Next Supreme Court Justice After Ruth Bader Ginsburg will Be Deborah

Here is the Prophecy from July 2 2018 that Explains How Deborah of the Old Testament Will Be Our New Supreme Court Justice to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg Through Which Roe vs. Wade WILL FALL! And for All Those Who Forgot – President Trump will Appoint 5 New Supreme Court Justices – Amy Coney Barrett is #2 – 3 More to Go… Time is Up for Those Who Are Corrupt 11-17-2015 – Mark Taylor Action Plan for You to DO Welcome to the Kingdom Age where the Kingdom of Heaven…

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