“Cancer is Parasites” – Good Observation But Part of the Equation

Parasites Cause Cancer

“Cancer is Parasites” – Good Observation But Part of the Equation.  Parasites:  Steal your nutrients, Eat Your Cells and Spew Out Poisons Which 1. Makes Your Body More Dysfunctional Causing Cellular Malfunction and Death Which Which Creates an Acidic Event with Clogs of Various Materials 2. Parasites Create Holes Which Cause Breakdown and Escape Pathways for Wrong Substances and Wrong Micro & Nano Beings That Then Lead to More Burns and Clogs.  Acid Burn Causes Mucous Response and Cholesterol Response which Clogs.  3. Then, Interstitial Areas that are Congested or Blocked Due to Excess Mucous, Cholesterol, General Junk Build Up, Goo and the Like, Accelerate More Clogging Buildup Which Chokes off Oxygen, Nutrient Delivery and Interstitial Waste Removal Which then Triggers Your Body to Create Tumors as a Protective Measure. 4. As the Pile Up Interstitially Spreads, then “Cancer”, Tumors Spread.   5. Therefore:  CANCER IS A PLUMBING PROBLEM and 6. Parasites are Just One Part of the Cancer Cause Equation, Although a More Premiant Cause at This Point in Time. 

The Older and More Accurate Description to What Causes Cancer:  “Cancer is a Chronic Irritant”  – Remember That One?

Dr. Lee Merritt:  A Great Example of a Repentant MD.  All MDs and Their Nurses Need to Be Held Accountable for Practicing Satanic Medicine Thereby Becoming One of the Most Prolific Maiming, Sickening and Killing Machines this Planet Has Ever Known.  But the Repentant MD, Who Stopped their Satanic MD Practices, Should Be Spared and Can Be of Value.  Why?  As they Learn How to Heal People instead of Maiming Them, They Will Have Better Clarity to Better Contrast Right from Wrong, Good from Bad.





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