Brilliant! List of Herbs for Use to OBLITERATE Signs of Symptomatic Sickness from Functional Medicine Experts

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This webpage is one of the best  explanations of various functional herbs related to boosting the immune system and reducing or eliminating or preventing symptomatic sickness. Nowadays any sign of any symptom is associated with “Covid-19”  from the common cold to the flu to simple mucus  generation from eating too much ketchup,  or dairy,  or sugar… or working out too hard or by getting behind on your cleansing sleep cycles

On that note, although these herbs can help out quite a bit, but you’re going nowhere fast if you  keep eating acid-forming mucus generating foods.    For a good list of healing foods look up “Dr. Sebi Food List”. 

Also another factor which I was reminded of recently due to some of my new exercise routine inventions in combination with some battles with my yard doing some overhaul gardening…  Strenuous physical effort,   although overall good for health,  can cause a backup of excess acid in the body which causes inflammation,  mucus, which can even go on to symptomatic signs such as tiredness,  being drained,  mucus,  sinus activity,  mucus in the throat,  mucus in the nose…  Symptoms usually associated with being sick yet not necessarily a sickness.  It’s simply acid backup,  mucus backup,  caused by exercise that was a little too much that was not counterbalanced through enough nutrition, that would enable the body to do its repairs, and enough alkaline-forming Foods,  robust with bioavailable minerals,  to help quickly combat the acid.

What is this acid that comes from excessive exercise?  Well what comes to mind for most people is lactic acid. And then you have kinetic damage which causes cells to break open and die which is associated with an acid even that the immune system needs to clean up.  The immune system is a clean up crew of your body.   And then since you’re using those cells more they also produce more cellular waste which is cell pee and poo,  which is associated with being acid, toxins.  

Now although moderate to mild exercise can also help clear this acid up by pushing it on through the lymph while delivery more acid neutralizing O2 and minerals, electrolytes faster, in order to recuperate more quickly and prevent our excessive exercise from actually sending us into a state of symptomatic sickness:  we need smart foods and drink to get us back to par.  And if we can add some super powered herbs then that just increases our own personal power.

So as a tip that I am many other great healers have discovered:  targeting acid vs. alkaline balancing in the body is associated with preventing and reversing most health issues.  Natural healers who are successful go alkaline.  Satan MD goes for creating more and putting more acid in the body and fails.

Here’s an example or two:  1.  If one has sore muscles or they’re feeling overly acidic or mucousy  what many have discovered is that they can drink baking soda water on a completely empty stomach and the stomach (the stomach has to be completely empty because you don’t want baking soda reacting  with food causing CO2 gas which could damage your stomach  or even rupture your stomach as the famous story goes…  After some  fellow a hundred or so years ago decided to drink down a teaspoon or so, maybe it was more of baking soda on a full stomach  which ruptured his stomach in  he went bye-bye. )    In fact many athletes who gained knowledge of the concept  have used baking soda in a technique called baking soda doping before they going to their athletic event in order to help put out lactic acid so they would be able to endure longer and  have greater strength for longer in their various athletic event.    This morning personally I was feeling the post exercise acid back up and I was feeling a little bit of some mucus action going on so I put close to a teaspoon (I was going for 1/2 a teaspoon but extra got in the glass)   in my nice 32 oz glass of water and I drank that down little by little and guess what happened? That acid feeling and the mucus went away making me feel almost like I recovered from my various workouts.   Although to finish off the recuperation I would now need to add the nutrients my body needs,  mostly amino acids followed later by carbohydrates to trigger insulin to shuttle amino acids into my sore muscles.

Another thing that can cause acid and is acid-forming which thereby is mucus generating  is not sleeping enough!   I have a tendency to do that because too me, sleeping is very boring.  I don’t look forward to it and I try to avoid it but that tendency adds up over time and eventually I have to catch up on sleep. Well if I’m not getting enough sleep then my body cannot run its various cleansing Cycles  and other Cycles throughout the night.  So then the body is in an acid state, this state that is prone to mucus generation just because one doesn’t sleep enough.. And when your body is in a state that is acidic and prone to mucus generation then you are ripe for transitioning into a full blown symptomatic sickness whether you call that a cold or a flu or whatever name you want to call it.   That’s just general logic.

I’m not necessarily saying that everything stated here directly or accurately applies the same to a bioweapon or severe toxin, poison,  but one would imagine that most of the principles here,  may put one’s body in a better state to not get sick and would likely increase the probability of not getting sick.

2.  Alkaline forming Foods that are easy:   greens:  there is greens powder that  can be helpful and then there are organic green veggies eaten methodically and repeatedly, eating various green vegetables particularly kale,  broccoli,  green beans…  that can help quickly reduce the sensation of acid and increase the sensation of alkalinity, that can increase the sensation of well being and feeling good in the body and do so pretty quickly.   Additionally Lemons with some of the pulp and some of the peel shavings in water,  in a lemonade, not made with sugar of course!!  but with say Stevia, can also have a great impact on alkalizing the body after it goes to the full digestion cycle.  Oh also the non process herbal stevia, which is green, powder, although it tastes pretty strong, is said to be strongly alkaline boosting and has been used as a strategy, well drinking water with the stevia greens powder in it, has been used as a strategy to combat a cancer state of being which is associated with being overly acidic for too long or overly acidic acutely.

Additionally using Foods & herbs, from my experience,  produces the best effect when you use those foods methodically, systematically and repeatedly instead of looking for some one-hit wonder magic pill type of concept which doesn’t work well with a physical body since the body is a set of overlapping systems and balances.

Additionally changing your habits to empower your health, and your immune system specifically, will make life a lot easier. But you need to reprogram your habits. And just understand, the habits you currently have were programmed into you at one time the first place. The same goes with sin in general.  The question is do you want those habits? Did you ever choose those habits or were you simply sold into those habits from various sales pitches  or were you passed down these habits from your family  who may have simply picked up habits overtime at random that may or may not be good.

Desires:   here’s another thing that gets people latched onto bad ideas and gets them to not let those bad ideas go until something bad happens to them…  We can have these desires which have become like these deep-seated beliefs lodged in our soul, in the layers of our soul.  The question is:  do we really want those desires? Do we really want those desires the push us and drive the direction of our life? Are those desires profitable for us in the short, medium and long-term? If they are not then it’s a good idea to go into your soul with your mind and reprogram those desires. Find other desires that are profitable for you now and eternally speaking and program those in.  All of us on planet Earth are going to  need a lot of soul reprogramming due to all of the negative programming that has been put in us over the decades particularly through various media which then gets passed around from person to person and organization to organization and so on and so on.

But in the meantime,  priority goes to health right now so check out this information on immune boosting herbs plus details, studies, dosages they like etc


The Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19: Additional Research on Nutraceuticals and Botanicals

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