Breaking News: Johns Hopkins Study Says COVID-19 Has ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S. Deleted After Publication

Johns Hopkins Says COVID-19 is a Scam

Some Genuine Honest Guy Got Loose or Who Just Wasn’t Informed About The Whole COVID-19 Scam From Johns Hopkins Study Says Covid-19 Has ‘relatively No Effect On Deaths’ In U.S. Deleted After Publication – And Maybe This Guy Wasn’t In On Getting Paid The Extra $36,000 Per Reported Covid-19 Death Claim.

Additional a let’s give credit to where credit is due: the whole COVID19 virus thing was decreed and declare it out of existence many months ago. So what you’re seeing these days is not only made up it’s actually worse. It’s like a highly strategic trap to get you to take a COVID-19 test so they record your DNA as some reports say they are looking for certain types of people who would become stronger enemies for those kingdom of darkness workers. You should be highly concerned. Don’t give your DNA away. Be careful what you touch into the future. And as much is possible in my opinion stay away from satanic medicine is much as possible.

The but also the trap is what?  lockdowns can kill lots and lots of people maybe even getting into the billions as the global economy implodes at least that’s what they’re dreaming.  the trap is wearing the masks because mask create permanent brain damage, they decrease your immunity and they can cause pneumonia, all setting you up quite ripely for an actual stronger virus release. And virus releases in the past were arguably released specifically and strategically, mechanically three sabotaged in various areas in airports, spray in the skies with those chem trails as reporters and researchers have found.  of course that would conform very nicely with the business model for giving you these fake flu shots.  But you know all that right?

Oh and I almost forgot the worst one was the vaccine mark of the beast – whereas they’re actually trying to change your DNA to become post-human, trans-human, nonhuman so unique, you redeemable all while looking to kill off 7+ billion people from the planet.  Why You may ask?  well as the bad guys say they are trying to escape hell, the Lake of fire and get back into heaven etc. etc., conquer heaven, conquer God and all that kind of stuff. So that’s why they are so motivated.

They want to do things their own way and they want to be their own god. And technically that’s a problem you can say everyone struggles with as you can even see from childhood as children quickly want to establish themselves being able to do what they want and to do everything on their own. 

 But you can’t handle being your own god and you are a created being so it’s time to get cool with God and harmonize with Him. You can’t exist without Him. You can’t escape Him because everything exists in Him. You could say that we are a figment of His imagination as per my understanding. So therefore let’s just do what he says in the New Testament as in doing everything as stated in the New Testament reprogramming our minds and our hearts to believing God’s word and simply doing it!   Then we could build eternal wealth and eternal fun having a blast for billions and billions of years to come.  So in other words let’s be smart and stop being dumb.

one more thing: remember that this realm it is about testing and much of what you see going around is a drama. Don’t get too caught up in it and carried away by it. The smart. Your job is to return to God and obey the New Testament.

Another thing on that matter: these new agers out there on one hand are encouraging because they are seeking God they are seeking the truth they are seeking absolute truth. But on the other hand they are still missing the central points of what they are supposed to do, most often buying into the lies of the kingdom of darkness such as reincarnation, no judgment, treating Jesus as a nice teacher but while denying him as Lord and Owner and your Only Teacher. Salvation is through making Jesus your Lord and making Jesus your Lord comes through obedience of His Word already so kindly published in the New Testament. And from the New Testament you learn how to have a relationship with God, how to actually follow Jesus not only through the words of the New Testament but in Spirit, and then you start to bear fruit.  You new agers need to read the Bible over and volume because what I keep seeing is that you are still seeking to be your own lord and your own god.  You are denying Jesus as Lord and you are falling into an easy trap by the kingdom of darkness, the demons that you say you were fighting against ( who are extremely strategic on many levels), who present themselves on certain levels as good benevolent beings as you venture out in your astral projections, and spirit travels with no idea how to test the spirits, getting yourself deeper and deeper into strategic delusion.  Repent. Read the Bible and stop misquoting the Bible.  Know the Bible particularly the New Testament but you can’t understand the New Testament without understanding the Old Testament.  Talk to God directly. Ask your questions and get the truth. When you seek absolute truth you will find God.   God is looking for those who will care enough to reach out for him and seek Him, to want to get right with Him and love Him.  Don’t forget that you came from and that you want you to return home but by your choice, your will and your efforts, your efforts in seeking Him personally, that is.

Yes the USA and the rest of the world you are at a critical point, either you rise up and take over your country or rather take back your country or are you going to have to somehow escaped to a good country somewhere out there, live in the jungle etc.

Check this out

Conventional wisdom is that COVID-19 has caused thousands of deaths in the United States and nearly 1.5 million worldwide. This perception has been directly challenged by a study published by Johns Hopkins University on Sunday, November 22.

Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University, critically analyzed the impact that COVID-19 had on U.S. deaths. According to her, the impact of COVID-19 on deaths in the United States can be fully understood by comparing it to the number of total deaths in the country.

According to study, “in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.”

Wait, what?  Really?

That’s what it says.  And, it should come as no surprise that not long after the study was published it was deleted within days.

Luckily, a back-up copy remains on The Wayback Machine, and we can still read the study.

see the rest of the story here  

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