Boy Sees End of World! Rapture & Heaven Interesting Video

“Boy Sees End of World! Rapture & Heaven ! while Praying overnight!”

Very interesting. A 12 year-old kid who knows almost nothing about the Bible has this vision of heaven which has many accurate, vivid Biblical aspects in particular with his conversations with God.

Here about his visions, what God says to Him.  Very fascinating pictorial representation of the size of Heaven, how things look, how God and angels look… then the fear test roller coaster testing your trust… then tribulation detailed graphic accounts that are scarily accurate sounding.

There’s just too much detail in here that is in line Biblically for this to be a fluke or hallucination.

The boy also gets a message of how to get into Heaven.  The first starts with him the question if he is good enough to get to heaven.  That he shown that he’s not so much.  That he needs to repent.  That he needs to not do worldly things anymore (Which were things like video games, certain TV shows etc..)

Keep perspective of what this is, but use it to get more serious really fast about your eternal life. This is not a terribly dramatic account and maybe it’s more significant from my perspective since I know the Word well.  We’ll post more dramatic video accounts later.  But the accuracy of what this kid saw and the effect on him is pretty significant.  So therefore it’s good to watch.

This is one point in history where we can genuinely say – the end is near!  The end is probably only a few years away, or at least the start of the tribulation where two thirds of the planet will die (between 2018 to 2033 is highly probable).  If you’re not fully born-again then a very scary eternal torture burning in hell awaits you.  

Don’t believe what you heard from the media, lying religions that are  more concerned about your adherence to that religion then you getting right with God – everything in the Bible will stand.  Unless you know the Word from reading the Bible over and over and over you’re not going to have a clue of what’s going on in the world today and how to actually get into Heaven.  Mercy will have an end point.  You must be born again in Christ or there is no more mercy when your time is up.

How to Use this Video and the Fear of Hell to Your Advantage

A lot of people think talking about Hell fear is bad and mean. Well Hell certainly is bad and mean. You must use the fear of Hell to muster up enough energy encouraged breakthrough that fear barrier and get right with God.

It will take a big breaking through fear to pray directly to God, being willing to give up everything and trust Him. It will also taking a big emotional effort to do so.   So in this case you can use fear of Hell as energy to help you overcome your fear in getting right with God.   I went through this step 20 years ago so I know myself.  Cry out to God directly and in total seriousness and ask Him if you can get into heaven and become one of His eternal children in Heaven and please show you how.

Oh and also this little guy talks about his vision of what happens on the earth during tribulation.  He knows nothing of the topic according to the video or not much about anything biblically but gives a Frighteningly accurate, from what we understand, account of the tribulation disaster:  very severe famine, those who admit to believing in Jesus at that time get their heads chopped off and they are eaten, (sounds bad but that’s eternally awesome, martyrdom, and great placement in Heaven – and if you repent now and become born again in Christ you can avoid this through a rapture as many now conciser a pre trib, mid trib and end of trib multi rapture to take place in correspondence to the harvest cycles), no electricity anywhere on earth…  So get scared and use fear to your benefit.  You’ve had years to turn to God based on positive motivations but now you need negative motivation in the form of fear, in panic mode, to escape the pit of Hell.  But but at least you still have a chance if you are reading this.


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